19 comments on “Chapter 236 – Grotesque woman

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Agreed it’s kinda gross. But with this Yurie will finally be back to normal. Ah! She wasn’t normal to begin with but back to her senses should I say?

  3. Tentacles + girls=sexy(or rather r-18 material), but tentacles + guys=OMG seiji do your best I don’t want to imagine it…. seriously disgusting… =_ =

  4. Yurie is how I imagine a Fujoshi would be.

    I don’t hate it though. Their shenanigans are fun, within limit of course.

  5. Thanks for the chapter. That’s nasty and Yurie is nasty too. I didn’t even like her in the first place and now after this is over she’s probably going to become part of the group. That sucks.

  6. He is having a hard time with those two? Really? And the slow-fast magic? Maybe a flash light? Use The soil? The shadow? Teleport? Lightning?
    Being super dense with 30 years is alread too much, the OP is the only hope we have… I wish that this get better.. Soon.

    Thanks for the chap!

    • Well for starters the cloaked girl has a magic cancellation shield so magic was useless. Plus he doesn’t want to hurt Yurie so that limits what he can do. Also he did use teleport.

      • The shield cancel the magic with direct contact, use the soil or the lightning on her back should work… But he seems going well, lets wait for the conclusion…

        • hmm lightning strike might not work if the girl can block it with her shield in time. soil could work since it’d be a physical object.

          btw i hope DragonCM will be able to get the first chapter to arc 6 out soon. ran out of chapters after a day.

  7. The author needs a recap on his own mc’s skills and its uses lol.
    Or maybe he’s just too freaked out by the tentacles to react straight. xD
    But still, you’re gross enough as it is Yurie LOL.
    Thanks for the chapter !!

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