19 comments on “Chapter 237 – Konbu Maki

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  2. That was an easy win… I mean it was too sarn easy…=_= welp now for Yurie’s funny reaction….

    Also as always thanks for this wonderful chapter….^_^

  3. Thanks for the chapter~!

    So now that Yurie is saved, are they going the ‘it was a dream’ route or the ‘join the harem’ route? Or is Yurie a reverse trap?

    • Well, since she has magic now, they probably can’t get away with “it was a dream”. And Yurie seems more interested in stealing the harem, rather than joining it… So, I guess we’ll have to see.

  4. [9:50:43 PM] Rei Hunter: [3] Seriously, I don’t know how to translate 顔射 any better than this.
    [9:50:44 PM] Rei Hunter: ah.
    [9:50:46 PM] Rei Hunter: >_>
    [9:50:47 PM] Rei Hunter: <__>
    [9:50:51 PM] Rei Hunter: nvm
    [9:51:31 PM] Rei Hunter: but why -cumshot. lol.
    [9:51:36 PM] Rei Hunter: just facial is good.

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