14 comments on “Chapter 238 – Nippo defensive battle

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  2. Aya is completely going berserk…..=_= why am I not surprised….

    Anyway thanks for the wonderful chapter… hope Seiji doesn’t forget the humans captured before the beginning of this battle…

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Seiji seems so unreliable in the isekai……
    He doesn’t show off which is good but he doesn’t even show a good fight which is disappointing. We get to see or read his battles but he doesn’t even make the big shots acknowledged him. Aside from a couple of them, he hasn’t shown it to the other important figures.

    • Yeah. I don’t like it too. The MC is OP but doesn’t has any ambition… It’s kinda boring.

      • He doesn’t even have short term and long term goals. Even Satou has them. Which is why it’s more popular than this novel. Though this one has its own interesting plots.

  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Hurricane Aya will make landfall. Expect rain of monsters and devil-kin.

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