Even When I’m Reborn, I’m Still Hated

When I regain my bearings, I find myself in a luxurious room..

When I look around, I see a giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room, made out of glowing yellow stones, two wooden doors made with the finest craftsmanship, toys and stuffed animals of the highest quality, and various furniture that seemed expensive, decorated the room, which was an astoundingly huge size of 10 tatami.

Seeing this room, the first thing that came to mind was..

Was I kidnapped by a rich guy to be used for his sick needs?!?Yosh, Lets call the police, phone…phone..where is it?

I couldn’t find a phone anywhere, no scratch that..


More importantly, I cant even seem to get up..Strange, I could have sworn that I was in that dark room a minute ago talking with..

While I was busy reorganizing my thoughts, the door suddenly opened..

The person who entered, was a woman that looked like she was in her late 30’s, had reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale face, wearing maid clothes..


Now, I know what you’re thinking, but unfortunately, it was not a maid from a maid cafe, it wasn’t even one of the Cat-eared maids in Akihabara, but a genuine Victorian maid..

“Oh, you’re awake, Astrum-sama…”

Hmm? The language was different, it wasn’t the national language, Japanese, nor was it English, but I could somehow understand her..


She seemed to be talking to someone named Astrum..


Whoever the heck that was, huh, why did she start walking towards me?Was it because I was in the room of this Astrum guy? Is this trespassing? She’s coming closer, no, please, I don’t want to got to jail yet, I’m too young..

I imagine myself going to prison, and never getting out, since I didn’t know anyone here..

Is it my time to go to the yard warden..


Okay, that’s enough of that..


Wait, wait, out of nowhere, she picks my body up effortlessly, like I was as light as a feather to her, but didn’t I weigh as much as 170 pounds? How strong is she? She is now carrying me outside the room. Is she the Ir*n Maid*n? Fufu, get it? Maid..


Ugh, I gotta talk to someone soon..


A few minutes later, I see a ridiculously huge living room, with a tall, black, wooden, rectangular table, dividing two tall golden, leather couches on each side, with other various furniture decorating the area, that were too many to mention..


“Have you brought him?”

A lean, golden-haired man, with blue eyes, said to the maid, while looking at me..

“Yes, I have brought Young Master Orion, Lord Taurus Astrum-sama, Lady Aries-sama..”


The strong maid replies respectfully..

“Excellent, bring him here, I want to see what he looks like”

She gently hands me over to another woman, who looks like she has no problems at all..


She had pure white glossy skin, fiery-red hair, red eyes that likened rubies, beautiful facial features, and looked like a queen from those fantasy stories, honestly, she looked too elegant, that I would reconsider my standards of beauty..

What more could you want in the world, being born so blessed..

“Hey there, little Orion, I’m your mother, Aries and this is your father, Taurus”

What? Are you joking? My mother is someone who doesn’t even make me breakfast, you know? We don’t even look at each other when we meet at home, and the last time I checked, she wasn’t this young nor as beautiful as this woman..


Tell me I’m dreaming, Is this a hidden camera show? Because I find it hard to believe that this gleaming, kissed-by-the-gods-themselves, gentle woman is my mother? Wait, more importantly, I had now realized, a shocking revelation about the situation..


That’s right, all the clues lead up to this..The giant things, why the maid could carry me, and this woman claiming to be my mom..


Yes, I became a baby.. I reincarnated into a baby, with my knowledge, memories, and thinking processes intact..

There, I’ve said it..Well, technically thought it, but you get the idea..


No, don’t look at me with those eyes you, just because I’m a baby now doesn’t mean I am any less stronger, and it doesn’t mean that I can’t beat you up right no-

(sigh) Alright, I’ve calmed down now, lets take a look at what we’ve learned..


First of all, apparently, my new name in this life, seems to be Orion Astrum, and I am the only son of these two, my parents, which are most likely high-ranking aristocrats, judging from the fact, that the furniture looked somewhat too expensive for a normal household, the quality of their clothes, and the fact that I have a maid..


And what is up with their naming sense, in regards to my name, I could only do a wry smile in my head, what am I, a constellation? No, that’s besides the point..


Next, this place doesn’t seem to be Earth, due to my inference, that even though this is the living room for a rich household, the fact that the all-important, essential, and sleek, “105” Curved Flat- Screen UHD TV” is nowhere to be found..

I really seem to have been reincarnated in another world..


I didn’t feel particularly sad about it, since I had no close relationships back on Earth, after all, even my parents treated me like just another stranger, and seeing as I’m loaded, I might as well start anew, by enjoying this fulfilling life in the new world..


Going back a little bit, what was I thinking about earlier..

Ah, that’s right, Melquista, that stupid god, forcing his problems onto an innocent bystander, I swear, the next time I see him, I’ll..

When I was about to curse him out loud, a dark, malicious aura gathered around me..

“Fumu, fumu, he does seem fit to be the next heir of the Astrum house, hmm?..grk!”

Then, a blue window suddenly appeared out of thin air..



You have learned the skill [Curse Aura] Proficiency 0.00%


What, what’s happening? What does this mean?


A metallic voice that seems to come from the Death God himself comes out of the aura..






“Guards, take him away!”


My supposed mother, screams loudly in a high voice, and my so-called father, gave orders to some muscular men, wearing plated-armor, to handle me, and take me away..


Ah, now I’ve done it, why the heck is this happening, right as I was about to start my fulfilling life?

I ask a question directed at no one, while they pulled me away from the scared couple..


After a while, the guards stopped walking, they seemed to have walked quite far, and then, they abandoned me in a stable in the middle of a farmland..


(sigh) It seems, in this world as well, I seem to have trouble living..


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