The Strongest

-Mastema’s POV-

Archdevils, a race, even stronger than all demons..

Created only to be a symbol of being at the epitome of strength..

Right next to the Demon Lord, and Demon God themselves..

An existence no man must ever anger..

I, one of the four pinnacles of power on the “Demon Continent”

Made by the hands of our Master, the Demon God, Polaris..

Given extraordinary gifts, and immeasurable strength in contrast with our peers..

The eldest brother, Mephistopheles von Raizel, blessed with unparalleled strength for combat..

The eldest sister, Astaroth ra Mezial, controls the darkness itself as an endless void..

The youngest brother, Beelzebub van Kaiser, unmatched in spreading death and slaughter..

And finally, me, Mastema de Gaziel, given the gift of everlasting knowledge and comprehension..

We four, were special beings created from the genes of the Demon Lord, Lucifer Nefas Viurele..

In deference with my siblings, I preferred to create plans and strategies to fell even the most strongest of adversaries..

Using my head, I managed to subdue countless beasts of legend, and felled ancient civilizations..

Over these hundreds of years, I was unperturbed by anything..

Since I concluded that, I was the most intelligent of all, a genius, a prodigy, the epitome of knowledge itself..

Even though I was given this gift, I didn’t let up, and started absorbing every piece of knowledge and information..

All through the time of my very long existence, I started to look down on others, as they were illiterate, and stupid bugs…

Which was proven true, time and time again..

I had no combat capabilities, but I did learn the most strongest of forbidden spells..

And with my comprehension, I furthered their power into greater heights..

I was enjoying my time, ruling over others and gathering knowledge..

But soon, I grew bored..

All the knowledge in the “Demon Continent” had been dried up, and I became dull..

Passing time, thinking about what to do..

I remembered a time, when the Demon Lord told us a story about the early days of the world..

“The Heavenly War, Sabaki”, one where there was total chaos, wherein the goal was taking down a single entity..

The creator of “Quadra”, Divinitus Prisma Amadeus..

The strongest existence, that felled countless races..

That even if the “Four Great Gods” worked together, fighting him in a weakened state, he still managed to fight back..

Although he lost in the end, I still think that he was the most cunning of them all..

I wanted to reach that level of comprehension, taking in all the information, thereby predicting the end result of things..

So I decided then, that I will..

Right at that moment, the Demon God gave us a revelation..

A new war will unfold in the near future, over the throne of the “One True God” where enormous power resides..

But they, themselves, will not be fighting, but instead, will be using their own “hero” summoned from another world..

This got me interested in the “other world” that she spoke of, but I quelled my thirst for knowledge since I was in the presence of the “Great Demon God” who is said to have created the “Demon-kin”..

But then, she gave us a mission, to find these heroes, and to further entice the coming of war..

She could not wait for the opportune time, so that she will gain the throne, that much faster..

Naturally, I had no problems with this, but I asked on how, are we to find these “heroes”…

She told me that, the heroes are immeasurably strong, since they’ve been given a fragment of each God’s power..

I was amazed at this, since even a fraction of Master’s power was enough to level entire cities..

She said that we shall know when we meet them, but mainly, they might come out if you wreak havoc first..

After she told us what to do, she gave us the skill to perceive the four god’s power..

So that if we see one of them, they will correspond to a certain color..

Gold, for Solaris’ hero..

Silver, for Memphis’ hero..

Emerald, for Avaceris’ hero..

Finally, Black, for Master’s hero, which she inexplicably told us, not to interfere with him..

Well, it’s not a problem, anyway..

Since we get to travel to the different continents, I was satisfied..

We were divided into three groups..

Astaroth was going to the west, and Beelzebub went to the east..

But since I had no combat capability, I was sent with Mephisto towards the north..

Where the humans resided, the natural enemy of the demons..

Humans were weak, ugly creatures drowned in their own hubris when they prey on someone weaker than them..

But I’m well aware, that their numbers were nothing to scoff at..

After briefing us, she said failure was not an option, since we were the strongest..

Preparing ourselves, and my strategies, took a month..

Then, we set off..

When me and Mephisto made it to the “Human Continent”, we had to blend in..

With my brains, it wasn’t hard..

We passed ourselves off as a rich merchant, and my bodyguard..

Our aliases were our last names, Gaziel, and Raizel..

Pretty simple if you asked me, but Mephisto seemed to like it..

We started to study the landscape of the country, traveling from city to city..

While moving from place to place, we neither saw hide nor hair of the human hero..

After surveying every place we could think of, which took about 2 years, we concluded that the hero must be in the royal castle, being brought up there, safe as can be, since that was the only place we weren’t allowed to enter..

Since we couldn’t do anything about it, we started our plan on destroying cities and causing chaos..

We settled on a target, which was a city built around a “Magic Academy” where various practitioners of magic, and magic spells were ever so abundant, making it a dangerous force in the future..

After discussing the finer details of the plan, we set it into motion..

We were currently based in a city called “Gemini”, which was in the western direction of the target..

Here, I bought a luxurious manor, as to make the fact that I am a wealthy merchant seem believable..

Just as we were about to move in three days, Mephisto suddenly told me that he was bored..

He said that he was tired of not fighting for a while, and wanted to fight someone strong..

Naturally, I tried to appease him saying that monsters would be enough, and the humans weren’t even strong anyway..

But my elder brother wouldn’t budge on it, saying that he won’t help me with the plan, and such..

In fact, I could carry it out by myself if I wanted to, but Master wouldn’t be too happy about it, so I reluctantly agreed..

I decided to put up a request in the local guild, under the guise of an escort mission to “Capricorn City”..

But actually, it was just hiding the true purpose of having Mephisto beat up some guys, to appease his boredom..

It was unusual, but I played it off as an interview to check the strength of the escort..

In fact, I knew none of them could even put a scratch on the monster known as the “Archdevil of Combat”..

Who wields enormous strength like it was trivial..

Then, the interviews started..

I lead each guy who wanted to take the job, into a building that I surrounded with a weakening barrier I made..

Which forbids the use of magic inside of it, thereby limiting Mephisto’s enormous power..

The building was built like an arena under the earth, removing the case of destroying the surrounding area..

I filled the basement with [Demon Slimes] which cleaned the place nonstop of any dirt and grime..

But they did make the floor and stairway slippery which was a problem in and of itself..

But you would only have a 1% chance of slipping on it, which was not likely..

But even still, I tried to warn everyone who entered to be careful, under the impression of being thoughtful..

Anyway, it was as expected, they couldn’t even put up a decent fight against Mephisto, even in his weakened state..

It was a natural result, but Mephisto was getting more angry instead of calming down..

I didn’t know what to do about my battle-junkie brother..

Until, he came..

In the early afternoon, the butler I hired for appearances sake told me that another visitor has come for the job..

I was getting tired of receiving human guests, but I still had to do it for my hopeless brother..

What came into my sight when we greeted them was a strange young man..

With silky white hair, one blue eye, the other was covered in a dark eye-patch, which lead me to believe that he lost it during a fight or something, and he wore all-black clothing, which was pretty stupid, considering the heatwave..

While I thought of him as a weird person, I still greeted them like any polite merchant would..

But I saw that he brought elven children with him, they seemed to be slaves, judging by the slave collars on their necks..

But they were strangely glowing, full of health, and had happy smiles while talking to the strange man..

It was a strange sight, seeing slaves being genuinely happy..

Although, I just passed it off as imprinting, since they looked as if they were still children..

After that, we introduced ourselves, and talked about small stuff for a bit..

I tried sensing the [God’s Fragment] from him, just like any other person I’ve met..

But what I got was nothing, so I concluded he wasn’t one of the chosen few..

He said his name was Orion, Orion Fullbringer..

Fullbringer, now that rang a bell…

I remembered hearing it near the western part of the “Human Continent”, where they were currently holding the never-ending war against the Elves, for some reason that I wasn’t interested in, so I left it..

Then, I told him about the interview..

He made me laugh..

Which was rare, even for me, since I almost never laugh..

I don’t know why, but I felt that I could get along with his personality, albeit strange..

But then we got on to the true essence of the interview..

He readily agreed, and we went to the back..

I felt his eyes staring at me when I opened the barrier lock, but it must have been my imagination..

Since I know normal humans can’t sense the flow of demonic power..

I did my routine, saying that we should go underground and such, and to be careful since it was slippery from the slime..

Although I said that, I didn’t expect for him to take the lead all of a sudden, showing a smug face..

While slipping on the first step, diving head-first onto the stairway..

It normally would have caused me to be shocked and sigh at the same time..

But I didn’t notice that I had a grin on my face, seeing the stupid antics of the strange boy..

Suddenly, I heard a crash at the end of the stairwell..

I started to run down, wishing that he didn’t die, since it would be troublesome to catch the attention of the guild..

When I reached the bottom, we found him, dusting off his clothes, like he just fell down while walking..

It was actually a pretty long way down, since I dug more than 50 meters underground..

To think that he stood up without a scratch, it made me reevaluate my impression of him..

He might be strong, but I still couldn’t believe that he would beat Mephisto..

That guy was on another level, even if he was weakened..

After I explained the rules of the fight, they picked up a weapon each and started..

As always, Mephisto charged in without thought..

I thought at that time, “Ah, it’s over, this is where it always ends, right after the battle starts..”

But I was mistaken..

The youth suddenly stepped back out of his range, to dodge..

I was surprised he could even react to my brother’s speed..

As was my brother, but his face automatically changed into a grin..

He started to try hitting with his fists, at increasing speeds towards the white-haired youth..

But surprisingly, he managed to dodge each one of his attacks, with minimal movements, like he was playing with him..

If it was me, I would have naturally been insulted, but Mephisto was suddenly fired up for this strange turn of events..

He started increasing his strikes, and further used different techniques to adapt to the situation..

It was as expected of the one well-versed in combat..

But even still, he couldn’t even manage to put a scratch on the boy’s body..

I was wondering if something was wrong until..


He finally used his sword in blocking..

That meant that the tide was slowly turning in Mephisto’s favor..

I was strangely happy for it, and I don’t know when, but I suddenly started rooting for Mephisto..

Just when my brother was happy about seeing his results pay off..





I couldn’t even see it..

Never mind that, I couldn’t even follow his movements..

It seemed from my perspective, he set his center of gravity, and then launched a kick?

Something so simple, blew my unbeatable elder brother so far away, he crashed into the wall, a hundred meters away..

And even managed to make large cracks on it, crumbling the hardened earth..

I couldn’t believe my eyes..

I could only drop my mouth in response..


Were the only things to leave my lips..

After that ordeal, I was thankful for the fact that Mephisto didn’t die..

Even though there was a 50-50 chance..

Still, I misjudged that youth’s strength..

I deemed him a dangerous existence, since he was human, and devised a plan to get rid of him..

Even though he wasn’t a hero, I still had this uncertain feeling that he might destroy everything we built so far..

After I told him that he got the job, and apologized for my brother, which I was strangely reluctant to do, I told him about the job, and its details, saying that we shall leave for “Capricorn City” three days later..

But really, I planned for him to die on the way there, and then we should have no problem destroying the city..

I had to use one of my captured beasts, one of the strongest, which could match, no, even surpass Mephisto without using magic power, the “Fomorian”, one of the secretive giant race I met on my travels..

As I reorganized my plans and thoughts, the day came..

We waited at the eastern gate to get ready for departure..

When they arrived, I told them that I was early since i was preparing the luggage..

But actually, I released the “Fomorian” already and had it move in another direction earlier, telling it to meet with us in a few days, as to not arouse suspicion, and cause unnecessary trouble..

After we departed, we met nothing troubling on the road, as expected of one of the safest roads in the kingdom..

When nightfall came, we had to stop and eat, acting as regular humans..

Naturally, we didn’t need to eat, since we were superior demons and I thought that food was all the same, and I didn’t like the taste of light meat..

But when we were eating the dried, preserved food, we were beckoned by the youth to have some of his..

I was reluctant because I was even surprised that this unnatural existence can cook..

But when I tried tasting the food he made, it was different..

Unlike anything that has ever entered my mouth, it was a symphony of flavors..

It was like my taste buds finally woke up from a long slumber..

When I noticed, there was nothing left on my plate, as was my brother’s..

But even though embarrassed, we still had some more, until we were full..

To think, that I, the “Archdevil of Knowledge” would not know that something so amazing existed..

He called it, “Fish Fillet and Soup Dish”, I memorized every step, and every ingredient needed so I can recreate it later..

It made me regret a little bit, on killing this fine source of food knowledge..

But, Master’s orders are absolute, and I didn’t want a nuisance to her plans..

After a few days of traveling, we made it almost to the halfway point..

It was then, that I decided to call in the beast..

After it appeared, we acted scared, and Mephisto started attacking recklessly, while knowingly acting weak, and getting blown away by its palm, destroying the carriage in the process, after the elf children started using magic..

But, I didn’t expect it..

Just like always, full of unpredictability..

The white-haired youth moved at speeds no one could follow, jumping from here to there..

Reaching the head of the giant beast, cutting it in half, with just one swing of his sword..

I was in awe, but at the same time, afraid, afraid of this boy’s potential and future endeavors..

So it was then, that I decided to change the plan again, and finally use my last resort..

What Master gave us, was not only the way to determine the identities of the heroes, but also the way to seal their power, changing the skill into a sword, a cursed sword with my knowledge of magic, I further strengthened it..

Making the target unable to break free from it, as long as his knowledge did not surpass mine..

Which was nigh close to impossible..

It continued to suck strength and magic power from the target till what is left is nothing but an empty shell..

It’s a cruel skill I called [Sin Curse], combining the power of Master’s skill, and my knowledge of the Dragon King’s power..

After I told them, that since the carriage was in pieces, we had to go back unfortunately, putting on my best downcast face, leading him into my trap..

A few more days later, we made it to the outskirts of town, where I told them to go to the guild to inform them about how we got attacked from a monster, and now our carriage was like this..

They readily accepted it, but I stopped Orion, saying things such as the horses need to be fed, and that the children could get to the guild faster, since they had faster legs..

Naturally, I didn’t believe my own words at all, but it was the only way to convince the naive youth..

After he heard me, he was doubtful about it, but in the end, he trusted me..

Which was a fatal mistake, humans always do this, time and time again..

He seemed to care about those two, so let me be the one to send him to despair, before he meets his end..

I had nothing to be angry at him about personally, but I just had a natural affinity in seeing despair in humans..

But Mephisto seemed reluctant to go with my plan, but since it was orders, he couldn’t help it..

When he turned around, Mephisto stabbed him with the sword I gave him, and I activated the curse, while he had a dumbfounded face, that made me chuckle a bit, asking why would we do this..

So I felt the need for introductions, and saying my plan to him, which was not smart in the least..

But I decided to let it go, since he was going to die anyway..

I was strangely elated at seeing his expression of hopelessness when he saw me use my destruction spell on the city..

It was a masterpiece..

But then, he went quiet all of a sudden, after a few minutes of seeing the city turn into ashes..

I started to feel something was off, and quickly told Mephisto to check it out..

But when I did, he got blown away..

I was strangely used to it, the third time seeing it..

But this was the Mephisto, who wasn’t holding back..

Which I found very strange, so I looked at the youth again..

Only to find him, breaking my carefully-crafted seals one by one..

I was shaking, not because of his usual unpredictable actions, but due to his demeanor..

It wasn’t the same, not the naive, happy, without a care youth I came to know these past few days..

But, an ominous presence, someone who had eyes, like they looked down on other people around them..

The youth’s hair suddenly glowed and turned into a shade of violet, with white bangs..

A color signifying absolute superiority, one who was to be feared..

Those eyes, they had nothing but darkness in them..

As the youth said something about being woken up for the first time in a while, he switched his eye-patch onto the other eye, replacing the blue right eye, with the blood-red left one, showing what looked to be a one-eyed demon..

Something about him was terrifying, I didn’t know how he changed, or how he managed to break the seal..

Heck, I couldn’t even think straight right now..

My legs were shaking, my eyes were swimming, I had cold sweat flowing like a river on my back..

It was the first time in my life, that I was this afraid, a genius like me, scared of a young boy..

It was like looking into the eyes of a predator, ready to play with his food..

One look was all I needed to determine the outcome of a fight with this entity..

Gathering all my brain cells, making full use of all the knowledge and prediction ability I had come to know..

The result was, absolute defeat..

As I was thinking this, he started talking..

“Well, you’re my enemy huh? You look weaker than expected, anyway..”

In a lighthearted tone, just like he was looking at a pebble on the street, he scoffed at me..

My pride would normally not let this insult even leave his mouth, but due to the overwhelming pressure he has..

I didn’t dare to move carelessly..

In fact, I was thinking of retreating, since my last resort failed..

But he suddenly had a grin on his face, and when he said some encouraging words to himself, the presence disappeared..

As if, he condensed all that pressure into his body, just like that..

Such precise control of your blood lust, must have taken years, if not decades, to master..

I started asking myself if this boy was even human..

The fact that he could break my seal, must have meant that he was even smarter than me?

No, how can that be?

This youth hasn’t even been living for fifty years yet, and compared to me, who’s lived hundreds, if not, close to a thousand, might know more than one of the pinnacles of knowledge itself?

Impossible, I refused to accept it, even though there are many things in the world I could discard readily, I am not willing to compromise on this one thing, it was my reason for existence, to be above all the mortals in terms of knowledge..

Because of this, I refused to give in to the boy, even though I know the odds calculated that I was certain to lose, I will still fight for my pride, I will not abandon my way of life..

Just as I was thinking that, the boy sped in my direction, I reacted on reflex, even though I couldn’t follow him with my eyes, I still managed to dodge his fist, barely, by abandoning my sight, and using my other senses..

“Hou, you, you’re not bad for a small-fry..”

He says in a mocking tone..

I don’t mind his words as I was concentrating for any movement from any direction..

“But, too bad..”

After those words, he appeared in front of me like a mirage, causing me to involuntarily gasp and open my eyes..

I was finished, how much of a monster is he, increasing his speed in an instant like that..

Just when I was trapped, a red shadow passed through my eyes..

It was Mephistopheles, trying to punch the white-haired demon..

But, regrettably, he sensed that too, and with a smile, he stepped back..

Causing Mephisto to miss his target..

But, I didn’t get depressed, in fact, I was thankful, since if he was here, I had a higher chance of defeating this monster..

I didn’t know that there was someone comparable to the “Demon Lord” right under our noses..

Has he been hiding his true strength all this time, playing the fool?

Such frightening intelligence this entity must have, I concluded that the enemy was not human..

If not, what is he..

But that was not the time for speculations, since he was getting ready to attack again..

Is it me, or is he growing in power as each second goes by..

No, let’s not think negatively, and start to attack him before he gets a jump on us..

I signal to Mephisto as he nods in return..

I activated multiple enchantment spells on us both, my strongest ones, mainly..

[Physical Nullification], [Enhance Strength], [Extreme Speed], [Demon Barrier] x 10, [Archdevil’s Rage], and many others..

Let’s see if you’re smart enough to fight us now, you monster..

We took off at the same time and when we reached his range, he didn’t react, so we took the opportunity and..

I launched a kick surrounded by [Open Wounds] and [Mountain Crusher] enchantments, which gave the effect of opening up wounds when coming in contact with a living being, and enhanced with enough strength to crush rock effortlessly..

While Mephistopheles used his [Combat Mode] while throwing a punch covered with [Hell Flames] and my [Devil’s Strength Boost] enchantment, which could improve his overall strength and bodily movements, while the flames would never be extinguished until the target is burned into ashes, and a major strength power-up..

We were certain that he would be killed with our combined attacks, or at least get a fatal wound..

But, it was too early to celebrate..

*Grab* *Grab*

While lightly lifting both of his hands and opening his palms, he received our attacks head on..

Naturally, I thought this was the most stupid move, one could make..

But we were faced with the crushing reality..

Of seeing our attacks nullified with just him grabbing both my leg, and Mephisto’s arm, disabling the enchantments and turning us powerless in an instant..

It’s like we were kids, inevitably fighting against an adult..

While his actions left us at a loss for words, his face looked up, and stared at us both..

His eyes showed playfulness, with a hint of relief, saying..

“Phew, I finally got used to this body, you couldn’t believe how much power was not being used properly, used in inefficient ways, costing way more energy than it should, I had to fix it from scratch, you know? Well, it wasn’t that hard, I just had to simplify the way I use this strange magic, was that all you got? If so, let me start my counter attack..”

He said all those incomprehensible things with a grin that looked like the Death God himself..

I couldn’t fully comprehend what he said, but what I did understand was that he just got stronger by improving his body..

What brought a chill down my spine, was the way he said that he will begin fighting back, just like saying that he was going to choose the menu for breakfast..

It filled me with so much dread, just being near him..

When I suddenly sensed his blood lust, I told Mephisto to get ready..

He then moved his arms like a hurricane, where I could barely react, and moved it towards our faces..

There was a loud crash, but after that, nothing..

Me and Mephisto didn’t have a scratch on us, but when we slightly turned to our backs..

We saw, destruction..

The ground was gouged out, and faraway trees were felled in a straight line..

I thanked my luck that we survived that..

“Hmm, so you were unharmed, I guess it was because of that [Physical Nullification] magic you used earlier?”

Such terrifying observation, he got it exactly right, [Physical Nullification] was a spell that rendered all physical attacks meaningless, including blades, and weapons alike, giving us a fighting chance against this guy..

Since for the past few days, I noticed that he couldn’t use magic, even an elementary spell was absent within him..

But strangely, I don’t know his magic power, I’m hopeful he had none, though..

“Interesting, well, let’s see if you can handle this..[Aura Weapon Creation]”



As magic suddenly gathered into both of his arms, it formed into a strange shape..

What came out was two black objects with a metallic luster, reflecting the sun’s rays..

It had many curves and lines, which I have never seen before, and a hole at the end of it..

Both were about the size of his palm, and he suddenly moved his thumbs to flick something at it’s back..

As he did that, I sensed something dangerous coming from the strange objects..

I tried to warn Mephisto about the impending danger while moving to the side, but..


A loud sound rang out, and something went out of the two holes, grazing my body at the side, and straight into Mephistopheles’ head, causing me to look at the origin, tiny red and blue lights of magic power, spinning at rapid speeds, drilling a hole in the atmosphere, and one, in Mephistopheles’ forehead, all the way through the back of his head..

“Tch, missed one..[Reload]”

I was left in fear, since the result was devastating, after the tiny lights passed through, they hit a grove of trees, and when they came in contact with the trunks, an explosion occurred, two different-colored lights blew up and left flames and destruction in its wake..

I literally couldn’t believe how much power is packed into one of those tiny things..

I then sensed that Mephisto’s presence was weakening..

I rushed over to him, checking what happened..

There was a tiny hole that went through the middle of his head, and went into his brain, causing him to be in a critical state. like he was knocking on death’s doorstep..

Even though we’re made to have the most sturdiest of bodies, and nullified all damage, how could I have expected a magical attack from him, I was too conceited..

With his dying breath, Mephistopheles tried to tell me something, “I-I finally fought so-someone stro-stronger tha-n I..”

He said with a grin on his face, and blood flowing down his mouth..

I was relieved, even though he was dying, he still had made me smile..

Even though I know we will die here, I would still like to give him a peaceful farewell..

I’m coming after you soon, Nii-sama..

I tried to close his eyes, as he started to slow his breathing down..

But then..

“You’re not getting away that easy, you bastard..”






I was shocked to see, the white haired youth come here in an instant, and started shooting those dreadful things, again and again at my brother’s face and body, not letting him die in peace, but mercilessly looking at him with cold eyes..

I was angry..

I felt different emotions surging through me..

Normally, I would have controlled myself..

But, this time, I gave in to my emotions, and let my instincts flow through..

I wanted to kill the one in front of me, even though it will cost me my life..

Because this guy, had no respect for anyone..

A heartless, monster that kills for fun..

Is this what happens when you reach the pinnacle of knowledge? Is this what it’s like to be called the strongest?

If so, I will abandon it, this result will only bring about loneliness and despair..

I wanted to give in to my urges once in a while..

Well, what better time to start than now, at the end of my rope?

I was filled with rage and determination on getting my revenge..

I used one of the most forbidden of spells..

[Demonic Blood Annihilation], a spell that can only be paid for with enormous magic power and demon’s blood..

Which causes an explosion so strong, that it is even said to tear space itself..

The only downside to it was, that the explosion must start channeling from the caster, and the caster must be at the center of the explosion, I racked my brain for different solutions over the years, and came up with none..

So this was my true final resort, one that I never thought that I’d use in my lifetime..

It brought a smile to my face, how despair could actually change myself this much..

I just regretted the fact, that I only realized this now, when it was too late for anything..

So as I brought my courage forth, I chanted the spell in my head..

Just when I was about to finish, I heard a voice..

“Well now, not so fast…[Aura Chain Bind]”

My chanting was suddenly interrupted by the voice and the countless chains that came out of nowhere binding my limbs and body, to which I struggled but to no avail, I noticed that my strength, my magic power, and my senses were taken from me, just like..

“Just like your [Sin Curse] right? I reverse-engineered it in making my own sealing spell, thanks for that, so, how does it feel to be on the powerless side for once, huh? I guess the tables have turned, as you may say *Chuckle*”

That mocking tone fills me with despair..

I could have never imagined that he would use my own spell against me..

This, this is just too much..

How could me and Nii-sama lose against this monster, when we are two of the most supreme beings ever created..

I feel so much remorse at how much I could have done differently..

Like if I just steered clear of him, my life wouldn’t be in such danger right now, and our plans would have gone smoothly..

Why was I so paranoid of him, I think I might have just awakened a disaster..

I’m sorry Mephisto, I’m sorry Master, I have failed, and have made a huge mistake..

If this merciless existence is ever set free to roam, the whole world might be in danger..

Not just the demons..

Well, before I go, I have to ask something at least..

“Who, who are you really?”

When I asked that, he was slightly surprised, but grinned the next moment..

A second later, I felt a metallic sensation at the back of my head, and knew he moved towards my backside..

I couldn’t even turn around to look at his face anymore due to the bindings..

Well, it’s fine, not like anything would change…

I wait for his reply before my end..

“Just a genius, bored of the world, and everyone in it..”


He’s exactly like me..



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