-Serena POV-

“Arius Mizastrum Seizes”

I chant a spirit spell targeting the rushing warriors..

A stirring in the atmosphere creates an ominous wind..

A moment of silence ensued before large tree branches sprout from the ground, grabbing the startled soldiers, and gouging out the opened earth, leaving large holes in its wake..


Approximately five large treants were summoned with my spell, and are decimating the enemy troops..

“Wha-where did these things come from?!”

“No, I don’t want to die!”

The screams and squeals of dying men fill the battlefield, countless bodies flew, spraying large amounts of blood..

If this was the me from ten years ago, I would want to look away from this scene of carnage, since I would inevitably release whatever I ate that day and then some from my mouth..

But, I have already gotten used to seeing this scene..

So now, I just learned to treat it like it was natural, this was war of course..

Oh, it seems that my treants have finished annihilating the whole platoon. They are now forming a line in front of me..

“Now, go back to the earth from whence you came, [Release]”

When I said the keyword to release the skill, their bodies immediately broke down into broken wood and dirt..

These were creatures summoned to do my bidding using my unique skill, [Nature Magic]..

It was a type of magic that allowed me to control anything related to the plants and earth. It was already proven that among the elves, I was the only one who could use it. Since they said that they have never heard of it before when I questioned them about it, I might even be the only one that can on this entire globe..

Or at least, I think it’s a globe..

I wasn’t very keen on geography much, but even if I was, I had no way of finding out whether this world was round or flat, so I let it be. So far, during these 12 years of war, I have learned to hone my skills under the tutelage of my teacher, who was the one who guided me on everything I needed to know about this world, “Quadra”..

But, for the past two years, I haven’t seen her since they said she went off on a mission..

So, I asked them what was the mission, and inquired about when she would be back. They, after hearing my question, had a strange look on their faces. They told me that it wasn’t going to be long, she would be back before I knew it..

But, two years have already passed, and not one of them was worried, or asked how she has been. At first, I thought that the elves were heartless so I once blew up in front of them, but it seemed that I was the one who was strange..

Well, two years are not really that long for the elven race, so they openly showed their indifferent expressions..

But, I am different. Since I knew that I wasn’t a normal elf. I was once, a human..

My sense of time was several times faster than theirs, since I was used to running late to school most mornings..

Those were the days, when I overslept, no one would wake me, since I lived alone, away from my parents in the countryside. People around me were a blur, and they too, were rushing to their various appointments..

For humans, life is short. But for the me right now, I have all the time in the world. Still, I just can’t get used to it..

Taking my time, at a snails pace..

While moving back to the [World Tree], our headquarters, I recall my previous life, and the world I left behind..

My name is, or was, Kudou Karen..

A simple name, living in a modest apartment, going to a middle-tier high school..

At school, I was never the athletic type. Instead of joining the various sports clubs, I spent my time reading any book I could find in the library, listening in class, and researching various knowledge..

Naturally, I wasn’t always like that. When I was a kid, I loved to play with dolls and hang out with my classmates..

By chance, I had scored higher than the kids in my class, enticing my parents to say that they were proud of me..

I was happy to receive praise, but I really didn’t try that hard. It was just my luck, I guess..

But when I tried to tell them that, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to wipe the smile off their faces. So, I tried a little harder during tests, so that my parents would be happy, praising me more. Due to this, they decided to send me to a cram school to further enrich my intelligence. It was an expensive school. I guess they were too excited, that they splurged..

I regretted my decision, for it only brought me more work, and less time for playing with my friends..

I decided to stay for one day, then not try at all, to show my parents that this cram school wouldn’t help me in any way. Forcing them to cancel it, and send me home. I wasn’t too scared of being reprimanded since, looking at all these children from rich families gathering here, I could tell that they were not as smart as me..

I would probably score top even if I didn’t try during the mock exams considering the others are just trying to catch  up with supplementary lessons, compared to me that was usually one step ahead of our teacher during class time..

So, the instructor taught us things that I already understood, and in the last hour, we had a test..

I answered the test like I always did, calm and quickly..

Looking around, I finished faster than the others, causing me to puff my chest out in pride. But then, when I walked up to the instructor’s table, I saw a finished paper on it, that surprised me..

Considering the test started forty-five minutes ago, did someone finish it in that short amount of time?

No, I must have been overthinking this, whoever the person was, I was sure that he/she just scribbled wrong answers on their paper since they didn’t know the correct ones..

I said that to myself self-assuredly, and went home after submitting the finished paper..

When I got home, my parents asked me how it went, so I told them about how there wasn’t anything I could learn from there and persuaded them to reconsider. They said that they will think about it when they get the results..

I nodded, and went to bed. But that night, I could hardly fall asleep, thinking about the test results, even if I knew that it wasn’t important. I forced myself to believe that I would naturally get first place, considering my talent..

The next day, I went with my parents to see the results..

I had scored an 89/100 on that test. Normally, I would be proud of that score considering I barely tried to think about the questions seriously. Except, that I only got second place in the rankings..

When I saw that number next to my name, I was shocked, and in the next moment, angry. Angry at whoever had the top place, instead of me, ruining my plans to persuade my parents into withdrawing me from here..

I looked for the first placer’s name, which wasn’t hard, considering I only had to look at the place that was higher than my name. But strangely, I was really reluctant on seeing it, maybe I was embarrassed..

The name, “Suzuya Junichiro” was plastered with big letters right above my name, with the number “1” right next to it..

It seemed to be a boy’s name, so I looked at his score. “100/100” it said. A perfect score that brought my spirits down..

I didn’t know why it did, considering I didn’t take it seriously. But it still hurt for some reason, being beat..

Instead of answering my parents’ happy appearances praising my rank, I was moving towards the instructor’s office to ask about the identity of the mysterious top placer..

When I told him my troubles, he said that it was the boy that passed the test the earliest, “5 minutes” he said..

When I heard it, it was unbelievable..

How could someone finish that exam designed for upper levels, had over a hundred questions, in a measly five minutes..

I was disillusioned, so I asked the instructor on who that boy was, telling him I was curious..

He lead me back to where the rankings were posted, and pointed towards the direction of a boy..

I looked at him. He was a black-haired boy with dark eyes, pale skin, and handsome facial features. He looked slightly taller than the others his age. He would be considered sweet and innocent, if he didn’t have that dull look on his face..

I tried to walk up to him, but my parents blocked my path, saying that they were proud of me and such..

To be honest, they were obstructing me from speaking to the mysterious boy. While I was being held up, the boy looked at his name on the top part, like it was natural. The action seemed so arrogant, it made me mad. When I was about to call out to him, he quickly went out of the building, entering a tall, sleek, black car that looked expensive, with a butler waiting on him, holding open the car door. I concluded that he was one of the rich children, which infuriated me even more than before..

That night, I told my parents that they didn’t need to withdraw me. They were surprised for a moment, but quickly said that it was what they were planning on doing from the start. I went up to my room, and couldn’t sleep a wink, since I was studying all night, preparing for the next battle..

The next day, I had no sleep, and there were bags under my eyes. Even though that was the case, I was really pumped and energized when I made it to the cram school..

After a few minutes of reviewing, he entered right before the class started..

So, I stood up from my seat, and approached him with heavy steps, emphasizing my anger..

I greeted him by shouting angrily in front of his face, while simultaneously pointing my finger at him. He was startled for a moment, but in the next, he went back to his bored, sullen expression..

I only got further enraged at his nonchalant expression, and started to say embarrassing things like challenging him during the test and the like. No matter how much I spouted cliched lines at him, all he said in reply was..

{“Is that so…Well, good luck with that..”}

He said, as he gestured to shoo me away like I wasn’t even registered in his eyes..

It was the first time that I experienced that kind of attitude when talking to me..

Completely opposite to how my friends from school treated me..

Right then and there, I decided to dedicate my all, showing him who was the superior one, forcing him to take notice of me. So, we had our second match, with me getting serious for some unknown reason..

The result..

“Suzuya Junichiro 1st Place: 100/100”

   “Kudou Karen 2nd Place: 95/100”                                             “Saiba Konoe 3rd Place: 73/100”

I was mortified..

I thought I had prepared everything, but there were harder questions mixed in that I had no clue about..

But what really made me depressed was, even though that that was the case, that guy still finished in the same time as yesterday’s test. He made it look like it was easy. But, this only lasted for a moment, because I experienced something that I had never felt before, burning rivalry..

After looking at the results, I steeled myself saying that I will get him next time..

Naturally, I also said that out loud, to the person in question..

{“Try as you might, you cannot break through the wall called talent..”}

Is what he said while maintaining an indifferent expression, walking as calm as possible..

Those words changed me..

Even if the person in question didn’t know it..

From that moment on, I strived to better myself in academics, giving up the few joys in life, in order to show that arrogant person that hard work can overcome pure talent..

I  studied and studied until I had gotten sick..

And then studied once more, after I was cured..

Every time we took the test, I kept losing and losing to him, always being stuck in second place..

But, strangely I wasn’t tired of it..

Before I noticed it, it had become my usual routine..

I also picked up a habit of reading every book I could get my hands on..

Years passed by, and before I knew it, I was chasing his back every time I saw him..

That cool, indifferent attitude, changed a bit, into a rarely smiling black-haired boy..

But no matter how his attitude change, the results were cruel..

Still, one time, he tried to encourage me after my 100th loss to him..

{“I’m impressed that you still haven’t given up. I changed my opinion of you.”}

I still told him that I wont be satisfied until I beat him..

To that, he chuckled a bit, and showed a bright, encouraging smile..

{“Well, try your best then, I’ll be waiting for you to catch up..”}

That time, my heart was weirdly beating faster than normal, but I didn’t know what to do with it, so I ran away..

Little did I know that, that was the last time we would speak to each other..

When I graduated from grade school, I moved up from the lower class to the advanced classes that was designed for middle school students and its curriculum..

I took the first test, fully preparing myself to win..

But the results shocked even me..



“Kudou Karen 1st Place: 100/100”

I was elated..

It was the first time I saw my name at the top, written in big, bold letters..

As I was jumping for joy, and puffing out my chest in pride, I looked below my name, looking at the others..

Then, it hit me..

It wasn’t there..

His name wasn’t there..

Did he fail? No, that would still be recorded at the bottom of the list, but there wasn’t any name like that there..

I panicked, so I went to the instructor’s office to ask about it..

When I said my take, he made an apologetic expression, and patted my head..

Gently telling me that the boy didn’t move up to the advanced levels, instead, he withdrew from the entire cram school entirely. He continued, telling me that he had been caught up in a fire incident, and had to be hospitalized for an indefinite amount of time. When I asked if he was alright, he assured me that he was fine..

I was relieved, but at the same time, depressed..

The only time I took first place was when he was in a coma..

The mesmerizing feeling from before vanished as if it was a lie, leaving an empty, bittersweet victory..

A few months passed, and I heard that he got discharged from the hospital..

I was elated, so I anxiously waited for his return..

But, he never did. He never once shown his face in the cram school ever again..

I got mad, thinking it was my fault, so I tracked him down, into his middle school..

When I found him, eating lunch alone, I tried to get close and call out to him, but..

I suddenly felt a cold shiver down my spine, and it only persisted the more I went closer to him..

When I took a look at him, he looked very different from before..

Gone was the indifferent, calm attitude of the past..

The him that time, was to be honest, scary..

He had a grim smile plastered on his face when he greeted people, and they, in turn, ran away..

So, I gave up on speaking to him directly since I was shaking in my boots..

I decided to send him a letter instead. Filled with stuff such as my name, and how has he been, and if he’s coming back to the cram school to continue the long-standing battle..

I sent it to his address filled with anxiety..

After a few days, I received a reply..

With trembling fingers, I opened it..

“I am terribly sorry, but this must have been sent to the wrong address since I do not even know who you are. Thank you”

Is what the words in the letter said..

Naturally, my spirits went way down after..

I immediately recovered from the surprising mental damage, and took account the possibility of amnesia..

It wasn’t strange, considering the accident and it’s consequences..

I just had to live from that day on, without the thrill of competition..

It wasn’t easy, but I adapted myself to my new life in middle school..

I took top spot in everything because the students there were about average compared to Suzuya-kun..

Every day was boring compared to the days of my childhood..

Still, I became student council president, and helped a lot of people..

But some days, I remembered the times I spent with that boy, finding myself in a nostalgic grin sometimes..

I didn’t notice it then, but I think I admired him way back from when I was a child..

I just regretted the fact, that I realized that I wanted to get along with him, until it was too late..

Sometimes, I saw him passing by on the sidewalk, with people running away from him?

Anyway, no matter how hard I tried getting close, something would obstruct me, and I didn’t know what..

I could only reluctantly watch him from afar, being depressed at times when I looked at him..

When I made it into high school, I joined the literature club, and made new friends..

In my second year, I got into the top 10 of the entire nation’s mock exam..

Getting me a full scholarship into my chosen university..

I had my future laid out for me in stone..

Since my parents didn’t need to pay for my school fees anymore, they decided to retire from their jobs and return to the country side to live with my grandparents..

It was decided that I would live by myself in an apartment that they would pay for..

Life was moving at a normal, smooth pace..

Until that time..

One day, when I was walking with my friends from school after finishing out weekly meeting, I noticed that I had no ingredients for dinner, so I went to the supermarket and bought some vegetables and meat..

When I got out, it was getting dark, so I decided to take a detour into the shortest route towards my apartment through the central park located in the middle of the city..

When I walked along, almost making it back, I saw some children playing football in the park..

I smiled at the scene. When suddenly, the ball went into the direction of the road, passing right in front of me..

When I was about to get it for them, a child started running towards the ball in the middle of the highway before I could notice. When I did, I tried to warn him, and call him back..

But, as fate would have it, a delivery truck which was bigger than most was coming into the kid’s direction at a high speed. When I saw this, I shouted at the kid to run, but he was scared stiff..

His legs couldn’t move since he was too scared to think clearly, I got mad at the kid, and myself for failing to stop him earlier. Before I knew it, my body was moving towards the kid..

I pushed him out of the way, letting him hit the sidewalk, knocking him unconscious, replacing him in the middle of the road, right in the path of the moving vehicle..

The last thing I saw was two flashing lights, and the sound of a horn..

When I regained my sense of awareness, I was in a white room..

It was a large space, with plants and exotic flowers decorating the interior, making the place look natural..

{“Welcome, hero”}

I heard a voice, that seemed to have belonged to a woman..

I searched around the room, and found a lone woman, sitting on a wooden throne, covered with vines, thorns, and flowers, decorating the fine chair to look almost divine..

The woman looked to be in her early 20’s with light-brown skin, green, lustrous hair, a shapely body, pretty features, emerald-colored eyes, and wore a Greek tunic with flower petals adorning it..

I asked the woman on what she said, and she started to speak..

According to the explanation, her name was “Avaceris”, the Nature Goddess who rules over the “Western Continent, Neriad”. Various fairy-race live here, and it was blessed with the most abundant source of food, and medicine..

She said that she had saved me from my impending death, and summoned me to be her hero. When I inquired more about it, she told me that a war was unavoidable between the other gods and their respective heroes..

There were four in total, and I was one of them. I told her explicitly that I was no good in anything except studying, so I told her not to expect anything. She giggled at my rant, and said that I needn’t have to worry, for she would give me one of the most powerful magic available, “Nature Magic”. I was slightly interested in this, so I probed a little further..

After all was said and done, I asked one last time if I can go back to the previous world. She replied that it was impossible. Well, it’s understandable, I might have already been treated as a deceased person there anyway..

Since there was no other choice, I accepted her proposal..

When I regained my bearings, I found myself in a baby’s body..

I didn’t sign up for this..

I thought I would come into this world as is, but I guess you cannot always get what you want in life..

It turns out, my new parents named me “Serena La Aurera”

It was a beautiful name for someone as simple as me..

So, after growing a few years, I realized that I was reincarnated as an elf with my memories intact..

I had long, blonde hair, green eyes, snow-white skin, and long ears..

Naturally, old habits die hard, so I consumed all the information around me greedily, and without missing a single one..

After that, I started training myself for the future battles..

This world seemed to be likened to a game, considering the various windows that popped out at times, and my status and skills were no different..

While I was training, the leader of the elf clan, and the human continent started declaring war unto each other..

I wasn’t interested in politics so I didn’t inquire about the reason..

But, since I didn’t hide that I could use “Spirit Magic” at a young age, which was a magic distinct to the fairy race, I was forced to enlist in fighting in the war, at the tender age of five years old..

It was unreasonable no matter how you looked at it..

No matter how much I complained, I was still forced to go..

In my first debut on the fields of war, I killed my first person with “Nature Magic”, the strongest spell I had in my arsenal in fact, since I was too nervous and scared, coupled with the fact that blood and screams filled the air..

Naturally, I wanted to throw up, since I came from the peaceful land of Japan, bloodshed was unknown to me..

I always thought that I could handle it when I experienced it. But when faced with the real thing, I was weak..

Just as I let my guard down, a human soldier was about to attack me, the lone, careless, vomiting elf..

But right as I regretted my overconfidence, “she” appeared..

One of the high elders of the elven race, my teacher, “Cersei Fauna Leislaine”

She looked as if she was shorter than average child, with a small, rounded face, but her eyes were filled with intelligence and experience she had gained over the years due to her long lifespan..

She saved my life, and after that, she took me in as her own, and started training me on the ways of magic..

Since she was one of the most powerful beings of the fairy race in relation to magic, I was happy at the time that I was under her tutelage. Being with her, naturally made me respect her and her way of life..

I will always be indebted to this person who saved my life, and gave it meaning..

After 10 years, the war still continued, even though we were overpowering them, they still had the advantage in numbers and tactics, so it has been a stalemate for a long time, at least, in the case of me, and the humans..

Not so much for the elves, with their twisted outlook on time..

I have grown strong, with countless experiences with strong people during the war, developing skills and techniques..

This new body was naturally agile and nimble as if I was moving with the wind..

I am confident that I would bring victory to the goddess who saved me, by defeating the other heroes..

As I was thinking that, I noticed that I had arrived at the [World Tree]..

So, I entered the gigantic headquarters and reported the completion of my mission to the intelligence squadron..

After that, I moved towards my home, well, truthfully it was still teacher’s home..

The large house made out of sturdy wood from the [World Tree] was located on top of one of the most tallest trees in the forest, which was rare, considering the large amount of tall trees..

I made my way up using the vines, invoking “Nature Magic”, and disabling the traps with “Spirit Magic”..

There, I sensed a presence inside..

I immediately switched into caution mode, and stealthily sneaked in..

The presence that I thought to be a spy, or a thief was in teacher’s room..

When I preset my invoked spirit magic, getting ready to attack, I opened the door..


What I found was, something that made my mouth drop, making me loose all tension..

A petite girl with long ears, and golden hair was facing the bed, showing her back covered with a thin, black coat to me..

In her line of vision were two bodies, sprawled unconscious on the soft bed, laying there peacefully..

They seemed to be two elven children that looked familiar, a little boy and girl with slightly similar features..

But, I couldn’t pay attention to that now, there was a more pressing problem..


The other party seemed to have noticed me, and started turning around..

When she saw me, she put both hands on her hips, beamed a bright smile, and said..

“Ah, it’s Serena huh, I’m home!”


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