More Character Images

It’s me again, here to bring you images to help in reading the story as it goes through the motions..

These images are purely for imagery’s sake..

[Image: 68RBzWU.png]
Reiten Tsuki Battle Mode
[Image: 35lut7q]
Derek Fullbringer
[Image: 7l4Q4in.jpg]
[Image: ihMJgA2.jpg]
Lucifer Nefas Viurele
[Image: CT2j4rV.jpghttp:]
Jin Kaiser
[Image: u8R8qU7.jpghttp:]
Serena La Aurera
[Image: 1sOhKo2.jpghttp:]
Anna Ver Gardenia
[Image: LDTjv3c.jpg]
Lute Ver Gardenia

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