Winter Mornings

“So it’s already morning..”

I say my first words at the start of a new day after opening my eyelids. What greeted me was a streak of sunlight refracting from the windowsill..

Of course, there was no glass.

Well, not yet.

I get up from my laying position, and sit up on the bed. I turn my head to look beyond the window, and into the horizon..

Judging by the fact that it was still slightly warm, it must have been early in the morning, just after daybreak. The morning is the only time during the winter season where you feel the most warmth for the rest of the day.

So, its a good idea to go outside at this time, rather than endure the chill of the afternoon later.

Hmm? I felt something small in my hand..

When I open my fingers on my right palm, I saw the small, black communication device.

“So it got carried over? How does that even work?”

I was curious about the laws of space being broken, but I needed more information on the laws of this world before I make a conclusion about the possible and impossible..

After examining it for a while, I place it inside my right ear.


I could sense a faint trace of magic being used from inside the device while it was shining golden for a second..

The next moment, the earpiece was gone.

I wanted to know what happened to it, but there were no mirrors within my reach.

But then I remembered how I was going to make glass for the villagers without having to go to another city.

This combination of skills would be, most likely considered a cheat, but there was no other way.

“[Aura Weapon Creation]”

Various colors of light seep from my skin, and meld together into an item in front of my very eyes..

The result was..

A glass sword.

Umu, that’s right.

A long, clear sword made entirely out of glass..

I didn’t know the principle behind this skill, but it seemed that I could actually make any weapon as long as I knew the minor details of its construction. I knew most weapons and how they were made through various research in the past but I didn’t think that it would prove this useful in another world..

You just had to imagine countless atoms and molecules of different elements melding together into a shape.

Simple. right?

Well, now that that’s over, let’s begin..

I again invoked [Dragon King’s Aura] to produce a high heat from my palm, in order to melt the long sword of glass structure, into a flat pane. But I had to do this carefully since I didn’t want to deform its shape.

I wished I could have used the elementary magic, [Heat Spark] as to make this easier, but alas, I cannot use magic spells no matter what method I try. Which can only lead me to believe that the [Aura Gift] skill was to blame.

When it said that other magic couldn’t be used, I tried to find a loophole, but the results say that it was a waste of effort. Frustration will get me nowhere, so lets make do with what I have for now.

While carefully heating each part of the sword one by one, from the hilt to its very tip, I have succeeded in making a flat surface of glass. Although its so clouded you cannot see through it, nor see your reflection.

I concluded that this must have something to do with the way I heated it, whether the temperature was too high or too low, I couldn’t derive the answer. But it was a fact that this was a problem.

Faced with this problem that could very be the crux of failure in my ingenious plan, I racked my brains for a solution..

After a few minutes, I thought of something. I hope this could work though.

“[Frigid Aura]”

I apply aura to my fingertips using my newly gained skill, to make a thin layer of frost over the flat heated area.

Resulting in..


A purple haired youth with white bangs and one ruby-colored eye was reflected over the surface of ice. I noticed something different on my right ear that wasn’t there before..

It looked like an inverted letter “S” adorned with black patterns. Just located beneath my earlobe.

So that’s what happened to the device. Maybe now I can contact my other persona without having to worry about the earpiece falling out of my ear when I move faster than usual.

Now, since I confirmed that I could make a mirror with this method, lets try making a window. Where you can actually see through to the outside this time..


“Ah, I guess it will have to wait. I forgot I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

I say out loud towards my growling stomach. Then, before standing up, I place the improvised mirror of my own creation under the bed, and go out of the room through the door.

As I was walking through the narrow hall, since my allocated room was at the end of it, I heard the sounds of wind being cut, again and again, in an erratic fashion. By this I meant, that the sounds were coming at different intervals..

Since curiosity got the best of me, for there may be a chance that an enemy has infiltrated without my notice. Although that’s close to 0.00000001 % with me on high alert, and my [Aura Barrier] spread out around the radius of the village chief’s house, I won’t let my guard down even for a second. I stealthily hide my steps with [Stealth Aura] and walked towards the place where the erratic sound was coming from.

I stopped at the doorway that lead into the garden, and peeked out slowly from the side. Only to see..

A sword in a slashing motion. The shiny blade adorned with silver metal, refracting the rays of the gleaming sunrise.

The slender build of the nostalgic weapon from my past life. I was awed in front of its beauty if but only for a moment..

Even though the one swinging it had amateurish movements that even a novice like me could tell, it doesn’t make the slight afterimages of where the sword had passed through, cutting the air, any less pleasant to look at.

In an open space behind the house, where the few trees were covered, and the grass was fully blanketed with snowfall from last night, a boy with wolf ears and a swaying tail with a short stature was sweating out his feelings..

“Hey, Jin!”

Ah. I called out to him unconsciously. Maybe it was because I was impressed by his sword? No, that’s not it.

I have an inkling about why I did it. It had something to do with me being weak to kids. Though, I will never admit it publicly. I had no plans of being misunderstood by ill-minded people.

Well, there’s nothing I could do about it now. Since he just heard my voice, and started jogging towards my direction..

With a bright smile, he sheathed his katana-like weapon, and hung it around his neck, placing it at his tiny back. Then, he started moving towards the doorway while waving to me, who was wryly smiling and waving back.

“(Ah, so cute..)”

This is bad. No, get that thought out of my head!

Wait a minute..

That may have sounded like my voice, but I could tell that it wasn’t for some reason. Am I imagining it?

“(*Gulp* Yes, yes I am imagining it. Don’t mind it.)”

Ah, is that so. Well, I guess that’s fine then..


“Is that what you thought I would say!? You bastard! Placing things in my head without permission!”

“(Uwwaaaaa, he’s mad. I’m sorry okay. Really am. It was an accident, I just blurted out my thoughts. That’s all.)”

“Don’t mess with me, you! You clearly did it on purpose!”

“(Yes, it’s true. I was having fun teasing you. The accident part was a lie.)”

“Why!? Why would you do that at a random time like this!? It’s still morning you know? Also, why did you just confess readily in a respectful tone!? Are you making fun of me!?”

“(Yes. I’m free after all..)”

“Ah, this is hopeless. Talking to you is like speaking to a monkey!”

I place my head into my lifeless arms, unconsciously trying to put strength into it, to break my skull. Although I stopped just before I felt pain, it was still a tempting offer.

“Also, why are you suddenly free!? What happened to the videos you were going to watch? And why was being free, a valid reason in your book?!”

“(Well, it’s quite simple really. The internet suddenly went down. Man, I wish the IT guy was here.)”

“That’s the reason!? And why would you think an IT guy was in a differe-”

“Um, onii-san?”

Ah. I forgot he was there..

When I looked downwards from my raging tsukkomi act with my other self, Jin was there, wiping his sweat with a white towel swung around his neck, tilting his head ever so slightly with a curious look in his eyes. Naturally, the one he was looking at, was yours truly. The man who was screaming towards the heavens without a care in the world, even though it was still morning.

But, instead of embarrassment, when I saw his face looking up at me, there was only one thought that came to mind..

“”(So cute..) So cute..””

Strangely, my thoughts were perfectly in sync with the other Orion for the first time since we spoke.

It was like we took the first step towards camaraderie at that moment. I inwardly shake hands with my second persona inside my head, signaling a truce between us for now.

“(Cute is justice.)”

Umu, that’s a wonderful phrase. So be it, I finally understand what the truth is. The ultimate truth.

While being caught up in my daydreams and enlightenment, Jin called out to me again..

“Onii-san! Are you okay?”

So he was worried about me. That made my head go flying for a second, but let’s act like nothing happened as to not let him see my uncool side. Yes, let’s do that.

“Yes, yes, I was just thinking about what to make for breakfast is all. What would you like?”

“(Oi, pervert. I saw your memories you know? How dare you try to pass off those methods as cooking. Is that for real? Are you even right in the head? Now, you’re even taking requests that you are bound to mess up anyhow.)”

I get that you’re insulting my cooking but I did as the instructions told me to the letter. I have no reason to be reprimanded by you when I followed it all. And did you just call me a pervert? You did, didn’t you?

“(What instructions, you mean my memories? Those had nothing to do with how to cook right, you little kid loving pervert. Like Master always said, your cooking had to contain your passion and feelings in it. Simple instructions isn’t going to make your food any tastier. In fact, I could say it was blander than the normal food in this world.)”

You did call me a pervert, and it changed slightly too! Also, why are you so arrogant about something teacher taught you? It’s not like you figured it all that out by yourself!

But, no matter how much I complained about it, he was right. The food that I made didn’t taste as good as I thought it would be. What was I thinking, offering to make breakfast..

“You can cook onii-san? Mom was always sick so she couldn’t cook for me. Instead, we always ate bread and soup everyday because I was the only one working on the fields before.”

“Ah, I’ll make you something good okay? Look forward to it.”

“Un, I will!”

With a beaming grin, he ran off towards the chief’s room. I’m guessing it was to wake Germundo and his daughter up.

When he was out of sight, I banged my head against the wall a moment after..




With that, instead of my head bleeding, a large hole was made in the middle of the wall. It was to be expected though.

“(I guess you could say, you’re hard-headed. *Chuckle*)”

Shut up. I can’t deal with your jokes in this situation.


While lamenting the fact that I automatically responded to Jin’s sob story. I also regretted getting his hopes up. It was strange since in my previous life, the other men and women who groveled before me with their own sad life stories didn’t even make me feel pity towards them. Did this world change me? Or was my weakness to kids finally revealed?

I had no way of knowing at this current point in time.

“(Hey, are you seriously getting depressed over this? Can’t you tell them that you can’t do it after all? It would be better than getting their hopes up, and ultimately bring them down with your bland cooking.)”

Hmm? Can’t do it? I can’t do it..

That’s it!

“(Huh, what’s it?)”

If I can’t do it, I just have to make you do it instead! It’s genius if I do say so myself.

“(Ah! That’s pretty smart! But how am I going to move you?)”

Idiot. Do you see the – Request Interchanging of Persona – on the television? Click that option and we might change places, and you could move the main body in my stead.

“(Is that so. What a convenient option. I always thought it was a gag-like option. Like changing your facial expressions at random times, leading you to embarrass yourself in front of others. Things like that.)”

What kind of thought process do you have? Well, it doesn’t matter. Hurry and switch with me for the time being.

“(Okay, but I’m not responsible for any accidents after I press this. Just letting you know.)”

Even in a serious matter, this guy always finds a way to get on my nerves.


With the sound of something clicking in my head, a window appeared in front of me..

[Aura Persona] has requested for interchange of personalities
Accept / Decline

I pressed “Accept” without hesitation.

Then, my scenery started to change from a narrow hallway with a doorway leading towards the outside, to a dim room with a large television, a couch, a coffee table, and various items for cooking and miscellaneous use scattered on the floor. Which meant that my transfer was successful.

But looking at the state of the room, I could complain about how he never bothered to clean it up. It was stressful just looking at all the clutter scattered around me. There were pieces of meat lying around, and the grill was still on for god’s sake..

Being the way that I am, I decided to clean up this room that could be likened to a shut-in’s place of dwelling. Not that I couldn’t imagine that guy being a shut-in myself.


A half-hour later, I sat on the long, leather couch. I then looked around, seeing that every item inside the room was methodically organized by yours truly. At the sides of the walls were ingredients, tools, utensils, coins, etc.

All arranged according to size, weight, and use. While being satisfied at the big change to the room that looked as messy as a barn’s storage closet, turned into a neat living room with abundance of large spaces for other furniture, I held the mouse on the table, and invoked aura towards my fingertips. A moment after, the monitor turned on by itself, and the options appeared before me..

Welcome to Aura Persona Interactive [ API ]
User: Jun (Admin)
:Admin Options:
– Playback Memories –
– Moderator View Mode –
– Connect to [Aura Archive] –
– Announce Thoughts –
– Command Interchanging Of Persona –
– Access Internet –
– Search Specific Item –
– Create / Destroy Personas {Current Number: 2}
– Inner Labyrinth Map –
– Rearrange Room Design –
– Shut Down [ API ] –

Fumu, this options list was slightly different than the other me described. No, it’s completely different. Did he lie to me? No, there was no benefit in lying. Also, I can’t imagine that naive brain of his to get the courage to lie to himself.

Which meant that in terms of the [User] rank, I was considered an admin? Most of these sound dangerous, so let’s leave it until I could learn more information about this system and who created it before I do something irreversible.

To stay safe, I press the – Moderator View Mode – and hoped for the best..

When I did, the monitor suddenly changed into a video format, like those live stream videos my other persona always used to watch, with players playing games and reacting to them. But, I couldn’t hear the sound.

Just as I was thinking that, a set of headphones suddenly appeared out of thin air, onto the coffee table before my eyes. Taking a closer look, it was colored red and blue on each side, and there was no wire sticking out of it like normal headphones would have back on Earth.

So, I picked it up. I then placed it on my head to test it out. After covering my ears with a slightly soft sensation like earmuffs, I heard voices. Apparently, the voices seemed to match what was being said by the people on screen..

I concluded that the headphones were actually somehow connected to the system to let me hear what’s going on.

Now, that everything was in place, I could finally see if my other persona was successfully transferred, and if so, what was he doing. I focus my attention towards the screen and perk my ears up to listen to the conversation..

“That smells good onii-san! What are you making?”

The expectant voice of Jin reverberates into my earlobes..

“It’s a secret, Jin-kun. Find out when I’m done..”

“Ah, alright! Sharon, you’re looking forward to onii-san’s cooking too right?”

Jin suddenly looked towards the sleepy village chief’s daughter. I guess she was doing alright now compared to the day before yesterday. Instead of her usual pale complexion, the tinge of brightness is slightly evident around her.

‘Fue!? Ah, Jin? Yes, it does smell good. It makes my stomach growl..”

I was hearing the surprised voice of Germundo’s daughter while watching Orion cook up some omelettes and bacon..

“Now, now, it won’t be long Sharon-chan, Germundo-san is even drooling you know?”

With a carefree tone, my other persona places the finished dishes, garnished with some kind of spice, and with a side of a strange looking sauce, on four plates. Then, he places the plates onto a large serving tray, and brings them towards the hungry kids and unsightly village chief.

“Done, now bon appetit!”

After he said those words, the people in question tilted their heads in confusion.

“Bo-ne, apeteet?”

The one who broke the silence was the chief’s daughter with a slightly high voice. But without batting an eyelid, the other me, who looked as if he was as calm as a flowing river when he was in his element, said this..

“No, no, ‘bon appetit’ is an expression that means ‘enjoy your meal’. It’s no wonder you couldn’t understand it because it’s written in a different language. So, once again.. Bon appetit!”

Honestly, this guy can become one of those hosts in clubs if you judge him purely based on appearance and demeanor whilst inside this state of explaining dishes. I bet the fundamentals of cooking had been forcibly drilled into him again and again by teacher as to reach this level of confidence.

As if enticed by his words, with glittering eyes, the three took their first bite..

Why the heck was the chief enraptured too? Mumbling things like glimmer something. Are you a kid?

Finally, the spiced omelette and glazed bacon strips were fully consumed in a panic until there wasn’t even a crumb left. Scary, hungry people can be scary after all.

“Thank heavens, I was able to consume Glimmer-sama’s home made cooking! I am blessed! *Grovel*”

“Eh!? There’s no need to grovel Germundo-san! It’s just breakfast, Sharon-chan stop him please..”

“Ah, yes! Father, Orion-san doesn’t like your groveling!”

“Eh, well then. I shall grovel even more! Even this isn’t enough to repay the meal I was graciously given!”

“Onii-san, I don’t want to admit it, but your cooking is even better than what my mom used to make. I’m glad I got to taste it. It was even better than I expected! Thank you..”

With a slight tear out of his eyes, Jin thanked the other me with a loud voice. Though, I wished I was the one being thanked instead, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Oh, Jin-kun what are you saying? I’ll be making dishes until winter is over you know? Also I noticed how you swung your sword earlier. To be honest, it was awful..”

Oi, you peeping tom, don’t be harsh on a little kid! Is what I’d like to say but I couldn’t reprimand him because I was, technically peeping myself. Although it was true, I would have still used gentler words than that.

“Ah, really? You saw me huh? It’s because I was used to swinging a sword with a larger blade onii-san! The one mom gave me from dad was a slender sword that I had trouble adjusting to.”

Well, what do you know, the kid can take criticism just like that, as expected of Jin.

“Right, I get what you mean, that type of sword is called a [Katana] and it’s mainly used for slashing and piercing. Unlike the broadswords that were swung with only strength, this weapon is designed for technique and speed.”

“Ah, I understand. So there’s a different way of using it then? You look like you know a lot more about it onii-san!”

“Hmph, of course. I used to study [Kendo] back then you know? Then, how about this, since I’m free, I could take the time to teach you swordsmanship every morning from now until spring. Is that okay with you?”

I was shaken by the nonchalant words that effortlessly came out of his mouth driven by overconfidence and automatically clicked the – Announce Thoughts – option on screen.

A microphone suddenly grew out from the side of the headphones and was placed in front of my mouth..

With the words [ Speak Now ] flashing on screen, I reprimand the arrogant personality of mine.

“Idiot, what do you mean free? I have a job to do with the villagers about their window problems!”

I say into the microphone in a stern tone as to let him know that I was mad. With that, a reply came..

“(Eh? You’re still alive?)”

“Of course I am, why did you think I was dead in the first place?”

“(Ah, it’s because you didn’t speak for a while so I thought..never mind that, what about the windows? Can’t you do that in the afternoon instead?)”

“Idiot, you know that winter is going to be freezing cold and the afternoons are the coldest times right after to nighttime, what are you trying to do, freeze the villagers to death?”

“(Geez, would you please stop calling me an idiot? You could just make them fur coats or something to protect them from the cold. It’s that simple!”)

“How do you propose we do that, there are no sheep, and bears should be hibernating. There is no-ah…”

“(It seems you realized it just now, didn’t you?)”

“Ah, the [Snow Wind Demon]’s fur, is that what you were saying?”

“(Bingo. They were very large so I bet their fur would be enough for the small population of this village. Now would you stop calling me an idiot?)”

“Ah, I’m sorry for calling you an idiot, Orion..”

“(It’s okay, then I’ll call you Jun instead so we won’t be confused.)”

“That’s fine by me. Also about the training, you can do it every morning if you’d like. I have no skill in swordsmanship after all, so knock yourself out.”

“(I was gonna do it anyway, with or without your consent. But thanks anyway.)”

This guy..

Just for that, I won’t tell him that I secretly appraised Jin’s katana. The result was that only the name was readable, “The Ancestral Blade” and the rest was jumbled characters. It was because my [Aura Eyes] proficiency wasn’t high enough to see through it, meaning that that sword must have been at least a [Mythical] class weapon, if not higher..

In terms of skill proficiency levels, apparently it was divided into five levels. Mainly from [Beginner] to [Novice], [Intermediate], [Advanced], and finally leading up to [Master] level. It would only get harder to improve a skill the more you advance levels. People who wield a [Master] level skill were the rarest of the rare, for they were very few in number. A normal person wouldn’t even reach it in his/her entire lifetime.

Although, they say that when you break through the peak of [Master] level, there was a hidden realm that was even more powerful than it, but that was just a hypothesis for now. I was waiting for my [Fear Aura] to breakthrough but I think it wasn’t possible any time soon..

As to the things that pertain to weapons, they were judged based on appearance, weapon power and overall usefulness and was divided into 7 categories. The list was as follows starting from the lowest grade which was a [Common] weapon, then an [Uncommon], [Rare], [Gem], [Legend], [Mythical], and finally the [Divine] grade weapon.

It was said that each country had one [Legend] weapon in their possessions, being called their “treasured sword”, and was treated as if it was an object out of reach for the people living there.

But, this had no relation to me since I create my own weapons out of nothing. Also, I only just read this in a book I bought once, and it got me slightly interested but ultimately bored me.

Well, it seemed that both Orion and Jin had come to an agreement while I was thinking about levels and grades. They decided to use every morning starting tomorrow for sword training. Well, that’s good and all, but I had to proceed with the frostbite countermeasures before the winter season gets worse.

So, when Orion went back to my allocated room after eating, he looked at the mirror layered with frost, and I could see that his hair turned white like before. I’m amazed they didn’t notice it. No, I guess the chief pretended not to.

Since I knew that behind his playful but weird behavior, lies intelligence and determination to keep his village safe.

In any case, I’m thankful for it. So, I let Orion know that it was time to change back again, and after receiving a reply, I clicked the – Command Interchanging of Persona – option, and my consciousness went back to my main body after a slight dizziness. I could see my purple hair in the mirror after coming back. Checking for any abnormalities, I was relieved there was none.

“Well, let’s go move forward with my plans.”

I said while carrying the large mirror under my arm, walking outside the door..


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