Start of Everyday Life

The sunlight seeps through the tree leaves..

The wind blows through my silver hair..

Hmm, I think that was called “komorebi?” in my previous life.. doesn’t matter right now..

I just want to lay here and enjoy this moment..


*UGH* *groan*

What, I’m feeling uncomfortable for some reason..

“Orion, you left me behind again *pant* *pant* ”

Ah, just when I was having my early mid-morning nap..

Okay, lets ignore it..*snore*

“Hey.. You’re ignoring me again, aren’t you?”

*Snore* “I don’t know what you mean” *Senor*

“ just said something right? And what’s with that “Senor” at the end, huh?”

I feel a sharp stinging sensation on my limbs..

“AAAGGHHH! What are you doing, Nee-san?”

Sadly, I awake to the sound of my bones? breaking apart..

“Hmph.. this is what you get for skipping out on farm work!”

“What are you on about, I watered the crops didn’t I?”

“Yes, yes you did…one crop..ONE!”

“Is there any problem with it?”


A fist lands on my head from above..

I sister easily resorts to violence..

“Ah, you are so…I give up…

It’s always like this nowadays..

Ah, where has that cute child before gone off to?”

“Hmm, did you say something?”

“Noooope, I didn’t say anything..”

I feign ignorance as it would be weird to recall memories of infancy..

“Anyway, let’s go back..lunch will be served soon..”

“Yay, I love you Nee-san”


“Yeah, yeah..I can never get mad at you for too long..(sigh)”

Haha, today my cute-cliche-one-liners-straight-out-of-a-galge works on sister again..

Fuu.. anyway today looks like another peaceful day..

I think to myself as I walk with Nee-san into the village

Goodbye big apachia tree.. I’ll come visit again..or in this case.. tomorrow..

Hmm..I can’t believe 3 years have passed in this world..

Days of living peacefully.. I could get used to this..

Huh? Am I getting lazy? I’m becoming a NEET? Work damn you? I’m dropping this’s too boring now?

Well, of course not.. I’ve been working hard in my own way these past couple years..

And who keeps saying that last part..Geez..

Yeah, a few days after I got accepted into the Fullbringer family..

I checked all of my skills and such and have been working on improving them..

Of course.. in seclusion.. and no, I’m not unsociable..

There’s just no other children my age.. I can talk with properly.. for the last time.. I’m not a problem child..

It’s just that I’m special..Whatever..I don’t care..

Anyway, I think I can be proud of myself when I see my skills compared to before..

Interested? Well, I guess I can show grateful plebs haha..


Aura Amplification (Novice) – Proficiency 80.12%
Enables you to expand the range of your aura magic. Range depends on the number of Aura Points (AP)
MP Cost: 45
Huh? What’s the difference from last time, you say?
Well..fuhahaha..listen well..When it leveled into novice proficiency..
The MP Cost went down from 50 into 45 and it made it easier to control how much aura is amplified..
But, enough about my achievements..there’s still other
Repel Aura (Novice) – Proficiency 99.01%
Enables you to make sentient beings stay away from you when active.
Effect depends on the number of Aura Points (AP)
MP Cost: 30
Curse Aura (Beginner) – Proficiency 78.12%
Enables you to make the target of your choice, feel fear through the use of your aura magic. How much fear caused depends on the number of Aura Points (AP)
MP Cost: 60
Depressing Aura (Intermediate) – Proficiency 5.80%
Enables you to make the target of your choice, feel down through the use of your aura magic.
How much depression caused depends on the number of Aura Points (AP)
MP Cost: 20

Yes, well the skills effects when leveling..are essentially the same..

It gets easier to control and the MP Cost goes down..

Oh yeah, and I’ve been getting depressed a lot..since Nee-san beats me up often..

Hmm? Oh no, I’m not weak..

I’m not an M either..

(sigh) I just haven’t used any of my strength against her..

I think I’m an extremely considerate person not to fight back..

Its because I’m a feminist at heart..(Feminism banzai!)

Anyway, lets move on to the passive skills, shall we?

Aura Mastery (Novice) – Proficiency 20.23%
This is how much you comprehend the complications of aura magic.
Enables you to sense aura and how it is used around you.
Aura Manipulation (Novice) – Proficiency 51.14%
This shows the extent of using aura magic. Enables you to bend aura to your will.
And the unique skills are..
Aura Gift
Divine Skill – 10 Scriptures of Aura
First Scripture Unlocked:
Enables you to use Aura Magic but disables any other magic.
Remaining Scriptures – Locked State
Effects: +500 AP, -100 LUK, +50 MP, +30 INT
Continental Language Comprehension
Divine Skill
Enables you to completely understand all languages in the world of Quadra.

Pretty cool right?

I have become a cheat? No, didn’t notice?

I can’t use any other magic.. why am I sad, you say?

Well, aura magic’s great and all.. but why can’t I use the cool magic spells? Huh?

I mean flying magic, spacial magic, alchemy magic and the like…

To be honest, I’m depressed..but.. life..can’t have everything you want..

So..I dedicated my time and effort to gain a new skill by tampering with Aura Manipulation..

First, I gathered it into my hands..

Next, for a couple of months.. I had it float around me for longer times to see how much time I can keep it up..

After that, I could make them into shapes..but it was tiring..

After I make it into different shapes..I collapse after 2 times..

Sad, I know right? BUT!

I worked on it for who knows how many turns..

Hmm? A turn in this world is considered 2 months..

Anyway..I succeeded in creating a new skill..BEHOLD!

Aura Sphere (Intermediate) – Proficiency 2.00%
Aura gathers into a sphere-shaped object that can take many forms.
Size and Attributes depend on the number of Aura Points(AP)
Forms Unlocked: Dark Sphere, Light Sphere
MP Cost: 100

Yeah..that’s about it for the skills…

And oh, I trained for a bit in my child form, raising my physique and getting used to moving in my new body..

Titles? Uh, I can’t tell you since, they’re bad for my mental health..please understand..

(sigh) Maybe in the future, I’ll talk about it..

But for now..I’m too shy..

Well..while I was having my inner monologue.. we arrive at the house..

Man..I’m hungry..

We opened the door..

And find an unfamiliar person talking to father..

Name: Orion Fullbringer (Astrum) Title: The Chosen Ones, Hidden God’s Apostle,

The Loner, Depression Incarnate, Unlucky Person,
One Who Passes Work Unto Others, One Who Runs Away From His Problems
Level: 1
Race: Human Class: None Rank: Null
HP: 300 MP: 275 SP: 50
STR: 15 AGI: 30 INT: 70
VIT: 30 DEX: 10 WIS: 40
WP: 25 AP: 1500 LUK: -500
Aura Amplification (Novice) – Proficiency 80.12%
Repel Aura (Novice) – Proficiency 99.01%
Curse Aura (Beginner) – Proficiency 78.12%
Depressing Aura (Intermediate) – Proficiency 5.80%
Aura Sphere (Intermediate) -Proficiency 2.00%
Aura Mastery (Novice) – Proficiency 20.23%
Aura Manipulation (Novice) – Proficiency 51.14%
Unique Skills
Aura Gift
Continental Language Comprehension

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