First Battle As A Three-Year Old?

I can’t take this anymore..

The insides of my stomach are churning and I can’t think straight..

And no, this is not a prologue for a S&M play you sick freaks..

I’m genuinely sick to my stomach..

The cause is the bouncing up and down of this vehicle..

It’s strange since I don’t usually get carsick.. but I don’t think I can call it a car though..

They call it a carriage.. How I wish I could fly right now instead of riding this monstrosity..

Give me a cheat-like-teleport power, I beg of you..

Well.. it’s a good thing that I didn’t eat much for breakfast..

Anyway, after the old man came to give his imperial order, dad asked us if we would come move into the capital or stay in the village..

Of course I said what I’d like to say but..

If you haven’t noticed yet, I still have the body of a three-year-old..

Then why am I in the carriage at the present moment you might ask..


“You okay Orion? You look a little pale..”

It’s due to the meddling of this person..

Kate Fullbringer, my older sister and my dictator in this life..

When we were about to go to sleep, she “coerced” me to come with her and dad..

Correction.. bribed and threatened..

In other words.. she said there was delicious food in the capital and a school for magic..

But when I said I was still not convinced, she broke my limbs again and again using healing magic..*cries*

Honestly.. there is never a calm discussion with that person..

So here I am.. wallowing in my own regret.. holding in my vomit..

“Ah, I’m fine Nee-san.. I’m just new to it is all..huh?”

“I see..hmm? what are you looking at?”

I notice people in front of us blocking the path on the road..

There are about 50 of them according to my rough estimates..

They are wearing leather-brown clothes with rusted chain mails with short swords at their sides..

They have an air of arrogance around each and every one of them..

I have a bad feeling about this..

“What? There are men blocking the road.. father, do you know them?”

My sister calls father to inquire about their identities..

“Oh, those are bandits..there seems to be about 53 of them in my detection range..”

Dad says that in an indifferent manner..

“Wait, bandits.. isn’t that bad? Besides, there are too many of them!”

“Hmm? It’s no problem though.. it usually goes like this when you’re on the road..”

“How can you be so calm?”

“Well they are small-fry to begin with..ah, this is a good chance to show off in front of my kids.. I’m a genius if I do say so myself..kukuku..”

You do know I can hear every word you’re saying.. this carriage isn’t a gigantic limousine..

As we are talking about how were gonna deal with the situation, the carriage stops..

“Sir Fullbringer, there appears to be bandits blocking the pathway..”

“Ah, Yes.. leave them to me!”

My dad says that in an excited tone and grabs the long sword in the carriage and walks out..

“Huh? A guy is coming out? No matter.. Hey! you!”

The bandit-man who looks to be the leader shouts out in a condescending attitude..

“Leave your belongings here and all your money.. and we might just let you pass..gehehe..”

As if that was a signal, the other bandits laugh out loud together with their leader..

Gross.. even their laughter is creeping me out..

“Oh, I don’t want to though? Why don’t you come and try me?”

“Oi, oi.. can’t you grasp the situation around you? Were trying to be polite here you know? Just leave all your stuff here and get on your merry little way..”

“You seem to be mistaken.. why don’t you people go back to where you came from..”


Oh, he’s mad.. a vein just popped up on his forehead..

He signals to the others to attack dad..

I wonder how this is going to turn out..

“Hey, you lot! Teach this guy a lesson he’ll never forget!”

“Give me your best shot!”

The bandits attack simultaneously at dad, but he seems to be enjoying this..


After he grinned excitedly.. a screeching sound came out of his sword..

The next moment.. 10 bodies hit the floor anticlimactically..


The leader person seems to be shocked and is sweating bullets..

“Men, stop him!”

“Yare2x.. these people never learn..”

As he said that.. 2 people were coming from the front and back and attacked..

They smiled as if to say victory was assured..

As they were convinced that in the next moment.. a bloody mess would be left..

They flew up into the air.. like paper airplanes..

Not one of them saw the swordplay.. well except yours truly..

But still, I could barely sense it even with manipulating aura into my eyes to catch the speed of the slashes..

My dad just might be super strong.. no lets stop here.. he will get a big-head due to this..

And I can’t get caught in his pace.. Even though its frustrating..

I must admit.. he really did meant they were small-fry..

After a minute.. only the leader was left standing..

“How can this be? Impossible..”

Dad was standing in the middle of the bodies without a single scratch..

He walks up to the leader and says this:

“Next time, put up a better fight..okay?”

The leader falls to his knees and lost his fighting spirit..

A few minutes later..we tied them up to trees so that the guards can get them later..

*Phew* with this, it’s over..

We continued our journey on the road peacefully..

For about an hour..

After that.. I could only stare in horror at what came after..


A gigantic red hand flicked my father away while he was scouting ahead on horseback before any of us could detect it..

It, being..

A dragon..

Its giant wing-beats reverberate throughout the atmosphere..

And I swear I felt my heartbeat stop for a moment there..

I mean who wouldn’t?

From what I can see through the dust in my eyes..

It seems to be 15 meters in length with red scales and golden eyes..staring at us..

At me..

Is this the end?

Living life till 3 years old.. what a short life.. its funny.. but I’m not laughing..

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening..*Sob*”

Kate seems to lose all her strength and plops down into the ground as she didn’t expect this to happen..

Who can blame her.. It’s not common sense to meet a freaking dragon on the road..

“*Guha* Run away Orion, take your sister and run far away from here.. I’ll somehow buy time..GO!”

Looks like dad came back.. but he’s staggering while walking..

How can it be, the person who effortlessly dealt with 53 bandits to be reduced to this state..

This just goes to show you how strong dragons are..

Honestly, I want to run..

I’m scared.. I might just faint.. that dragon looks hungry..

But I very well know I can’t..

It’s not for a petty thing such as pride..

I’d be glad to run away if that was the reason..

But..I know better than anyone that If I flee here..

I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.. and I have a lot of years left..

I’m only three you know? Haha, I can still crack a joke in this situation..

I might have a talent for this..

Well.. enough of that.. First I’ve got to calm my erratic heartbeat and breath..


I see my father blown away like paper..

But I can’t get discouraged.. I can do this.. No, I have to..

I gather all my fear and bottle it up inside.. deep inside..


I exhale a long breath..

I suddenly notice that I have a black aura coming out of my left and white aura coming out of my right..

You have learned the skill [Yin-Yang Aura] Proficiency 0.00%
I don’t pay attention to the random window for now..
Because for some reason.. my mind is clear..
I find the sword my dad dropped buried into the ground..
It is as tall as me.. but I don’t mind it, I pull it out with ease..
The aura mixed together into silver-grayish color around the sword..
I feel omnipotent power from it..
I point the sword at the gigantic dragon..
A small boy pointing a sword at a dragon looks like it might have come out of a fairy tale, but I don’t have the leisure to think about idle things..
I focus all my aura into one point and strike..
It’s wings.. yes.. I disabled its method of escape..
It’s angry at me.. of course it would.. who would expect a three-year-old to cut his wings..
He underestimated me.. and that will be its ruin..
I activate my various auras in rapid succession again and again while slashing wildly..
My mana is depleting.. my sense of pain is numbing..
But I don’t care about that right now..
My main focus is to bring this guy down!
Work, limbs! I can still go on..
I slash my heart out..take that Shakespeare..
In what seems to be an eternity.. a body falls down.. into the cliff side
Carrying me with it..
I did it.. I killed that beast..
It might have been mostly luck though.. since it was looking down at me, a child..
With this, I can sleep now.. I’m really tired..
You have acquired the title {Dragon Slayer}
You have acquired the title {Martyr}
Hmm.. what’s that? No it doesn’t matter at this point in time..
“ORION! No, don’t go!”
Ah, at least you’re safe.. Nee-san..
That was the last thing I thought of while drifting into the abyss of darkness..

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