I Seem to be Flying?


I can’t recall where I am..

I’m in a dark room with a single lighted candle on top of a table and chair..

Wait, first of all, let’s recall what I know..

My name is Suzuya Junichiro, 2nd year high school student, no friends, unfortunately, all because of a certain attribute of mine..

A curse, if you will. Anyway, I seem to remember walking to school in the morning..

Whilst people are running away from me(sigh)..

When suddenly a little girl in a black dress? Gothic Lolita clothes, I think that’s what they call them, is standing in the middle of the road.

Now in this strange situation, I would normally have no problem ignoring it, but due to the fact that the girl has been staring at me this whole time, and does not seem to want to run away from me,which would be a proper response in the case of  meeting me, it drew me closer to her before I even noticed it.

When I walked up to her and wanted to ask what she was doing here..

“Are you tired of living?”

Was what she said before I could see the bright blue sky..

Literally, my head was flying in the sky.
The last thing I saw was the little girl smiling while brandishing a scythe.

But the strangest thing was, that the surrounding people were just passing through her as if she wasn’t even there..

Then I blacked out..

Well, that’s about it, I guess this is the afterlife, huh?
Nothing I can do about it now..

I guess my answer would have been that I was tired of living, if I ever got the chance to speak even one word to her..

Hmm? Someone is sitting in the chair that I could have sworn was empty a minute ago..

He looks like an elegant bachelor with slick white hair, pure white irises, wearing a dashing, black-tied Italian suit, reading a book in front of a candle.

But there’s one thing that seems off, mainly the fact that the book in his hand looks familiar, where have I seen it?

That’s right! It’s a light novel..

Huh? Why is he reading a light novel in a dark room, wait that’s not the problem here..
He suddenly looked at me as if he just noticed my existence just now..

“I see you’ve come to”

The man says in a friendly, calming voice..

“Yes, my name is Suzuya, Suzuya Junichiro..Where is this place? What happened to me?”

I asked with a nervous voice, but he seems not to mind it, which is even more strange because I know that whenever I speak to people, they automatically run away(sigh)..

“Oh? This is my study, and you my boy, just died”

I knew it, I was kinda hoping for it to be a dream or a hallucination though…(sigh)

“Ah, alright, even so, is this the afterlife then, and are you by chance, the grim reaper?”

“*Chuckle* I see, that’s how you might interpret the present situation, how typical of a human, But don’t you always read those stories called “light novels” back in Japan? This might be close to that kind of setting. I assure you though, I’m not going to take you to the underworld, But it is a little disheartening, that even though I dressed up for the occasion, I get called a grim reaper?”

“Ah, sorry, I just jumped to conclusions because of your appearance, and it’s also due to the fact that this whole thing is strange, but first, could I know who I am speaking to?”

I ask in a polite manner of speaking..

“It’s fine, that you are nervous in this situation is a natural reaction, let me introduce myself, I am known as Melquista, The Hidden God, The God of Fantasy”

And that’s how I somehow met my maker..


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