NC ch 06

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen

Sixth story : master-slave contract

When I wake up, the feeling is the worst. Inside the tent, I still remember the tragedy of last night vividly.

Miri clothes scattered here and there. It was the proof that what happened yesterday wasn’t a delusion. The feeling of bitter guilt is building from my stomach. I wanted to throw up. I feel sick of myself.

I was using Miri for my own desire. If I have to describe it, I was a ‘beast’. Last night I didn’t have any ‘reason’ or ‘mind’ as a human. Really, I’m the worst..

I stand up heavily because of regret in guilt. I get out of the tent however Miri is not there. Around the campfire, she wasn’t there too. Maybe she left me behind. After what I did to her last night, she won’t escorts me to the city.

At least, I want to apologize to her. I need to apologize to Miri. However there is not a trace of her around me. I wonder if she has left.

I was walking around and reached the fountain and I see a ray of hope. She was there. In a sense of relief and joy combined, I jumped inside the fountain. I don’t even mind if my clothes get wet.

“Miri! ”

Her shoulders are trembling hearing my call. I threw my arm around her and hugged her from behind.

” Miri.. I’m.. Really sorry. ”

In a weak voice I can only offered my apology. I want to apologize more however no words can convey my feeling. Really I’m in a miserable state to the point I hated myself

Tears are flowing down from my eyes on her back. She was also crying. After that we cried for a while. Even in her nude condition, she turned her body and hugged me like a mother.

“Last night it wasn’t your fault. It was mine. ”

Miri is blaming herself.

” No, of course it was my fault! ” I shouted out loud. How can she didn’t blame me?

” Last night I hurted you. Even if I have to spend my lifetime to atone for my mistake. I will do anything you say. ”

Miri cried more and said.” Kent, I’m sorry.. I’m a cunning woman. ”

After that she asked me to go back to the tent. Miri come back in a while after putting up some clothes. She then sit in front of me and her eyes met mine.

” Kent, please take this “black dagger”. I’m a succubus and according to our law, please take this as a token of my pledge to serve you. I’m looking forward to your mercy as my master. ”

Miri lowered her head and her atmosphere was different from before. It was warm, unlike when she was wearing her warrior facade. However I didn’t understand what just happened.

” Eh? ”

” We, succubus have an absolute law. We must serve those who did not die after spending a night with us. Because of that, my life is now in your hands. Please, show me your mercy. ”

Miri lowered her head till it touched the floor. I immediately asked her to raise her head..

” Let me hear that story later on. For now, let me apologize for yesterday. ”

” Kent.. ”

” I’ve trampled your dignity for my own pleasure. Can you forgive a shameless man like me? ”

I prostrate in front of her. This is the only thing that I could do. Maybe she won’t forgive me however this is for my own selfishness.

Miri then put her hand on my cheek and raised my head.

” Kent, if you take Miriaria ‘black dagger’, I’ll forgive you. ”

That words saved my heart from bleeding.

” Miri, Thank you! I’m really sorry. I’ll do anything you say. ”

Then Miri looked into my eyes again.

” Will you please become my master? ”

” Master? Or are you referring to partner?” Miri face turned red and she shook her head quickly..

“No, it was different. It’s more like I’m your slave. ”

What? Slaves? Then even if I asked her to do this and that, she won’t ask me to be responsible for it.

” Miri, are you sure about this? I might even ask you to do something indecent. ”

” I’ll do anything you want. Please, take me by your side. ”

I hugged her and said.” I understand that you are in this hard position because of the law. ”

” Then, are you willing? ”

” Yes. ”

” Then, we should complete the contract. ”

” Alright. ”

” I swear my loyalty to Kent. I vowed to spent my live alongside with him. ”

Miri sobbed a little while offering her dagger to me. I took it and said my vow.

” I, Kent, accepted Miriaria ‘black dagger’ alongside with her loyalty and pledge to live together as long as I’m alive.

After that she moved her head closed to mine and our lips entwined with each other.

Minutes passed for what it seemed to be eternity.

Miri let go of my lips slowly and asked.

“Kent, you won’t regret this decision right? ”

” Why should I? I’m more worried that I’ll attack you again and you can’t resist it. ”

” Kent.. I.. Don’t really mind. ”

She said that while lowering her head. She was so cute. I might fall for her in the future.

After that the master and slave oath has been completed. I am now in a possession of the ‘black dagger’. I didn’t know that it will cause an uproar later on.

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  2. The law is probably like a Legend, meaning there’s probably no one that’s survived sex with a succubus in their lifetime, so all the succubus gonna be like “be my master too kyaa”

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