neta chara 36

36: the birth of novice warrior

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My skill of 【Gigolo】 has leveled up from level 5 to 7 when I looked at the notice log in the morning. The thing that caused it to grow rapidly must be my 【Sexual prodigy】 skill. If this goes on, in less than a year it could be leveled up to level 50. More importantly, the skill 【service】 has been helping me to control the ‘beast’ in me.

However, because I tried to control my lust, I have become more passive than usual. Still, the girls succeed in pleasing me so I am very happy.

“Kent-san, have you wake up? Breakfast is ready.”
Feria was notifying me through the door.

“Oh, I’m awake. I’ll head out in a minute.”

“Alright, we’ll wait for you.”

After that, I ate breakfast and changed my clothes. I went to the hunter guild training field at the back and there were other trainees too as usual. However, there was one more girl in addition. It was strange because I clearly used the 「hallucination glasses」 so everyone should appear as a man. Whether it was really a woman I saw or not maybe I can determine it from her voice. Or this could perhaps be a trap that hasn’t experienced his voice breaking. Once the idea of this female could be a male brought endless damage to my heart so I decided not to think of anything about ‘her’.

After a while, that bearded instructor came out from the guild’s entrance. The first day he brought an iron sword that had a dull edge which is no different from a wooden sword. “Although today I am still using a dull-edged sword but it still hurts when you get hit so please be careful.” After he said that, he distributed the iron swords to us, trainees again.

Today the swords were two-handed iron swords, the damage taken may cause bruises if we get hit by the iron sword but this two-handed iron sword may cause a bone fracture due to its weight and momentum.

“Alright, before we start the mock battle training between trainee, we still need to start it with running. As a warrior, there is no excuse for lack of physical strength!”

I let out a sigh as I run along while still wearing the heavy plate armor like the other day. However, I am able to run five laps today, unlike the first day. Is this training really having effects?

After we all finished running, the instructor gave us instructions in rapid succession.

“Alright today will be another mock battle and since there are girls, boys, don’t rely on your brute strength to win. The purpose of this is to determine to winner from the effectiveness of your hitting, and not because of your gender advantage.”

Because of this, Annabella and Feria also didn’t have a reason to go easy on anyone.

“Annabella, Feria, when the time comes, don’t let me win on purpose. If I lose, I lose.”
“But, we don’t want you to get hurt.”
“I’m okay with losing to Kent.”
The two of them still have the intention to concede if they fought me. However, in the end they gave in to my stubbornness. Alright, now let’s see how far I can go.

The enemy for the first game was a man from the 「magic」 race from yesterday. A young man whose age was still in his teens. When it started I was really nervous but since the first day I fought with the instructor, the disparity between this man and instructors, made him look weak. They can’t be compared. The speed of slashes, feints, parries, his reactions were all really slow. Calmly I turned to his flank and sent a slash.
“Winner, Kent!”

The instructors declared the victor and the teens was now on his keens.
“I wonder which one is stronger, you or the giants?”

I heard what he said and realized that he didn’t come to the training ground alone. He came to the training ground with his maid, a woman from the 「giant」 race. Judging from his tone, this man wasn’t humble at all and seems to be coming from a noble family and used to debauchery. It seemed I should have punished this boy harsher.

I went to another round and this second enemy skill wasn’t different from the first so I went on a winning streak. Surprisingly it was all not a big deal. In the end, I had a four-winning streak records. The remaining enemy were Annabella, Feria and ‘her’.

“Next, Kent versus Aurelia. Get ready in your position.”

I set up my sword and shield and it seems the opponent Aurelia comes from the 「Ashura」 race. Again, Aurelia was definitely a girl’s name right?

I was caught off guard since I was distracted by the thoughts that she was really a girl. Aurelia taking advantage of this have launched an attack at me. I recovered in the next second and used the shield to block it. Aurelia attacked however it was heavy, her strength was about the same with the instructor and made my parry ineffective.

My left arm was numb because I tried to block her attack earlier. At that moment Aurelia took notice that I couldn’t move my left arm and took a step back. After that, she didn’t gave me any mercy and went to attack my right flank with a quick piercing movement.

I tried to dodge but it was useless, the iron sword hit my flank and it was even able to hit the seams between the plate armor. I let out a groan as I fell to the ground.

I believe my ribs were broken because of that attack and my HP bar was reduced until it was blinking red.

“Ugh…*cough cough*”
“My God, Kent-san!”
Immediately the two girls who were watching from the sides approached me.

“Winner, Aurelia! Kent-san is good but the difference in skill was too big. If not, you won’t be rolling up on the ground right now.”

It was as the instructor said. I was caught off-guard and the disparity in skill was clear. Aurelia gave a bow and went back without saying anything. Oh God, I can barely cope up with the pain. When I opened my eyes again, I was already lying down on the healing room like yesterday. It’s also almost noon time. It seems that I had passed out again and I had fainted for half a day. My head still felt heavy too.

Annabella and Feria were looking at me anxiously. I also noticed that there was a warm feeling to my flank which was hurting before. It was the same feeling when Miri used 《heal》 on me. Looking on my side, there is a nurse that was clearly tending me while casting 《healing light》.

“Ah, Kent-san, how are you feeling? Does it still hurting?”
Annabella asked me impatiently.

“It’s alright, the 《heal》 helps a lot.”
“It’s good. As long as you’re okay.”
Feria who was on the side was relieved while sobbing a little.

“I’m sorry I caused Feria to be worried.”

I got up and said thanks to the therapist that was tending to me. It was actually Rina.
“Rina, you’ve come back? Is Miri with you?”
“What? What?”
Rina gave me a puzzled look but a mischievous thought arised when I saw her.

“Rina, thanks for casting 《heal》 on me. You have my gratitude.”
As I said that, I hug her body.

Rina’s body suddenly became all tense and there was a sense of incongruity. After all, she still felt discomfort with close contacts. But examining closer the discomfort came from her chest. It was clearly an A-cup chest but there was a feeling that it is actually growing bigger. Is it really getting bigger in just a mere two days?
I examined her again. This petite silver-haired and blue eyed girl from the 「Rakshasa」 race had her hair let down for today, and not in ponytails.

“oh… please… let me go.”
Rina in my arms was protesting weakly but today, she looked like a doll and cute. She gave of a vibe that made me want to protect her.

“Kent-san, that person is not Rina. It’s her twin sister, Rana.”
When I heard that remarks from Annabella I was shocked. Not Rina? Twins? After that, I let go of her and immediately she hid behind Feria.

“Rana, Kent-san had mistaken you for your twin sister. I’m sorry about this.”
Feria was trying to comfort Rana who was hiding behind her while crying.

“I’ve been tainted by a man… huuu…”

Wait… why did I saw her real figure? As I put my hands around my eyes, I noticed that I’m not wearing my 「hallucination glasses」 and saw it on the table.

Annabella and Feria seemed to notice my behavior and there was a possibility that Rana has been charmed by my 【handsome】 skill. I really don’t want to have another girl fallen and become my victim. I look at the log window and prayed.


> 【handsome】 skill triggered, Rana’s friendship increased
> Rana state is changing from stranger

Ugh, I really don’t want her to become a victim like Rina.

“Kent-san… she also has become affected?”
Annabella asked me with a grim face as I nod at her. Feria also understood what have happened.

“Kent-san it’s alright. This time it was an accident.”

The victim at this moment, Rana, who was still crying behind Feria, seems that she really hates me.

“We should leave this matter for now and consult with Rina and Miri when they come back.”
I said that to the girls because I also don’t want Rina to misunderstand me because of this.

Rana still hiding behind Feria when I apologize to her. After that, she turned back and ran away after I said that. In addition, there was a magic stone that I receive from Rina which let out a spark.

Before I go home, I use the guild 「job check」 stone to confirm the job acquisition. When I look at it, I successfully gained the job 「warrior」.

I opened my log.

> successfully obtain 「Warrior」 job.
> received 1 skill point
> stamina added from job correction
> 「Swordsmanship I」 is unlocked
> 「Body Art I」 is unlocked
> 「Defense mastery I」 is unlocked
> HR1 is updated on identity card.

I look at the log and new skills related to the 「warrior」 job has been unlocked.
「Swordsmanship I」 increased physical attack power of swords, large sword, and two-handed swords by 25%. 5 skill points needed to acquire the skill.

「Body Art I」 increased bare handed power by 25%. 5 skill points needed to acquire the skill.

「Defense mastery I」 increased effectiveness of shield type equipment by 25%. 5 skill points needed to acquire the skill.

These are the skills that were unlocked and needed to be acquired if I want to be an adept hunter and soldier but I can’t acquire it at the moment because I lacked skill points. Unfortunately, skills points gained when your job level increased.

Annabella and Feria also able to get the 「warrior」 job.

The bearded instructor who was drinking at the guild’s cafeteria was surprised when we told him that we successfully acquired the job.

“You and Annabella were without a doubt will get the job sooner or later. Which confuses me is Feria because she lacked affinity with this job.”
The instructors said that without caring that he was drinking alcohol in broad daylight.

“Trainee Kent, since you’ve been promoted how about I teach you some sword slashing skill like 《heavy impact》? How about it? Do you want to experience it?”
The instructor said that while grinning and looking at me. Just listening to the name of the technique, it seems powerful but I don’t want to be injured. I declined it and we headed home afterward.

(author note: Kent finally have his warrior job! And training arc ended)