Neta Chara chapter 20

Chapter 20: The maid melancholy ※
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“Annabella, please take that and give it to Kent.”

When we finished bathing, Miriaria asked Annabella to give the underwear to me. Yesterday, they wore a see-through negligee so this time I was rather calm.

I was asked to help her put the underwear on.
I don’t know why but seeing her in underwear was more exciting than seeing her naked. The parts that was hidden by the cloth was tempting. And her perfect curves was really the envy of many woman.

(Annabella PoV)

I worked at a brothel when I was twelve years old. After that I found a good man and get married at the age of twenty. Although I had many experience, this is the first time I wore such sexy lingerie. Is this something that we needed to do because master Kent was still young?

When we met for the first time, he gave a different impression to me. It was unusual given due to our age differences. However I was attracted to him. Without any other thoughts, I also wore the new underwear that was given to me. Because my chest was on the large side, it was a little bit embarassing, some of it wasn’t hidden and covered. But, I have to do this. My dead husband had a debt to Miriaria-san’s family and it is my duty to repay the favor. Let’s do our best because above all this was for master Kent’s own good.

“Miriaria-san, let’s wait for master Kent in the bedroom.”

“All right, let’s just wait in the bedroom.”

After that I followed Miriaria-san. I believe that I was smiling, indeed my body and mind had fallen for master Kent, because I was always smiled when my husband was still alive. No, I’m doing this to help  master Kent so his 【Sexual prodigy】 skill won’t corrode his body..

I also have 【bed technique】 and 【servicing】. I am determined to serve master with all my heart.

However yesterday, my 【bed technique】 and 【servicing】 didn’t affected him. That was the first time I felt a shade of anxiety.

When I was at the brothel, I met a lot of men. Various gentlemen, the riches, powerful and influential people but no one can be compared the master Kent. In front of him, all my confidence of my experience and skills were destroyed. In front of him I felt helpless like an innocent kitten.

I don’t have any excuses anymore. Maybe this was because it’s been a long time since I’ve done it. However, master Kent age was more appropriate to be my son. How can this happened to me? Feeling like this with someone younger, I am a disgraceful woman.

All of that thoughts disappeared along with Kent-sama’s touch on my body. Even in the morning I still felt it lingering on my skin. Because of that, I couldn’t even face him straight and I was embarrassed when I saw him in the morning.

After that I fainted, after receiving his love, I passed out, but before that I also saw Miriaria-san was given such treatment. The two of them were going at it passionately.

Really, master Kent 【sexual prodigy】 skill was unfathomable. The limitless libido, the young energy, I feared that I will not be able to live without master Kent.

However, I’m just a maid in this place…


Today, when I went to the master bedroom, Miriaria-san was a wearing black glasses that she used in the afternoon.

“Annabella-san, today you have to call me sensei.”

it semed like Miriaria-san enjoyed her experience from the afternoon and decided to do a role play.

“Then, will you be my okaa-san for today?”
(Tl note: it means mother..)


“That’s right! Today I’m going to do it with ‘sensei’ and ‘okaa-san’.”

Ah, I couldn’t believe that my delusion was becoming a reality. Hearing master called me mother, I had a weird emotion bursting forth from my heart. My passion was also lit up. I realized that I have fallen for master. Really I’m a bad maid.

Master Kent was looking at me with lecherous eyes, he told me that I am a beautiful MILF.

I don’t care anymore, 【bed technique】 and 【servicing】 I will use it all for master.
I also decided that I have to do more effort for master. Taking care of my skin and body were a must. The next time I get paid I will buy some cosmetics. I will also need to exercise to prevent my chest from being sagging. I wonder how long since I had felt like this.

The beautiful underwear, the sight of Miriaria-san and master Kent making out.


Really, tonight was fantastic. The underwear on their body was enticing my mind. Under Miriaria-sensei and Annabella okaa-san, the role playing arousing me even more. Looking at the two naked girls asleep because of exhaustion, I smiled and feeling pride.

Tonight my job 『Gigolo』 went up to level 3.

I kissed both of them, wiped their body to clean it and went to sleep with the both of them in my arms.

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