Neta chara chapter 29

Neta chara chapter 29: maid training

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-Feria’s PoV-

After we arrived at Miriaria’s house, we took our meal together and were thinking about how to handle the 「Sexual prodigy」 skill. When having dinner even though Anabella and I were  maids, we had our dinner together and it makes me happy.

For me, the image of maid in my mind is different. In my mind, maids are those that always do daily chores such as cooking, washing, cleaning and didn’t even have a good meal. When servicing at night, I was even thinking that it was some kind of punishment given by the master.

I was even more surprised that I got my own room. It was much different from my time living in the guild quarters and a room is always filled with several people. However here in the black dagger household, I am also given my own room. I couldn’t believe that ordinary maid like me could get a private room. For me that was used living in the guild provided camp, the difference from four people room and now having one room to myself is so big. They even said that I can get monthly allowance depending on my job relieving Kent 「Sexual prodigy」 skill. I was thinking that it was more like of a concubine rather than a maid. I am also curious at why Kent become the head of the black dagger household after becoming Miriaria-san’s owner. I mean she was virtually a noble at first to be under someone else was unimaginable.

I am also surprised that I am able to be here. We never talk much, and suddenly Kent made a confession directly to me. My mind became pure white even when I know about the 「Sexual prodigy」 skill, I am agreeing to this. Kent also said that he will take responsibilities for me.

When I was thinking of such things, someone was knocking on the door.

“Feria, have you finished?”
“Alright, let’ go and take a bath.”

I followed Annabella-san towards the bath. When I think of it, Kent was entering the bath earlier. It’s going to be embarrassing since I realized that they will be looking at my naked body. More importantly, I am quite embarrassed about my chest. It was quite big and it kept making my shoulders stiff from time to time. It also made other people to stare at me and sometimes it blocked my view and makes me stumbled.

When I enter the bath, it really worthy of the black dagger household. It was enormous. After cleaning my body with hot water, Annabella went directly into the bath and I followed. We sat at the side of Kent. He kept on looking at my chest.

“Is this a float?”

Kent said that while playing with my chest that’s floating in the hot water.

“It was bigger than mine, even mine couldn’t float like this.”

Annabella also come and played with it. Toyed by two people, I can feel it’s getting hard.

“I will not get tired of this kind of breast.”
Kent was still playing with it.

“So, Kent-san you’re saying that my chest was lacking?”
Annabella then put up a sad face. Kent also looking at that started to play with her using his other hand.

“Of course yours are also good Annabella. There’s no way I get tired of it too.”

“Kent-san, thank you very much. For now, let us serve and clean you. Feria, come with me.”

After that, we moved to the washing area. Annabella passed me some soap to use on Kent body, however, there was no scrub or sponge.

“Feria, we wash Kent-san using our body.”
Annabella then put the soap all over her body until it bubbled and used her body as a sponge to rub on Kent.

“Oh, it feels so good Annabella.”
Kent expression was like full of ecstasy. I also knew on what to do and did the same.

“Feria, can you do the front? Using your chest. Thank you.”

I was told to wash his chest; I was kind of embarrassed but I have to do it.
“Kneel in front of Kent-san and use your chest to do it.”
Annabella told me that and I complied.

“Please try to enjoy Feria’s chest, Kent-san. I am sure it will feel really good.”
I use my soap covered chest and looked at him nervously. Somehow Kent eyes that were looking at me were different. Seems like it’s another Kent.

“Feria chest feels really good.”
Like earlier, Kent’s face showed some pleasure and ecstasy so I wonder if it really felt good.

“Feria, please continue what you’ve been doing. As you realized for a moment Kent-san alter ego show up and it won’t be possible if he didn’t feel pleasured.”

As explained by Annabella I understand what was happening. I kept on doing what I’ve been doing. The soap made it easier to move and I smoothly move up and down. However, there’s an itchy pain kind of feeling coming from my chest.

“Feria is the best.”

That words were kind of teasing me so I can only endure and do my job better.

“Feria, I can’t hold it back anymore. It’s coming!”

What’s coming? Huh? Just then I realized that it was his alter ego that’s saying that. Not long after, there’s a warm white liquid that is shot out onto my chest. I can only daze there, looking at that liquid that was clearly not soap.

“You even let it out already Kent-san. Is Feria chest really felt that good?”

“Oh, it was superb, don’t tease me and keep this a secret from Miri.”
While they were chatting finally they noticed me.

“Ah, sorry Feria, it felt really good so I can’t hold it back.”
Kent was saying sorry to me while his hand now moved and massaged my chest.
He isn’t worried that it was full of soap and contaminated with the white liquid. He was playing with it as if he is appreciating it.

“These are so beautiful, let’s go to the bedroom so I can enjoy it fully.”

After that, we cleaned our body and head out from the bathroom towards the bedroom.

When we arrived there, Kent directly took Annabella to sates his 「Sexual prodigy」 skill.
Annabella was now riding on top of him and the sight was so stimulating.

“Kent-san, do you want me to move rougher?”
Annabella-san raised a question to Kent
“It’s alright, show me your wild side, Annabella.”

Annabella expression who’s been given permission has changed to that look which is full of lust.

“Kent-san, Kent-san, Kent-san, ooh…”
She was moaning while moving her hip quickly and vigorously. Kent even clenched his teeth because of the pleasures.
“Annabella, I’m at my limit.”

“It’s fine, pour me your love.”
Annabella even trembling a little as she has also reached her end, some liquid then flowed down from the parts where they were connected. Annabella’s body then twitched before she fallen on top of Kent because of the exhaustion.

“Feria, this is how we relieve the 「Sexual prodigy」 skill, now it’s your turn.”
Annabella got off from Kent and he was now looking at me. What should I do? This is my first time. I can feel my body tensed up.

“Feria, it’s okay. Leave it to me.”

I am older but at that moment, I can only follow Kent’s lead. He suddenly sucks on my chest and Annabella even joined and get on the other. This time, they are planted deep on my chest.

“You two, hey, it’s ticklish.”

However, they ignored my words and continue. I can even feel my lower body feels hot and moistened under the attack. Annabella seemed to notice that and split my leg open while her finger was moving toward my sensitive spot. Kent was also doing the same. My body trembled when their tongue and fingers kept sending pleasures towards me.

“It’s not good… I’m losing strength.”
I can even feel that I’m drooling right now.

“Feria, do you feel good?”
Kent came and asked me but I can’t answer anything. The pleasure coming from the tongue and fingers made my head hazy. I didn’t know that my body can make me feel this good.

“Kent-san, it will be better for you to be her first now since Feria is now relaxed.”
“Alright. I’m still going to do it carefully too since this is her first.”

Kent whisper at me and I can feel some pain in my lower body. Mixed with the pleasure, I can’t even think right now.

“This… what is this feeling?”

It didn’t take long before Kent reached the deepest part of me.

“Oh, it’s so tight. I can’t hold it back for long.”

At that moment, Kent was moving in and out of me while kept sending pleasure and pain for me. At that time, I have been conquered by Kent. He planted it deep and release it all deep inside me. That hot liquid reaches the deepest part and it was as if he was claiming ownership over my body.

“I think Feria is enjoying this too, she even moves on her own.”
I was embarrassed and can only nod. After that, he entered me again. Thanks to the wetness, it doesn’t even feel pain anymore. It was like it had become more adjusted and I feel comfortable. But he put it in all at once.

“Uhn… Kent, baka…”
Hearing my word, Kent even move harder.

“Sorry, this is because Feria is irresistible.”

“Feria, please hang in there for Kent-san.”

After a while, another warm liquid was sprayed inside of me. He was letting it out hardly and afterward he collapsed on top of me. When I thought about it, the pleasure was enjoyable.

-Kent’s PoV-
“Thank you for today.”
Afterwards, Feria and Annabella helped me clean myself and determined there’s nothing wrong so we can attend the training school tomorrow. The 「Sexual prodigy」 skill was also handled well. It’s only bad that Miri and Rina weren’t here now. But I’ll reward them when they come back. I also look at the log that was blinking on my view.

〙 Job Level up: 【Gigolo】Lv4 -> Lv 5
〙1 Skill point acquired
〙Due to 【Gigolo】Lv 5, 《Service》 skill unlocked to be acquired

I decided to look at 《Service》 skill description.

Controlling the sexual desire and lead the target immerse in pleasure, you are able to control your own sex drive. Acquisition cost, 5 skill point.

The cost to get it was a lot but to be able to control sex drive, was it possible to control the ‘beast’ inside of me? Should I try to take this skill to reduce everyone’s burden? I steal my resolution and use all of my remaining skill points to take this skill.

《Service》 skill acquired.

I can only look for tomorrow whether this skill works or not.