Neta chara chapter 30

Neta chara chapter 30: The road to be a warrior

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“Fuh, Fuh, this is seriously heavy.”
I am running on the field behind the hunter guild building, wearing plate armor all around my body. If you asked me what I’m doing, this is the warrior training that I attend to. Beside me, Annabella and Feria were there, and the male instructor, this course was attended by four people.

“Kent-san are you okay? Do you want to rest?”
Annabella come and asked me however seeing her still looking fine, as usual made me feel on fire. She was even wearing leather armor not her usual maid uniform but still put on a calm demeanor.

“Annabella, are you not tired?”

“Compared to cooking and taking care of the house, this is still light.”
It was indeed a scary statement since she was a LV50 maid. On the other hand, Feria appearance…

“Kent, sorry for the wait.”
Approaching from the distance was Feria, however the breastplate on her chest seemed to be unable to hold all of the content and made it as if it will fall out anytime. Even all of the other trainees were looking at her.

“my chest is hurting.”

Of course that was expected since there was no breastplate that matches her breast size. So she was forced to wear what was available even though it’s sending pressure onto her chest. I am even worried that it will spill out when she is moving.

“The three of you over there! Who told you, that you can rest? Run!”
The instructor’s voice then came like a thunder in a clear sky.


After that we resumed our run again. However, I was running really slow this was because of the plate armor that I wear. This plate armor was made from iron and inside of it there is even a chain mail to protect the body, also the helmet and in total the weight easily exceed 30kg. the worst part was this heavy armor was so hot. It makes my clothes below the armor soaked with sweat.

“The trainee over there, Kent, run faster!”
The instructor yelled at me but I’m also trying my best here. After all, overdressed in full armor, I wonder was this bullying? Even Annabella and Feria were only wearing light leather armor. I’m the only one that was running on heavy armor eventually pulled by Feria so I can run faster.

It even made the instructor yelled at me.
“Kent! How can you let a girl pull you like that? Have you got no shame to the cute young lady-chan?”

“But, I can’t move anymore.”

Every time I moved forward, my body felt so heavy. The plate armor seemed to be heavier with every step I took.

“Are you really planning to be a warrior?”

After a while finally the run training ends.

“Guhaa… give me a break.”
Of course I am in the last place and finally when I heard that it has ended, I fell down to the ground while still in full armor. Really my stamina was bad.

“Kent-san, here drink some water.”
Annabella who was the first one to finish give me some water in a bag. It was warm but more importantly I needed to hydrate myself to save my life.

“Kent, good work. Here some towel.”

Feria passed some towel so I can wipe off the sweat but it was a troublesome thing, to detach the plate armor just to wipe my sweat was not worth the trouble.

“Trainee Kent!”
The instructors called me again.

“Yes sir!”

“Do you remember that you’re finished last?”
“Yes sir!”

The instructor the grinned

“Punishment! Do squat now and don’t stop until I tell you to.”
Asking me to do squad after running, not to mention the armor that I am wearing, how is this possible?

“Don’t you hear me? This is punishment!”

Annabella and Feria quickly came to my side.
“Instructor, it is unreasonable to ask Kent-san to do squat not to mention the armor, let me do it instead.”
Annabella then start to squat.

“Instructor, I will also take his place.”
Feria then started to squat too.

“Trainee Kent, aren’t you feel ashamed? As a man you rely on the woman. You can’t even do your punishment just go back and drink some milk!”

I was angry at the words of the instructors.

“Alright, I’ll do it. Annabella, Feria, stop. I will do it!”

Due to my words, the girls stopped their squad. I tried to crouch down but due to the extra weight it was even hard to straighten it again. My leg muscles began to convulse because of the pressure.


“Yeah, not bad, but it’s only for one time. Again!”

The instructors then did the counting. My feet however felt like they are going to burst. Annabella and Feria were watching anxiously from the side.

Under their gaze, I can feel some energy from inside my body. The sweat earlier has been replaced by water I drink, so I should have some energy. Finally, I can do it at a steady pace. After so many times and when my consciousness almost faded, the instructor called out.

“Trainee Kent, that’s enough! Take a short break!”

“Fiuh… I’ve done it… fiuh…”
I was so tired.

“Well, it’s lunch break now. After lunch gather again and we will start the combat training in the afternoon.”

When I opened my eyes again, I am sleeping on the side of the training field. My plate armor has been taken off too.

“Oh, Kent-san you have woke up? We’ve taken off your plate armor.”

“How long did I passed out?” I asked Annabella.

“Don’t worry, not for long. There’s still time for lunch.”

Feria also approached us from the training field entrance.
“Oh, Kent you have woken up. Good, I grabbed some fruits and water for us. Please drink and eat it.”

I immediately received the drink and the taste was kind of sweet and sour.

“Fuah! It’s good.”

It feels like I just come back from death. The was refreshing and as if it was supplying me with nutrition.

“So, do you want to eat lunch? I prepared some sandwiches, fruits, and some dessert.”

Annabella then started to take out some food from the lunch bucket. It was packed nicely and we’re seemed to be the only one here. The other trainees were going towards the guild dining room to eat.

“Kent please aaaahhnn…”
Feria brought a piece of sandwich close to my mouth.

I took a bite and it was good. The filling was cheese and ham which were handmade by Annabella.

“Because we’re outdoors, we can’t carry much and can’t cook something good so we can only make some sandwich.”

Hearing that, I took some sandwich and bring it towards Annabella’s mouth.

“Annabella, aaah.”

Annabella was embarrassed but still took a bite.

“Kent is so sly, I also want some you know, here, aaah.”

Since Feria was already waiting with her mouth open, I also gave her some of the sandwich.

After the sandwich, I ate some apples and the dessert that Annabella prepared. I regained my vitality and readied for the afternoon combat training.

In the afternoon, the training field was filled with people again. Some also wore heavy armor like me. The instructors came while bringing some luggage.

“Alright, make a pair. Girl with girl and Kent will be paired up with me.”

What? I will be paired with him?

“Can we change partner?” Feria asked to the instructor.

“I don’t want to hear anything. Alright, everyone go and grab a wooden sword and a shield.”
Everyone then grab a sword and shield. The shield will be used to defense and the sword will be sued for offense. We will take turn attacking and defending.

“Kent, let’s start and show them some example!”

I was given a wooden sword.

“Kent trainee, remember this, you have to firmly held the sword in your hands.”

The instructor then fixes my handle. Fufufu I will get my revenge from the running and squat.

“Instructor, what if I injured you.”

“You’re weak, just do it.”

I gripped the wooden sword with all my strength and swung it down. However, at that moment a shield appeared and blocked my attack. After being deflected, my posture was crumbling.

“Are you blind? That attack was so obvious.”

“Kuuh… damn.”
I tried to attack again, this time, I swung the sword horizontally aiming at his torso but once again the shield came and blocked my attack. It even blown away my wooden sword from my hand. It was like a shield bash and the force even emitted to my body.

“Do it seriously.”
The instructor said that while holding the shield but I am already on the ground because the armor weight.

“Well, you guys do it like this, one person defending and one person attacking. If there’s someone who is injured directly go to find a healer.”
Afterwards, everyone who’s already in pair, begin their training. Annabella and Feria also seemed to be serious in doing the training.

“Kent trainee, now it’s your turn to defend.”

The instructor passes me a shield and went to pick up the wooden sword that went flying earlier. I make sure that I grabbed the shield handle carefully. Although it was wooden shield but there was some iron to make it stronger. The shield itself was round and the diameter was around 60cm. it’s a small round shield.

“Kent trainee, don’t lose your focus.”

“Yes sir.”

I strengthen my grip.

“Alright, I’m coming. Protect your face since I don’t want to break it.”

The instructor disturbing remark didn’t slow his attack. The wooden sword was incoming and it was aimed directly at my chest. It hit directly.

“Why can’t you defend it?”
The instructor was looking down at me.

“You said that you’re going to attack my face. But it coming to my body.”

“Oh, did I really say such thing? And you should be able to defend against surprise attack like that.”

“Alright, that was my mistake.”

Once again I stood up and held my shield. This time the wooden sword was coming from above me. This can’t be wrong. I lift my shield overhead but the impact never come. The instructor sent a simple leg sweep and I fell to the ground.

“Are you stupid? By doing it like that you leave a wide gap on your body. If this was a real battle you will be dead.”

After that the instructor kept on attacking me with a sly method. He even used sand to make me blind for some moments. It was terrible.

After that, the offense and defense were swapped again. I was holding my wooden sword. But this time I really want to get my revenge. I running forward while throwing my wooden sword towards his face. He was surprised and use the shield to protect his face. It was deflected and I will grab it, to create the time for me to be able to grab it, I remove my glove and throw it towards him. However he easily catches the gloves using his other hand so my opportunity to grab the wooden sword was gone.

“Are you stupid? The idea was good but you are so stupid.”

I collect the glove and wooden sword again. Seriously the instructor reflexes are like a monster. It will only be a luck if I am able to land a hit. I return to the starting position again but this time I get another bright idea. I really need to attack a location that is unexpected and further away from the shield. I launched an attack using my right hand which was holding the sword towards the leg and after the shield moved I move my left hand to attack him too. Seeing this, he jumped back but at that moment I threw the sword from my right hand towards my left and finally the attack hit him. It hits the shin of the instructor.

“Once again the idea was good but what kind of attack was that? There was no way that kind of attack have enough power behind them. You need to swing the sword two hundred times as punishment.”

“I’m sorry but after I managed to land a hit, I shall accept this punishment respectfully.”

What’s more important to me is that I am able to land a hit. However, I underestimated the instructor again. The sword that was used for punishment was an iron sword that is more than 160cm long.

“Now, Kent, do your punishment 200 times.”
The instructor was smiling like demon while passed me the two handed heavy sword. This instructor is so evil. I wonder if I can do it 200 times since the sword itself was so heavy. Compared to the wooden sword, it was like matchstick and iron rod.

“One, two three…”

“Kent trainee, don’t leave before you finished and the full swing need to touch the ground.”

“Ugh… understood.”

I swung the sword from above my head towards the ground. Even before fifty, my shoulder and elbow already became numb.

“The other trainees can go home for today and put away the tool in the guild. Before you leave don’t forget to get your status appraised too.”

After that, one by one the other trainees left the training ground. Annabella and Feria also came towards me.

“Kent-san are you okay?”
Annabella asked sheepishly and Feria also seemed to be worried.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to wait for me.”

“You, if you have time to talk you better use that to swing it faster. If you go like that you can only procrastinate for the rest of your life.”

Really, that instructor can even say that after all this time.
I returned to swing and do it seriously. After a while in the training ground no sound can be heard except my sword.

“199… 200… it’s over…”
I’m finished but I can’t even raise my hand anymore.

“Alright, Kent trainee that’s enough for today. Make sure you get appraised too.”

When I get back the guild hall was full of people chatting and some that finished their training were hanging out there too. Anabella and Feria were also there to welcome me.

“Kent-san, here some wet towel.”
“Kent, you are doing good holding out.”
I feel really good taking the compliment from the girls. After that we are checking ourselves but none of us get the warrior job. On the way home, I am walking while dragging myself. However, Annabella seemed to be doing just fine. As expected of a LV50 maid.

After dinner, and taking a bath, we also needed to relieve 「Sexual prodigy」 skill however when I arrived in the bedroom, Annabella and Feria already fallen asleep. I also decided to go to sleep too.