Neta chara chapter 31

Neta Chara chapter 31: troublesome quest
(TL note: I forgot last week to mention the sponsor it was M.C, E.S, and A.C)

A goblin that jumped from the side was cut clean in the neck. Miri kicked it so there’s no blood from the cut that gets to her clothes. Behind her, there are twenty to thirty dead goblin stacked up.

Goblin is the monster that has been causing problem in the area. They are actually easy to kill but the number of their population is what makes it hard to beat.

“Rina, I’ve brought back the next wave.”

The moment the crowd was brought to the plaza, there has been a 《fireball》 waiting for them coming from the top of a tree. Rina 《fireball》 easily turns the goblin horde into ashes. What remains is some charred corpses and most of the body parts are scattered around.

“Onee-san, how much have we killed so far?”
Rina who is standing on top of a tree in the middle of the square is asking.

“Around one hundred? Is Rina mana being still alright?”
Miri said that while cleaning his sword that is dirty with the blood of goblin.
“Yes, I’m okay because I have an accessories that help with my mana regeneration.”

This time, it was a correct decision for Miri to bring Rina along. Because of the mana regeneration ring, the 《fireball》 and the crowd pulling hunting, it makes it all efficient. They thought that it’s going to be an arduous task but just today they managed to almost cleared half of it.

They are also in some kind of rush because they are worried about Annabella and Feria because only the two of them are going to stop Kent’s 【sexual prodigy】 skill. But is it really worried?

“Rina, I’m going to bring more goblins here. Please be prepare. I think I will attract much more.”

“Yes onee-chan I will wait for it.”
After that Miri goes back to the path where she just come from. She goes towards the goblin camp at the back of the village. Lots of goblin come marching forward. They are all starving and even resorted to cannibalism. The number of goblins here at the back of the village was around hundreds.

No one is stupid enough to approach them although the goblin is weak but the number are enormous. Even in this kingdom, there have been eight villages being plundered and raided by goblins. At that time, all of the goblin attention was directed at Miri. It was like the goblin is going to be the envoy of death while baring their teeth.

however the position is reversed. Miri will be the one that guide them to the hell entrance. Once again, she is starting to run towards the square. Most of the goblin that is targeting her is now following behind. They don’t know that they are actually guided into the hell entrance. Miri also used her sword to cut some goblin that managed to get too close to her. Some even managed to grazed her arm but fortunately the armor protected her.

At that moment, something entered her field of view. It was 《fireball》, the 《fireball》 was directed at the horde of goblin. You can see that Rina at this moment is in a frenzied state.

“You guys! You dare to hurt my sister! You’re looking for death! Sister, are you okay?”

Anyone can see that the horde of goblin is now turned into carbonized pieces of meat, no goblin left standing there..

“Rina, you must have spend a lot of mana. You should’ve save it since we’re still in the enemy territory.”

“I’m sorry one-chan, but you’re..”
“It’s alright Rina, I know you’re worried about me. Let me clear up the surrounding first.”

“yes. I understand.”

After that, Rina and Miri go around the village to mop up the remaining goblin. Some goblin was hiding in the house and tried to do a sneak attack but no matter what it was still a goblin, they don’t posses enough threat aside from their number.

Four to five goblins was sneaking behind and tried to launch an attack however not long after, Miri used 《Knife throw》 and between the goblins eyebrows, there are throwing knife that is resided there. One that isn’t dying from that attack come approached but Miri kicked it in the neck and it immediately broke down and die. It was such a troublesome work.

Three more new goblin is coming. Miri cut the nearest one using her sword and throw another throwing knife that pierced the neck of one of the goblin that immediately collapsed and use her sword to cut the last one.

In the distance, there is another group of goblin. They are now even trying to pull out weapon even though it was only a rusty knife. Miri easily swing her sword and decide the fate of the goblin. The last goblin is trying to flee away to the distance and Miri need to do something. She is concentrating and collecting her power.
“My power, gathered and burn my enemy, 《Fire Arrow》!”
The fire arrow shot quickly towards the goblin. It pierced the goblin chest and not long after, it convulsed for some moments before letting out its last breath.

“Wheh, it’s so troublesome.”
When they finishing clearing up the remaining goblin, the sun is already prepared to set. Finishing her parts too, Rina is coming over to Miria while riding on top of a horse drawn carriage.

Rina is fidgeting.
“What is it Rina?”
“I think this time I did a good job.”
“Yes, thanks to you, you saved me several times. Oh, do you want to split the rewards fifty-fifty?”
However Rina shook her head.
“No! it’s not that one-chan. I want a different reward.”
“Oh, what is that?”
“It’s Kent… if his 【sexual prodigy】 comes out, I don’t think I can catch up.”
“What do you mean?”
“…your chest…”
Silence fills the air.
“Ri,Rina what are you saying? Mine is for Kent.”
“But, I wonder about it. I work so hard and on this quest too. however, I don’t feel confident. I can’t possibly go against Feria. Can I borrow yours?”
It was the outcome that Miri never imagine.
“Alright, then if the situation comes. I will use mine to handle Kent’s 【sexual prodigy】 and won’t lose from Feria.”

“Really sister? Haha, that Feria will be kept away.”

On the way, Miriaria feel bad but afterall she is doing this quest is also for Kent while Feria can stay with Kent. Miri can only sighed while looking at Rina who is happy now.
“Soon, I want to meet with Kent.”
The horse drawn carriage slowly moved towards Kent.

(Author note: battle round up Rina killed around 350-400 and Miri around 150, while Rina magic skill seemed to level up.)

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  1. Hope Kent works hard to get stronger and more deserving of the girls rather than relying on his initial 3 skills. Thanks for the chapter, and happily anticipate the next few.

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  3. Well… MC may be weak and get protected all the time but at least he pleases them just as much so he has my upvote 😀
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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