Neta chara chapter 32

Chapter 31: Morning Service
(Edited: ganjz)

*chirp chirp*
I was woken up because the voice of the bird. The chickens were also clucking. It was already morning. My head felt heavy and I was still closing my eyes. It was because I don’t want to wake up yet. Because of the training from yesterday, all parts of my body were screaming in pain. In the real world, I never experience this hardship. Even when I came to this “Grimmoire” world, I never expected to be in this situation.

I also felt embarrassed. It was a natural physiological phenomenon for a man every morning but since I came in this world, my lower member has grown considerably.

Not only that, today when I woke up I can feel my lower member is wrapped in warmth. As if it was soaked in lukewarm water. But other than that, my lower body was breezy, probably my pajamas weren’t thick enough.

I decided to open my eyes and the first thing that come in sight were two round peaches that were covered by futon on the left and right. I took out the futon and I saw Feria and Annabella there.
More importantly, is having my lower member inside of her mouth. Her eyes and mine met and she smiled, she even started to move faster.

“Annabella, if you move suddenly like that, ugh…”
I was shocked at her sudden action but she didn’t stop. She was looking at me with lustful eyes and some saliva came out from the edge of her mouth. That sight, really arousing and enchanting.

“Annabella, it’s not good. I’m at my limit.”
Annabella either didn’t hear my words or ignoring me, she even sucked it deeper and stronger. This is bad, it will come out. This is a dangerous mouth service.

“Annabella, it’s coming. Do you want me to release it in your mouth?”
Annabella then nodded. Was it really okay? But my thoughts can’t keep up with the stimulation. I’m sorry Annabella. I grabbed her head and I pushed it deep while holding it still. Waves of pleasure came surging through my body as I released my load inside of Annabella’s mouth.

“It’s a lie… Kent-san really let it out?”
Feria was blushing looking at the scene in front of her eyes. Actually, I am also embarrassed. Annabella was trying her best to swallowed it all but it was a lot until some of the white liquid dripped down from the corner of her mouth.

“Can you really drink it all?”

Annabella responded by sucking me clean until the end.

“Kent-san, this is our repayment because last night we fell asleep and we can’t take care of your 【sexual prodigy】 releasement. We made a big blunder and fell asleep.”
Annabella then came to apologize while prostrating.
“If the 【sexual prodigy】 reached its limit last night, we will be in a big trouble.”
She was speaking it in a really sad tone.

“No, it was my fault. Yesterday I saw both of you already asleep and I feel bad from waking you up. I am also exhausted yesterday.”

“But, Kent-san it was life threatening for you. Your 【sexual prodigy】 need to be treated. Miriaria-san also had ordered me to.”
Ah, so it was the reason why they serve me using their mouth in the morning. I think it was alright if we missed one day. Even two day I think can still be contained. But I also have to thank Annabella for her concern and this morning has been very refreshing. After that, I heard a surprising remark from Annabella.

“Feria, now it’s your turn to service Kent-san using your mouth. Please let him feel pleasure and be satisfied. Remember we also don’t have much time before today training starts.”

Feria who was called suddenly gave a surprised look.
“What, What?”
“Yes, you’re now one of Kent-san maid (sex slave). This is one of your duties.”

Feria then under Annabella’s order put my member into her mouth.
“Do it slowly, and make sure that your teeth aren’t in the way. Only entwining your tongue is allowed.”
Under Annabella guidance, Feria became more skilled in it and without long, my member regained vitality. Feria who was keeping it in her mouth surprised at the sudden enlargement.

She tried to move her head backwards and took it out for a while and there was some drool dripping from her mouth and creating a fine thin line towards my member. Not long after she put it back in but that one-second scene was so obscene and a spectacle to be seen. It made me excited.
“Feria, you’re making a very naughty face. I really like it.”

Feria then blushed hearing my words. She was embarrassed as she moved faster to hide it. Compared to Annabella, she was a bit clumsy but it was pleasant enough and the urge to come slowly building up.

“Feria, do you want to take it out by hand? I’m almost at the end.”
I asked it but Feria shook her head.

“Kent-sama please release it all inside Feria’s mouth.

I asked her whether she want to do it by using her hand,but Feria shook her small head. “Kent-sama, please shoot it in the mouth of the Feria. This is our punishment for forgetting about the 【sexual prodigy】 last night.”
After hearing Annabella words, I didn’t hold back any longer.

“Here it comes, Feria, don’t force yourself.”
After I said it, I released all of it inside of Feria’s mouth.

Feria face was distorted, I wonder if she was hurt.

“I’m sorry, you can let it out!”
I want to shook off her but she won’t let go of her mouth.

Feria mouth can only speak some unclear words. I know what was happening now, it was all released inside her but she didn’t swallow it.

“Kent-san, it was very bitter. I can’t drink it.”
With a watery eye, Feria said it hardly and inside her mouth, there were some white substances.

“If you don’t want to drink it then you can spit it out or let it out in a towel first.”
Annabella passed a towel for Feria after that.

“Feria, Annabella, thank you. Because of this, my body feels lighter.”
I said thanks to them.

“Nevertheless, it was our own fault for forgetting about the 【sexual prodigy】. Don’t worry about us and no need to thank us because it was our duty.”
Annabella politely answered and Feria had an apologetic look too. After that, I went to take a bath and after breakfast, we all moved towards the training ground.

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