Neta Chara chapter 33

Chapter 33: fierce road the be a warrior


It was the training camp for the second day, we registered in the counter and continued the training.

I am fully refreshed in the morning and I went to the training field with the two girls. In there, I waited for the instructors to come. The people who were here also didn’t changed much from yesterday. After a while, the instructor coming out heading towards the training field while carrying some equipment.

“Today, we will be training body arts. In battle when you don’t have any weapon or equipment, the only thing that you can rely on is your own body strength. Muscles, power, as long as your limbs are still intact you can still fight.”
The instructor loudly spoke. But it all made sense, in a battle you can still attempt to punch or kick the monsters rather than giving up. After that, the instructor passed everyone the equipment that he brings.

“So, since it was the first time we will practicing this, I will show you some example, Kent, please come.”

I can’t believe that once again the instructor called my name out of everyone out there.


“Alright, stand in front of me, brings both of your hands in front of your chest and your fist should be maintained at the height of your chin.”
I did what the instructor told me to.

“Well, that is a nice posture. So, I will launch a basic strike. Here I come!”

the instructor sent his warning and coming towards me. Before I could react or dodge, the fist of the instructor was coming at me. The fist seemed to be filled with spiral rotational force of his waist and arm and it landed on my stomach.


when it hit, my breath literally stopped for a moment. Even if I was covered in leather armor, I fell to the ground on my knees because of the pain.

“Alright trainee Kent, do you see what is happening? In short, the power comes from the twist and rotation of the arm and the waist, the fist doesn’t have to do anything except to hit the target. Do you understand? Everyone, do you get it?”
although only half of the trainee seemed to be able to understand the instructor but they followed the instructions, got into pairs and prepared for the battle practice.

“Ah, I forgot about this. These are leather gloves, if you’re new to this you should wear it to reduce the chance of hurting your fist and it also reduces the power of your hit so it won’t hurt much.”
I heard that stupid instructor. You should have worn it before punching me. One more time my anger was rising towards the instructor. I tried to stand up while holding my aching stomach.

“Alright, it’s still the same as yesterday trainee Kent will be my partner. I will teach you without gloves too.”
the instructor said so while stroking his beard.

“Yes, thank you. Thank you very much because your hand is actually soft.”
I wonder what will happen today. I definitely hate this bearded instructor. Even if my body crumbled, at least, I need to get one punch in on him. Yes, I need to do it. I can do it. My grudge from yesterday is reignited.

“Alright, since trainee Kent is actually so enthusiastic, I will also teach you some counter today. Come at me.”
The instructor lifted up his arms and signaling me to come.

I tried to gauge our distance. It was around two meters and my fist can’t reach him with this range. I need to at least moving forward with two steps so my fist can actually reach him.

Although the instructors have said that he will do some counter it seemed that he was completely off guard without even putting up a battle pose, however I have battled with him enough yesterday to anticipate his tricky counter. So the best thing that I could do now, however, is catching him off from his timing.

Also, the instructor speed was faster than mine so I needed to make sure to count that in mind too.

“Trainee Kent, you just need to send an attack. Why you’re still doing nothing? Oh, let me show you again. Here!”

The instructor came rushing at me but he didn’t raise his fist. It was like luring me in to attack or trying to put me in a panic state. However, I won’t fall for this. I need to keep my own ground. Be patient, only to attack when he is already in my range.

When he was already inside my hitting range, I sent out an attack but I was too late. He catch my fist and already sent another fist towards my temple.

Really, he has been aiming for this from the start that it was annoying.

I was able to dodge it by a hair’s breadth by bending my upper body in a strange way downwards. After I dodged that, what lays in front of me was the instructors defenseless body. I aimed for his stomach and I raised my fist upwards sending an uppercut. It was only a fake as when I move upwards I sent my real attack, a kneecap kick towards his belly.

“Ugh, you dare to knee kick me.”

Knee can also become a lethal weapon and of course, the power of knee was better than a fist. However I can’t imagine at that moment he was also got the time to send two fist attack towards me, one stopped my knee attack and the other directed towards my stomach again. Although I was covered in leather armor it still hurt. I was the one sent flying backward and landed on the ground. I thought he said counter but what he did can also be count as an attack.

“I am delighted that you can think of that kind of attack trainee Kent. However did you really love lying on the ground that much? Or is it because you’re tired after some game with your maid at night?”

I can feel my anger raising further hearing his word. Hearing him making a joke about my maids is unforgivable. I want to shave his beard no, change that, I will pluck his beard one by one.

“Let me try again please.”

I stood up again and said it to him.

“The previous one is only because I want to show you how to do counter. Trainee Kent don’t feel so depressed, there is still a long way in front of you. Now, try to aim for the opponent vital points.”

as he said that, the instructor’s left hook was launched aiming at my chin. At that time, I raised my right fist to block it and when it collided, I am shocked. When I use my arm to block it, my arm immediately becomes numb. I am cursing in my mind, the instructor actually sent such a crushing power towards me.

The instructor attacks still continued. His right fist was aiming for my temple and I guarded it using my left hand.

Oh no, my lower body was now unprotected. My left arm was blocking the attack towards my temple and my right hand was still numb and my stomach and lower body were completely unguarded.

The instructor was grinning at me. He grabbed my neck instead and I can’t even get myself free out of this situation. It’s coming, a knee attack, he wanted to do what I was trying to do to him earlier.

The next instance you can heard the sound of bone hitting another bone. I managed to block it but using my knee too. I was saved but really that power was not something I can defend against.

“Hoo, you are so tenacious trainee Kent. Now, let’s see you stop this.”

The instructor then released my neck and took a back step. It was clear that right now he was already out of my attack range.

a wind cutting sound can be heard and suddenly the instructor’s foot was entering my field of view. It was aimed at my chin and once again I tried my best to defend it using my arm.

However, the hit connected. It really betrayed my expectation, the instructor’s attack suddenly changed trajectory midway and it was aimed at my left gut.

I can’t breathe and only screamed in pain and anguish. I fall to the ground, seriously what kind of person can change the direction of his attack midway. He is seriously a monster.

I really want to pay him back. Only one hit is enough. But, how?

In my eyes, I can see some sand on the ground, can I use this to blind him? Is it alright right? Since he also did the same thing yesterday. This is my last chance. I grabbed some sand in my arm.

“What is it trainee Kent? Can you still continue? Stand up!”
the instructor was moving his body left and right as if he was provoking me. I look at my hand and clutch the sand tightly.

“Take this!”

I waited for him to come closer and at that moment he enter my attack range I threw the sand towards his face. The speed that the sand traveled towards his face was faster than the time needed for him to move his hand to block it. The sand clearly hit his face. However the instructor didn’t seemed to be panic or faltering. It was because his eyes were actually closed!
How? How is this possible?

Yes, sand can be used to blind your opponent but if your opponent already closed their eyes, it wasn’t an attack anymore.

The instructor caught my right fist that was used to throw the sands towards him and with his left elbow, he sent another attack on my gut.


“Oh, did you think that you can become good at a battle in a day? Even if you’re copying what I did yesterday trainee Kent, I am still superior. But, the fake attack that actually done to hide your knee attack is not bad.”

“Ugh… are you a monster?”

after I say that, I fell to the ground with a thud.

“Don’t worry, I want to be good friends with you so I don’t go all out. It’s all because I’m a maid lover.”

I can’t even think anymore as I lost my consciousness after hearing that.

(Author note: this is the part where Kent does his training. It is quite hard to write a battle scene. And I was thinking whether I should give the instructor a name? And there might be some grappling and groundwork training. Feria and Annabella are also doing the training although not mentioned.)

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  2. Well … i know it’s obivious, but … can we really considerate this a ” trainning” ? I think a title sandbag can be gift sometime.

    • Trainer actually has preferential attitude towards Kent. Kent’s training speed is faster than others’ thanks to that.

      • wait, isn’t kent is using that glasses thing that make a girl looked like a boy ?? don’t tell me that instructor is actually a guy :v and ken’t haven’t check his status and backlog yet :v

  3. After training period ends I would threaten that instructor by telling him that he will tell everything that happened to him to Miriam or whatever her name is and watch him sweat =)

  4. I hope this training part ends soon as I’m not really fond of him learning how to fight, because I fear this will became another cliched battle series and lose its uniqueness.

  5. lol what training its more of a torture than training..
    The lack of reaction from the girls even if MC was abuse openly is disappointing
    author has yet to learn the thin line between torturing and abusing (they are not the same)

    well as long as MC is alive by the end of the day then everything is fine
    but what I want is the reaction of the girls seeing mc was badly beat up
    normally they should already react but i see no response from them stating that author is not good in girls reaction

    well not that I expect to much about it anyways

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