Neta chara chapter 34

Chapter 34: struggling to train
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After I passed out on the ground, the instructor asked some people to bring me to the infirmary. The others also got a break on this moment. Annabella and Feria also came to the infirmary.
“Kent-san, are you alright? Does it hurt?”
Annabella and Feria took off their leather armor and right now only covered in some light tunic and some under armor. This kind of equipment made it easier to move and work around and usually be worn under armor.

“Kent, the instructor said that you still need to join the training in the afternoon.”

Tch, did the instructor really feared that I will run away? Of course, I still want to pay back to him first.

“So, we will go together in the afternoon to the training field. However, we should get some food first. Is it already lunch time?”
“Yes Kent-san, please wait here, we will take some food.”

After that the three of us having some lunch. The other trainee also gathered together after the lunch break was over. The instructor was already waiting there outside.
“Alright, we will learn some grappling and hold moves in the afternoon. However, since the most suitable model for this trainee Kent is injured, I need another volunteer. You little fish over there, come!”

The instructor then pointed out at a guy beside me. Of course, the look on this trainee isn’t good since he saw what happened to me.

“Well, let me show you this is called the cross arm hold, it is one of the easiest grappling move. Now, don’t you dare to move or some of your ligaments can be easily torn off.”

I can see from that trainee’s face that it really hurts. After that, I can see that the instructor grabbed one of his arms and then moved while rolling.

“now, it is easier if you start a grapple by grabbing one of the opponent’s arm. The next thing you need to do is use your foot and circle it around their neck and straighten up your body. In this kind of position, your enemy won’t be able to move.”
(Tl note: sorry this is such a hard scene to describe I’m sorry if you don’t understand it)
The trainee that was in a bad predicament was tapping the instructors foot quickly. He iwas surrendering and trying to end it quickly. We all can see that he was in a very painful state.
“Alright, now try to do it in pairs again. Remember that if you can’t hold it out anymore just tap your opponent body parts, and those need to remember we’re not doing this to hurt each other, you can start! Trainee Kent, since it doesn’t really need to be done in pairs and can be done in turns, you are allowed to practice this with your girls.”

Since this technique can be done in turns, so right now I will practice this with the girls as instructed by the instructor. Well, the girls themselves doesn’t have any objection and we were just following the instructor’s instruction.

“Because it is his instruction so, Feria, Annabella, please take care of me.”
“However, for me to perform a grapple on Kent-san, it’s…”
“I can’t it is the same as hurting you.”
Because the two seemed to be reluctant, I need to give them a little bit push.

“This is the instructor’s order. If we didn’t do it, what do you think will happen to me? He will give me more punishment.”
The two have a troubled face after hearing that but after a moment of thinking, Annabella spoke to me.
“This is inevitable because we don’t want Kent-san to suffer another punishment. However, I need to ask you please surrender if you really can’t hold out anymore.”
“Yes, I am also afraid that I might hurt you more and even break your bones, so please tap out if you can’t take it.”
Feria also agreed and then our training started.

Annabella then performed the cross arm hold on me. However, I don’t feel anything, not even some pressure, it seems that she probably worried about me. Annabella on the other hand still acted as if she was doing the technique properly but I can’t help it now. After all, right now I can feel Annabella’s nether area around my elbow and the back of my hand was in contact with the softness of her chest.

Annabella then let out a strange moan and it immediately my lower body replied with a reaction.

“Kent, I think we should stop, it’s not looking good.”
Feria said that with a flushed face while looking at my lower half.

“Annabella, I think we should stop this. Ugh…”
However, she didn’t stop but tightened her grip. Right now she also turned my hand so it was directly grabbing on the soft mounds on her chest. This hurts a bit however; I can’t deny the waves of feelings that I received just now. Also, my elbow is now rubbing against her nether area and only a simple leather garments standing in between the way. After several times back and forth movement, gradually face turned a bit red as if she has a fever.

“Annabella? Are you alright?”
As I ask, Annabella showed me an aroused face.

“I’m okay… this is, part of the training.”
Annabella tried her best to hide her embarrassment however I suddenly have a mischievous thought. I moved my hand and gripped the soft mound within my palm.

“Ahn… Kent-san… this is training… you should wait until we return to the house if you want me to service you.”

“But, I can’t just have enough of it. No matter how many times I touch it.”
However, I stopped once I realized that the instructor was looking at this way.
“Trainee Kent, your hand is in a wrong position, Trainee Annabella, his palm should be facing upwards.”
After hearing that, she fixed the hold and I can feel a ridiculous pain coming from my arm.

“Aaaah, it hurts! It hurts!”
Then I tapped Annabella foot in a hurry.

“Ah, sorry, Kent-san are you alright?”
Annabella immediately released the hold and asked. It was dangerous, I can feel that my arms can be dislocated at any time. Really, this was all that bearded instructor’s fault.

“Ah, it’s alright Annabella. This is all my fault because I can’t hold back.”
“No, it was my mistake. It must be because we didn’t give you service last night and what we did in the morning barely do anything.”
Annabella said that while looking at me with serious face.
“But really, it was just a sudden impulse and the service in the morning is good.”

“Alright, everyone, pay attention again!”
Annabella worry dissipated as we look at the instructor again.

“Now, the next technique is a chokehold. The point of this moves is to make the opponent lose their consciousness by limiting the blood flow by strangling their neck. Once again remember this is only a practice and tap out if you feel that you’re going to pass out. You, come here!”

The instructor the called out another random trainee.

“Here, let me demonstrate. First you get your arms around your opponent’s neck under their chin like making a hoop. Now make sure their jaw will rest on top of your elbow for a firm grip. And while making sure your arm makes a V shape, you bring your arms closer to your body.”
In less than a second, the trainee tapped out. I can only give my condolences imagining the power of that strangle.

“Alright, now you can practice it.”
After the instructor finished his demonstration, this time Feria will be the one who do this to me.

“Kent, here I come.”
This time, I can feel something soft on the back of my head. Definitely, it was soft and bouncy. Feria was trying to do the grapple on me however her arm was not placed correctly under my jaw.

“Eh, is this correct?”
After several times of trial and error, I can feel more and more of the soft lumps of flesh behind my head. It is nice, I can’t believe I am able to enjoy Feria’s chest like this.

“Fuuh, hyaaa.”
Feria was letting out some sound while she was trying but her hot breath landed on my ear, and another reaction happened from my lower body.

“Feria, please don’t breathe on my ear.”

“Eh? What was that?”

Once again Feria hot breath grazed my ear. I feel pleasure and some weird urge building up.
“Feria, stop talking please.”

“Eh? Did I accidentally found out Kent-san weakness?”

This is bad, this is bad. This is not the right time and place for this.

“Kent-san, so your weakness is your ear? Fufufu.”
This is bad, now Annabella found out about it too. after this, if Miri and Rina found out about it too, they will be teasing me and attacking me. At least, I need to make sure Feria doing it right, and I looked towards the instructor.

“Trainee Feria, you’re not doing it right, you need to make sure that your arm is beneath trainee Kent’s jaw. Here, like this.”

“Is it like this?”
I can feel Feria arm circling my neck and strangling me.

“yes, then bring it closer to you as if you’re hugging him.”


Under Feria’s strangle, it doesn’t take long before the blood vessels in my neck were lacking blood circulating and the supply of oxygen to my brain was also reduced.
“Kent-san, can you still continue? If you want, we can stop now.”

However, Feria’s voice seemed to be coming from far away. No, it was my consciousness that was fading away. Yeah, I am losing my consciousness.

I fainted while thinking of such thing. When I woke up I am in the infirmary again.

“Kent, I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”
Feria was apologizing deeply with her forehead touching the ground.

“No, it’s okay Feria. It was me who forget to tap. You can raise your head.”
After that, Feria was looking at me.

“Kent-san are you really okay? Did you feel pain anywhere?”
Annabella also asked to me anxiously but I don’t see any other damage other than fainted out and losing my consciousness. I might be close to death there but I don’t think it was a good idea to say that.

“No. anyway, is today training has finished?”

“yes, it has finished. The instructor also allowed us to go home directly. Shall we return?” Annabella was asking for my opinion.

“Yes, let us go home. Feria, let’s go home too.”
After packing up, we’re heading back since there’s nothing else that we can do here. On the way home I didn’t acquire any skill or job. It seems that the path to be a warrior for me in this world won’t be an easy one.

(Author note: sorry it was so hard to explain the grapple and hold moves. It is because I never practiced martial arts.)

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