Neta chara chapter 35

Chapter 35: anxious maid
(Annabella’s POV)
“Kent-san, I was wondering is your 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill doing okay? You even rubbed my chest earlier when we did training. Isn’t that because we failed to release all of the pent-up desire? As I thought, even after we did service you twice in the morning, it wasn’t enough. This is a dangerous sound. We need to deal with the accumulated desire little by little or the 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill is going to be poisonous to Kent-san’s body. Tonight we really need to clear it out.”

(This will be bad if it was only me alone but fortunately there is Feria here by my side. I will need to ask her cooperation) – Annabella

After that, Annabella called out to Feria.
“Feria, because yesterday we neglect our duty to relieve Kent-san 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill, today we need to do it twice as much.”

“Yes, leave it to me. I’ll make sure he will be relieved.”
Feria answered as her large chest bounced up and down. No one can doubt that her body was something that is dreamed by many men. Slim waist and bountiful chest with a plump bottom. If it was a normal man, no one could resist the temptation.

If it was compared to me, I am older and I think Kent-san won’t be able to get as excited as when doing it with her. I sighed and started to compare my own body with Feria. If only I met Kent-san five years earlier, I believe I will still have my body that can be used to please him. I felt a little bit gloom as I asked Feria to guide Kent-san to take a bath. We wanted to start relieving some of the 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill on the bathroom.

Before we started, however, Kent-san said something to us.
“Actually, I forget to activate the 【Service】 skill. I think with the two of you today…” (Kent)

“No! don’t activate the 【Service】 skill. That skill can also trigger your 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill. For now, since we wanted to relieve your pent-up desire, we need you to be in control!” (Annabella)

I was a little bit upset when Kent-san said that and raised my voice unconsciously. Then, Kent-san kissed me out of nowhere.

I was puzzled but Kent-san tongue started to invade my mouth and we exchanged some saliva. When I had a taste of it, my mind immediately felt blank and I can’t think of anything else. When I accidentally drink the saliva, my body feels hot as if I was given an aphrodisiac. Finally, Kent-sama’s kiss finished and our lips parted.

“Kent-san, why are you doing this…” (Annabella)
“Did you think I won’t notice it, Annabella? I can see it from the way you look at Feria.”

Hearing Kent-san answer, my body became even hotter.

“Kent-san, I’m just a maid here. Also, please look after Feria. Kent-san…mmhmm…” (Annabella)
Once again Kent-san kissed me and his tongue was dancing wildly inside my mouth. In addition, Kent-san finger was starting to move towards my lower parts and giving me some stimulus on some sensitive areas.

“You are cute.”
Kent-san kiss, words, and caress were driving me crazy.

I have a bit of guilt because it should be me relieving his 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill, not me enjoying myself. However, I can’t stop the feelings and Kent-san was making me comfortable. I also have 【Service II】 skill but it isn’t helping at all against Kent-san. My body was out of my control.

“Fuwa… Kent-san, doing something like this is… mhhm…”
Kent-san kissed me again before I finished what I am going to say. He even looked at me and said.
“Today, I will make you come Annabella. I want you to be free from restraint.”

After Kent-san declared that, his mouth moved towards my chest as his finger crawled and move past the bush on my lower abdomen. I can hear an obscene sound coming from my lower parts as it was flooding. The pleasure was too much for me to bear.

“Kent-san… you can’t do this… hngh… we need to take care of your body.”
“Annabella, you’re mine. Don’t think of anything else.”

As he said that, Kent-san finger has reached my pleasant spot.

“Nnnh… Not there…”
“Does it feel good over here Annabella?”
Kent-san finger moved faster and his mouth was sucking on my chest at the same time. It was only time before the stimuli from the two started my countdown.

“Kent-san. Stop! It’s too much!”

Just a little bit more and I can’t hold it back.

“I’m coming… I’m coming!”
I can feel my head blanking out as pleasure surges all over my body.
From the bush in my lower abdomen, a large amount of water was gushing out, wetting Kent-san fingers, and even the bath’s floor.

“No! please don’t look! Don’t look at me!”

“Oh, Annabella-san is squirting!”
Feria looked at the situation with a surprised face. For me, a maid of the black dagger house, I need to maintain my dignity all the time. This kind of scene, to be seen like this, I feel embarrassed to the point I wanted to run away.

“Feria, it’s because Annabella is feeling pleasured.” (Kent)
“Pleasured?” (Feria)
“Yes, if a woman feels pleasured, they will let out something like this.” (Kent)
“Hmm… looking at Annabella-san reaction, I wonder if it really felt good?” (Feria)
Thanks to Kent-san words, I can somehow maintain my dignity as the chief maid.

“Please forgive me Kent-san for showing such a sight, and thank you.”
I felt embarrassed as I used my hand to cover my body. I couldn’t deny thought that it was very pleasurable. After that, I entered the bath and laid down since my feet was out of power.

“Annabella, you’re really cute just now.”

“Kent-san. I ask of you, please erase that from your memory.”

“I can’t do that. It’s been engraved in my memory.”
Kent-san was seeing my disgraceful side, but how come he was so happy? More importantly, we still need to settle his 【Sexual Prodigy】. I can’t do it now, so I’ll need to ask for Feria.

“Feria, since I can’t move for a while, can you please pleasure Kent-san?”
“Alright, I understand.”
Feria replied and turned towards Kent-san.

After that, Kent-san started to kiss her and caressing her chest. Speaking of which, when Kent-san used his tongue on her, Feria face was stunned. I have experienced it too beforehand, that aphrodisiac saliva. Soon, she became weak from the rubbing on her chest and the kiss. After that Kent-san seemed to ask for a service using Feria’s chest. Since I have recovered a bit, I managed to help a little.

“uuh… the feeling of Feria’s chest is amazing.”
“In the morning Kent-san was receiving the same kind of service and now, Feria, you need to add some more pleasure using your mouth.”
I was standing behind Kent-san and ordered Feria to do so.

“Like this? Mn…”
Feria was sucking on Kent’s san member that was protruding even after being sandwiched on her chest.
“Uh… amazing…”

Kent-san showing reactions from Feria’s service and it was shown on his face that he was trying his best to endure it. Seeing that I feel a little bit content from revenge.

I also discovered that one of Kent-san weakness was his ear. So I licked his ear from behind.

Kent-san reached his limit with that. It didn’t even take a minute for him to let it all out inside Feria’s mouth. Because of the sudden release, Feria looked at me with watery eyes but doesn’t dare to spit the white liquid.

“Annabella, I told you that my ear is sensitive! Feria, you can let it out.”
However, it only made me want to do it more.

“I think that it was pleasurable Kent-san. Feria, open your mouth and let me see.”

I can’t hold it back and kissed her. Inside her mouth, now there was a mixture of her own saliva, my own, and Kent-san precious liquid. The fishy smell spread in my mouth and made me dizzy. Feria even swallowed some of it.

“Fuaah… it’s bitter, and Annabella-san, what was that?”

“To spit out that liquid is something I can’t allow. As a maid, the correct course is to drink it.”

“What? Is that true? I guess since it was something we work hard to get.”

After that, in the middle of the bath, I am accepting Kent-san. Feria was now licking his ear from behind and because of that I can feel him becoming harder. Although Kent-san has said that it was forbidden but I can’t let that one slide. The only problem is if Miririaria-san knew about this, she will make him surrender.

After that, we moved to the bedroom to ease the 【Sexual Prodigy】 skill. In total he let it out seven times inside of me and nine times inside of Feria. It doesn’t even matter that I have a 【Service】 skill, I couldn’t even make Kent-san satisfied and stop. He was like a hungry beast that was devouring everyone even until I lost my consciousness.

Tomorrow Miriaria-san will come back so I think with more personnel we can do something about it. After all, I think it was also time to increase the number of people. Kent-san is too kind and considerate to think about this option but this was something we need to do. Afterwards, we all fallen asleep exhausted.

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