BR ch 08

Chapter 8
“Jiro, good job”
The man clothed in black armor then patted the steel bear as if the bear is a pet.
Then he approached the crystal flower.
No, this is bad! I have to do something. I tried to roll my body but I couldn’t go up the hill. Of course when I tried to roll my body, my big body trembles a bit.
The bear seemed to notice but before his eye look directly at my body, I stop moving.
He shift his gaze away again and I start to roll again and stop whenever it tried to look at my direction.
Roll and stop, roll and stop, as if playing Daruma.

The man then plucks the crystal flower and puts it in some kind of transparent cylinder container.
“Jiro, now let’s get the girl in the village.”
Moments later, the man hoped on the steel bear back and it moves down the hill.
“No, I have to stop him. If Lafayette-chan didn’t see the flower, she will be sad. If the flower isn’t here, she even may not come to this place anymore.”
And so, I do what I do best, which is rolling down.

However I seem to have forgotten something. Something that is somewhat connected to the physics class, the man with the apple and someone named Newsomethingorrather..
Oh yes, it was this one, where F=G x m1m2 / r2 and p =mv or F= ma. In simpler terms, it was the law of gravity and law of inertia. So, what do those laws have to do with me?
Right now I am moving down the hill with a speed rivalling an F1 car. The impact when I hit a building or a cliff will be resulting in a small earthquake or a small crater, but the problem is, will I survive this collision?
I was humming a song while my head is dizzy because right now I am spinning down the hill. A very familiar song that goes like this.
“The wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round….erg…my head feels funny”

Do you know the helicopter effect? It was when the propeller is moving so fast that you can see the body of the helicopter without being hindered by the propeller movement as if it wasn’t there. Right now I am having the same phenomenon. My body is rolling so fast that I can feel my sight on the village wasn’t obstructed by my rolling movement.
The village that Lafayette-chan lives was a small village. It was a village consisting of twenty houses that is made from wood and look very down to earth. It should be looking warm and woody when the sunlight falls and illuminated the moss that is growing outside of the wooden house. However right now it wasn’t looking so good. Some of the buildings are one fire and at the place that seemed to be the village center square, the villagers were gathered.
The man with the bear was in front of them with his hand showing the showcased crystal flower.
“Now, please hand over the girl to me.” (Armored man)
“No!” (Lafayette)

Even though I am still quite far from them, I can hear them properly. Have you heard of something called the cocktail party effect? This is the reason why I could hear them from this distance.
“If you don’t follow my order then I will destroy this flower.” (Armored man)
“No, mother! *sobs* *sobs* I have no choice.” (Lafayette)
“No, You can’t do that.”
However an old man stops him. Of course I can tell that it was an old man because even though the other elves hair was golden yellow, his hair was white. He must be the oldest man and the village chief too right?
“You better hand her over to me old man. I know that you are planning to use her too.”
“No, I don’t have such a plan.”
“Oh? Is that so? Little girl, did he give you lots of books to read?”
“See? You were also trying to use her [sacred lexicon] ability too.”
“No, it was all a lie.”
However the villagers gaze all fall on the village chief.
“No, please understand. It was all for the sake of our village.”
The chief is trying hard to convince the villagers however at this time, Lafayette-chan took advantage of the situation. She bit the village chief arm that is holding her and freed herself. Then she runs towards the armored man.
“Good girl. Here’s your precious flower as promised.”
Lafayette-chan then hugged the crystal flower after the armored man hand it over.

“No! you can’t do this.”
It was the village chief throwing tantrum in the middle of the crowd.
“I have no other choice!”
The village chief then outstretched his hand and trying to do something. I can see the wind was encircling him and was about to turn him as the eye of the storm.
“Auz einf zhed waum bolt shein zhear…”
It was a magic chant. How did I know? Of course an elf saying something in a weird language and causing natural phenomenon must involve a magic chant right?
The other elven villagers seemed to be scared at what the village chief is doing. Even Lafayette is now hiding behind the armored man.
“Oh, for you to be able to use such a high level wind magic, <>, it is unbelieveable, as expected as one of the older elf generation.”
The armored man is saying it calmly but he was sweating bullets. Of course I can see it clearly because right now I am already close the village. To be exact, I am already inside the village. That’s why I can see his sweat clearly because I’m already near him.
By the way, when I said near, it is actually really close by, like 2 meters away. Of course I’m lucky that my trajectory was good. I hit no building or anything on my path.

Wait.. I think I hit something on the way. I can feel the same sensation as the one I felt when I was making the bookmarks out of horned rats

Then the village was covered in red. It was even raining blood. The source of that blood is from a white haired elf that has now already turned into a bookmark.


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