cm ch 16

Cooking master 16

Dong Lian after that stayed at the city and opened his stall. His stall soon famous for selling cheap and good food. The regular costumer at his stall is growing by day and if his ingredients doesn’t run out, his stall won’t close.

“As expected, now I can prove to master that there’s a hope for humanity.”

Dong Lian stared at the distant sky and remembered his encounter with Wen Long.


“Before thinking of saving others, why don’t you think of saving yourself first?”

Wen Long four red eyes is shining and his body transformed.

He turned into a long white dragon with two pairs of red eyes. Different from the winged lizzard like dragon he saw earlier, Wen Long true form is a serpent like dragon.

“Hahaha. Are you afraid of me now?”

Even though he is trembling, Lian tried his best to give a reply.

“No master! I fear for the fate of the humanity more than I fear you.”


Wen Long dragon form head moves down to nod and asked.

“Then, do you know what am I?”

“No I don’t”. Lian answered while shook his head.

“Let me ask you something. This is also the reason of my ability to transformed into human form.”

Wen Long speak while turning himself back to his human form.

“What happened if a mythical beast absorb the fallen chi?”

Dong Lian didn’t even need a time to think.

“He will become stronger right?”

“That’s correct. Then, this is the next question. Do you know the power rank of mythical beast?”

This is a common knowledge and Lian answered with ease.

“starting from the weakest rain level, then storm level, tempest level, calamity level, and the strongest is god level.”

“Good. It seemed you already know the basic. Then the final question. If you can answer this you will know about my secret.”

Wen Long expression turned serious.

“What happened if by chance a peak God level mythical beast have their power increased by absorbing fallen chi and make a breaktrough?”

Wen Long question really gives an impact to Lian mind.

“Master, are you a peak God level mythical beast?”

With a smile Wen Long smiled, “I used to.”

Hearing that Lian body trembles. “Then master, after making a breaktrough, what is your power rank?”

To find a mythical beast that is standing on peak God level, it is already a hard thing. Less than ten peak God level mythical beast is recorded being seen in the history. Then to find a mythical beast that made a breaktrough from peak God level to a higher rank. This can only be considered as a lie.

“Hahaha. A peak God level mythical beast now couldn’t even stand in front of my power for more than ten seconds. Right now I already make a breaktrough for two years. I named this Over God level.”

OverGod level. For those who heard this word they must think that they just misheard things. For an existence to exist in a higher realm than God level, what a nightmare!

“Then master, about the thing to control bloodlust, is it because you make a breaktrough?”

“Hahaha. Your guess is backwards. I have a breaktrough because I was able to control my bloodlust. No one knows how many God level mythical beast out there that still strugling to control their bloodlust.”

“Master, so what about the humans?”

“I could care less about them. I only think about taking you in as an experimental object.”

“But, can the result of your experiment help the human to control their bloodlust?”

Wen Long just smile to Lian.

“Maybe… So, are you willing to give your body to me?”

Firming his resolve Lian answered.

“Yes master.”


“Aaah.. That brings back memory. At least now I already find a hope to save humanity from their bloodlust frenzy. I just wondering how can I save them in one scoop?”

“I guess it’s time for me to move out from this town.”

Just when he is having a blank expression, a wierd idea comes to him.

“Mei Ya! She is a princess right? If I ask her help to meet with the King, he may listen to me. The King influence is bigger than my own and people will listen to him.”

“I have decided. I will visit the King of Yin first. By doing that I can also fulfill my promise to Mei Ya.”

“Mei Ya, please wait a little bit more. I’m coming at you.”

It’s been a long time since Lian met with Mei Ya. Years have passed but he never forget his promise. She is Dong Lian first friend afterall.

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  2. So good. Can’t wait for the next chapter. It’s so good that I don’t care about the spelling mistakes even though I’m a grammar nazi. Please update soon.

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