CM ch 17

Cooking master 17

This is the first time Dong Lian visited the capital of Yin. It was a big city with the royal capital palace located inside of it. He was amazed by the layout of the city that is different from other city. As the royal capital of the Yin dynasty, the building show it’s grandeur and so different from any other city.

He spent some time sightseeing before he finally go to the Yin palace. He remember that Teng once told him that he can come visit him in the capital. Of course before he visited the royal palace he tried all the food that is sold on the capital.

“hmph. As I thought even if the quality of the food sold in here is different, the balance is bad.”

Lian then realized that in the capital city, the same problem occurred. They all eating their food without knowing that it has been contaminated by fallen chi. This matter should be resolved quickly.

He walked toward the palace but he was stopped by the guards. It wasn’t strange considering the bad clothing that he wear.

“Beggar shouldn’t come near the palace.”

“excuse me sir, who are you calling a beggar?”

“of course it’s you! Look at your clothes. If you’re not a beggar then what are you?”

“I am a friend of the princess, Yin Mei Ya.”

“Hmph.. how dare a beggar like you call the name of our princess so casually. Think of your place!”

The guards from the start didn’t show any sign of friendliness however they are now showing some hostility against him.

“leave now or else we have to make you leave.”

“why don’t you believe me? You can even ask uncle Teng. He used to be Mei Ya guard.”

“Now, what nonsense are you spouting? You even disrespect our princess by calling her name. GUARDS! We have intruder here!”

Suddenly Lian is surrounded by thirty guards.

“I’m sorry but you’re forcing me to do this.”

Lian said that and giving a bow to them. When he lift his upper body, the air around him has changed. This is the first time Lian is going to fight against another human. When he was trained by Long, he never fight against another human. His partner is mythical beast that live in the forest. How scary is the guard compared to them?

Lian make a posture and waited for the guards to attack. As soon as one of the guards with their spear attacked, Lian easily dodge it and catches the spear. Then he throws the guards body to the other guards. He keep doing that after a while all of the guards spear has been collected by him.

“who are you? You’re not an ordinary man.”

“I have tell you before that I come here to see Mei Ya.”

“Insolent. Who tell you that you can call our princess name again?”

The guards attacked again but this time seeing no way out Lian knocked them out one by one using a chop to the back of the neck.


“head guards, we have a problem!”

“what is it?”

“there is an intruder at the front gate. He said that he is an acquaintance of the princess however his appearance is that of a beggar. When we tried to stop him, he easily defeated dozens of our guards.”

“is that true? Who is this man?”

“we don’t know. He also mentioned that you know him.”

“alright, come with me.”


“I am sorry about this but you’re the one who forced me.”

“Hey there, stop!”

Lian is knocking out the last standing guard when he heard that. That voice is coming from a man in his late forties. His body is clothed in silver armor and his face is covered with beard.

“Uncle Teng!”

“!! Who are you? How do you know me?”

“It’s me! Dong Lian. I have come to met with Mei Ya.”

“How dare you keep calling the name of our princess so casually!”

The guards that is calling for Teng seemed to angry and wanted to attack but Teng stopped him.

“Xiao, calm down. Indeed he is my acquaintances and a friend of our princess.”

“?? How is that possible?”

“Hahaha. Uncle Teng, I’m glad that you still remember me.”

“of course I will remember you. Afterall you have done so much for me and the princess. However, what have you done in here?”

Teng can feel that his head ached seeing the incapacitated guards.

“haha. It’s not my fault uncle Teng. They didn’t believe in my words.”

“of course how can they believe. Afterall your clothes is so dirty and tattered.”

“hahaha. So, can you take me to meet with Mei Ya uncle Teng?”

“Alright, you can follow me. Xiao, please take care of your companion. Lian, follow me!.”

After that Lian followed Teng from behind.

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