03 – master of dungeon

Master of Dungeon chapter 3 – master of dungeon

Varn realize that his parent is no longer alive. He cried really hard that night until he passed out. When he wake up in the morning he realize he is no longer in the Guild hall.

“Ah, you have wake up. I’m really worried.”

Varn see a woman around late twenty years old, dressed in purple uniform sitting not far from him.

“My name is Clarise. Jack asked me to take care of you. Last night you’re crying and won’t listen to me.”

“Last night?”

Varn remember what happened yesterday. His hand still holding two black [fate tag] and wouldn’t let go of it. He cried again but now after a couple of minutes he calmed down.

“Where am I?” Varn asked Clarise.

“You’re in the Guild hall resting room. I’m working as Ribby’s Guild hall receptionist by the way.”

Varn doesn’t seemed to be interested in Clarise words and trying to get up from the bed.

“Where are you going? You better rest some more.”

Varn ignore her and walked out of the Guild hall.

“I need to check on Mom and Dad.”

Even though he knows that his parent is now already in the afterlife. At least he want to give their body a proper burial.

He walked back, entering the forest until he arrived at the place where he get seperated from his mother.

The dead couldn’t tell a story.

He only saw some bloodstain on the ground. His mother body is nowhere to be found.

“Mom…. Sob…”

He cried once again and clenching his fist. He wipe his tears and walked once again towards his father location.

That place is in a mess. Sign of claw cut trough a tree, blood splattered everywhere, his father is luckier than his mother. At least he left something behind, his right arm.

Varn run to Gerrard’s right arm and held it.

“Father.. You have promised to teach me how to be a great farmer. How could you leave me here alone.”

Varn walk towards his village. He is walking like a dead man. No hope can be seen from his eyes.

The green scenery of Bruit village is now gone. Houses burnt down, leaving only some building intact but it doesn’t missed by the fire. Smell of blood and burnt wood fill the air.

“What is the purpose.. Of me surviving this? Mom, Dad, why don’t you take me with you.”

Varn fall down on his knees and shout to the sky.


“Mister Silver, look there’s a survivor.”

Two man walking side by side. One of them is the one called Silver. His tall body is covered by silver armor. He carries a spear on his back. Long blonde hair and green eyes decorate his long face. Some wrinkles can be seen on his face showing his age that isn’t young anymore.

“Danny, check on the boy!”

“Yes sir.”

Danny walks towards Varn. Danny is a teenage boy, clothed in leather armor and carried a big backpack on his back. Green hat on his head cover his short brown hair.

“Boy, did you come from this village? Can you tell me what happened?”

But Varn didn’t give him a reply. He only muttered all the time.

“What is it boy? I can’t hear you.”

Danny tries to move his ear closer to hear what Varn is saying.

“Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad…”

Danny then moves toward Silver.

“Sir, it seemed he lost his parent. That must be a big mental blow for him.”

Silver observed Varn and didn’t say anything.

“Danny, let’s leave.”

“Eh, sir! You’re going to abandon the child?”

Silver took a last glance at Varn and said.

“You see, his eyes shows no life. He’s as good as dead. Look at him hugging that arm, it must be belong to his parent. He already decided to follow their path. Let’s leave.”

“Eh! He’s holding an arm?”

Danny take a closer look and realized that what Silver said is true. A boy holding an arm, stay motionless in the middle of a massacre scene. Is this a sign of someone that want to be saved? No, Danny shook his head. It’s better to just leave Varn alone.

“If we save him, do you want to take the responsibility for him?”

Danny fell into silent. He didn’t think that far. After they saved the boy, they need to take care of him and it will be troublesome.

“Come, let’s report this to the Guild hall.”

Silver than walks away from Bruit village followed by Danny.



Varn want to say something but his mouth couldn’t let out any voice. After running last night, crying all night long, and do the same thing today without eating or drinking, he is already dehydrated.

“Am I going to die?”

“Even the two man that come earlier don’t want to save me.”

“Mom, Dad, I’m coming after you.”

Just when Varn is going to lose his conciousness he heard a deep coarse voice.

“Oh my! What do we have here?”

Varn could open his eyes but judging from the voice, it must be coming from an old man.

“Boy, with a great fate like you, I couldn’t let you die.”

Varn still listen to that voice. “Great fate? Even my [fate tag] shows ?????”

“Heh heh heh.. You don’t know how wonderfull is your fate boy.”

Varn startled hearing the old man and his odd way of laughing. “Can he read my mind?”

“Heh heh heh.. Of course I can read your mind, afterall I’m the most powerful existence in this world.”

Varn is now confused. “Who is this man? And what’s with this the most powerful existence in the world?”

“Oh! You questioned me boy? Heh heh heh.. Let me do something about this first.”

Little by little Varn could feel that his body felt warm and comfortable. His strength returned to his body and he can open his eyes. The first thing he see is an old man clad in grey robe. His hair is all white and long white beard on his face makes him look wise.

“Old man, who are you?”

“As I have told you, I’m the most powerful man in the world.”

Varn realized his condition and he is angry.

“Why did you save me? I’m about to meet my parent.”

“Heh heh heh. How could I let someone like you to die. You have great fate.”

“Great fate again? What’s wrong with you. My fate is ???????. It’s unknown. Now, please kill me.”

“Heh heh heh.. Are you sure your fate is ?????? You better check your [fate tag].“

The old man moves his hand and Varn’s [fate tag] flies out of his pocket and landed on his arm.

He take a look at it.


Name: Varn Redheart

Age: 7

Fate: Master of Dungeon


His fate of ????? Have changed, but he doesn’t know what his fate is.

“Master of Dungeon? What is this?”

“Heh heh heh.. Do you know what is a dungeon?”

The old man questioned him as if he was a fool.

“Of course I know.”

“Then, what is a master?”

“A master should be the one who gives order, in control, or have high position right?”

“Heh heh heh.. You’re correct.. The last question, so what is master of dungeon?”

Hearing the old man question, Varn is shocked. Does it mean he will be able to control a dungeon? Gives order to the monster inside?

“Heh heh heh.. You’re correct again. What a smart boy.. But you couldn’t control any dungeon or any monster. You could only control yours.”

“What does it mean?”

Varn brain couldn’t process the old man words.

“Do you know how a dungeon appears?”

Altough his age is still small, but having a dungeon raider as a father and Guild hall receptionist as a mother, his knowledge about dungeon is better than other child. However this question, he didn’t know the answer.

“It just.. appear right?”

“Heh heh heh.. Wrong!”

The old man laugh harder.

“Then, how could those monster attack your village and kill your parents?”

Varn couldn’t think of anything now. He remember his mother said something about the same phenomenon.

“It’s because the dungeon ranked up right?”

“Heh heh heh.. It’s not entirely correct and not entirely wrong..”

Varn is now ticked off.

“Old man! Stop playing with me and just tell me the answer.”

“Heh heh heh.. Alright alright, I’ll tell you. It’s my duty afterall.”

The air around the old man changed somehow.

“My name is Ferluci. I’m this world dungeon watcher.”

Dungeon watcher! It’s also the first time Varn hear that.

“Do you know that a dungeon is ranked based on the difficulty to clear it?”

Varn nod. Of course it was a common knowledge.

“Actually, the rank isn’t based on the difficulty of the dungeon. But based on the power of dungeon master.”

Dungeon master! It should be the same as him. Master of dungeon.

“Wait, does it mean every dungeon have a master?”

“Heh heh heh.. What a smart boy. You’re correct. Every dungeon has a master. If not, how can dungeon appears one after another? How could the monster within the dungeon spawned? Who put the artifact inside the dungeon? How could monster attacks your village?”

“What? Do you mean that someone commands the monster to attack my village?”

The old man smiled.

“That is correct.”

Varn blood is now boiling. Someone is ordering monster to attack his village and kill his parent.

“Old man, tell me who is that person? Who ordered the monster to attack my village!”

“Hold your horse boy! If you go right now, you’re going to be killed.”

“Tell me, what I have to do then?”

“Of course, as a master of dungeon you have to build your own dungeon and gather power. Once you have A rank power, you may have a chance.”

That statement brings thunder in the clear sky in Varn minds.

“I have to build my own dungeon and gather power?”

Varn know the reason he need to be at least A rank because were-wolf that attack his father is an A rank monster. But, building his own dungeon? He has no clue about it.

“Heh heh heh. Don’t worry boy, that’s why I’m here. I will teach you all about dungeon creation but only the basic knowledge, afterall it was my job.”

The old man than corrected his posture and stand straight.

“Varn Redheart, do you accept your fate as a master of dungeon?”

The old man voice echoed in Varn’s mind. To know the truth behind his parents murder, to take revenge for the villager, he firmed his resolve. This is something that he must do.

“I am Varn Redheart, accepted my fate as a master of dungeon.”


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