04 – MoD chapter 4

Master of Dungeons Chapter 4

“I, Varn Redheart, accept my fate as a master of dungeons.”

As soon as Varn finished saying that, Ferluci smiled and looked at him.

“Now, let your fate begin!”

A bright light surrounded Varn’s body and his head ached, he can feel something entering his mind. He even dropped Gerrard’s arm to use both of his hand to press on his head.


After few minutes of the stinging feeling, Varn fell to the ground but didn’t lose his consciousness. Ferluci approached him and smiled.

“Congratulations! You have just passed the first test.”

Only speaking weakly, Varn asked him, “What do you mean by first test?”

“Just now, you were tested by the [God of dungeons]. In the case the God didn’t choose you, you will die immediatelly.”

Varn clenched his fist. He was angry at Ferluci for hiding this fact but he had no strength remaining.

“Don’t worry about that small detail. More importantly, now you’re a full fledged dungeon master.”

Varn now had some curiousity. “How many dungeon masters are there in the world? Judging from the number of dungeons, there must be hundreds right?”

Ferluci looked at him who was lying on the ground and smiled.

“Not quite close. There is only around fifty dungeon masters right now around the world and not even ten of them are A ranked. Later on you’ll know how few of them managed to make it to S rank. Isn’t that good? It will be easier for you to find the culprit responsible for your village massacre.”

Varn didn’t know whether he should be happy or not. True, it will be easier for Varn to find out about who his parent killer was but on other hand it will be hard for him to reach S rank. Even A rank seemed to be impossible now.

“Don’t fret about small details again. Let’s proceed with your dungeon creation process, don’t you agree?”

By now, Varn strength had slowly returned. He picked up Gerrard’s arm and stood.

“Alright, tell me how do to create a dungeon.”

Ferluci was finally doing his job as a dungeon watcher. “It’s easy, the first test is also a process of inputing information inside your brain. Now since you have been recognized as a dungeon master by the dungeon’s God, you can now access the whole dungeon features. Just say out loud [dungeon control].”

Varn realized that during the first test, his head really hurt as if someone forcing something to go inside his head. That must be the information about dungeons. He prepared himself then said.

“[Dungeon Control]!”

In front of Varn, a ball of light appeared and attracted wind to gather, forming something like a small hurricane ball. After it gathered, it blocked the sight of the ball of light. It’s spinning caused some wind to gust about in the surroundings. It condensed into a smaller form then with a flash of bright light, a book was now floating in the air.

The book slowly landed in Varn’s hand as if it was attracted by a magnet.

“Congratulations! Now, my job is finished. I’ll take my leave then.”

Ferluci bowed down and then dissapeared in a blink of an eye.


Without even given a chance to say anything, Ferluci already gone.

“Now, what do I have to do?”

Varn looked at the worn out book in his hand and inspected it. On the front, it had a big title written in gold.

“Dungeon Controls”

Varn opened the book and saw a preface.

“Congratulations! You have been chosen as a master of dungeons. Out of millions of people, you were selected to hold this power. In this book, you will know all the things that you need to do to create a dungeon. Whether you will use this power or not is up to you. However great power comes with great risk and you must bear the consequences. Sincerely, God of Dungeons.”

Now Varn was confused. When the name God of Dungeons was mentioned again, this was the first time Varn heard of it. Varn knew the religion he believed in so far never mentioned anything about him. He flipped the page and read again.

“Your Dungeon Status” was on the title page.


Name: Varn Redheart

Dungeon rank: F

Number of Dungeons: 0

Dungeon points: 10000


“What is this?”

It didn’t give Varn any clues as to how to create a dungeon and what dungeon points meant. He flipped the page again and find the page he needed.

“Dungeon Creation Guide”

“To create a dungeon there are several things you have to remember. The shape of your dungeon is based on your imagination. The better your imagination is, the better the results. Right now you’re eligible to create a dungeon of rank F. As an F rank dungeon master, you have to accumulate your dungeon points (DP) before you could go up in rank. When you create a dungeon, dungeon points will be consumed.

Creating an F rank dungeon, cost: 5000 DP.”

Varn right now had 10000 DP and it was enough to create two dungeons, but he remembered that each dungeon had artifacts inside of them, as well as traps and monsters. What about the cost for all of those things? And Varn read the small words written at the bottom of the page.

“Don’t use all of your dungeon point to create your dungeon because you need to install traps, monsters, and reward whoever manages to raid your dungeon with an artefact. In case your dungeon is defeated (in other words, someone manages to reach the deepest part of your dungeon) your points spent will not return to you and you may not have enough dungeon points to create another.”

Whoa! At first Varn thoughts that this will be an easy task. But after reading that he knew just how hard it is. If one of your dungeon was created, the points that you have used will be wasted. Is that the reason why there were only a small number of A rank and S rank dungeon? Lower level dungeons were easier to be cleared and that meant a lot of points had been wasted while the real goal was to gather more.

Right now Varn was immersed in his own little world. He flipped to read the next page.

“Dungeon Points”

“You can create and put a lot of things in your dungeon. Deeper levels, more rooms, traps, monsters, artefacts, and even plants, vegetables, or baths and beds. Of course to create it you will need to spend your dungeon points. You could even create another dungeon or go up in rank by using your dungeon points. To gather dungeon points you could do various things but the easier one is to kill another creature inside your dungeon. Higher ranked dungeons may even give you dungeon points for killing creatures inside your dungeon territory.

Ps: The creature that gives the most dungeon points is humans.”

Varn froze for a moments when he read the last part. Seriously he didn’t even think of killing anyone. He was now brought back to reality. Did he really have the resolve to kill mankind?

He remembered his encounter with Rick and his Steel Claw group. Now he bore hatred towards them, he really wanted to make them pay, but killing them? They were also an A rank dungeon raider group. If Varn’s dungeon was raided by them, he will lose his one and only chance.

He flipped the book again and kept on gathering information.

“Traps, Monsters, and Artefacts”

“Inside your dungeon you could put traps and monsters to make kills easier and accumulate dungeon points. Artefacts could be used as bait but remember it costs a lot of dungeon points. You could even use the artefact created inside your dungeon.”

After that the rest of the page mentions the list of traps, monsters, and artefacts available for a rank F. E rank and above were listed as ????? in the book. After that the last part of the book was titled “Miscellaneous”. It consisted of creating new rooms, levels, and even daily necessities.

Varn closed the book and stared at it.

Is it really something that he wanted? Where was the Varn who aspired to be a great farmer? He looked down and realized Gerrard’s arm was in his hand.

“Dad.. Mom..”

He closed his eyes, lifted his head to the sky and made a resolution.

“I will avenge you!”


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