05 – First dungeon?

Master of Dungeon chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – First dungeon?

Varn held onto his [Dungeon Control] book in his right hand and Gerrard’s arm on his left. He has already decided that he will create a dungeon. He learnt the command to do it from the book.

“[Dungeon Creation]!“

He heard someone give a reply directly into his head.

“You’re about to create a dungeon. Due to your rank you can only create an F rank dungeon. Creating an F rank dungeon will consume 5000 dungeon points. Are you sure you want to create an F rank dungeon?”

He shout out loud.


Then the reply continued to resound in his mind.

“You have failed to create a dungeon. You are currently inside another dungeon’s territory.”

Just knowing that, Varn blood boiled. He must be inside the area of the dungeon that had killed his parents.

“Just you wait! One day I will come back and reclaim this area.”

He then decided to move out. He knew that just now was done on impulse. So he now thought really hard, where should he set up his first dungeon?

From what he just experienced he learnt some new information.

First, you couldn’t create a dungeon in another dungeon’s territory. Secondly, you need to make it in a strategic location, where it will be easy for you to attract victims and gather dungeon points. Third, it will cause a commotion when seen creating it, so he should do it somewhere without any other people nearby. He also had to make sure that he was out of any other dungeon’s territory.

His former village was inside a dungeon territory. Up North, there’s the Ribby’s dungeon. Should he head south? But there’s no town there.


The loud noise came from his stomach. Since yesterday Varn hadn’t had anything to eat. With a strong resolve he tried to collect food from the village’s ruins. He even went to his house to salvage anything he could find.

From his excavation he found some money and more importantly, a map. This one was found from his house. It must have belonged to his parents, there were lots of information regarding dungeons and their locations. While eating a charred bread he looked closer at it. From each dungeon, there were red circles spread out. That must be the dungeon’s territory.

He made a calculation and finally found a vacant area. It was in the north east of Bruit village. Past Ribby’s town and nearly at the edge of the map. It was a snow mountain ridge.

After gathering some food supply, he headed out alone. He didn’t care about the danger that may happen to him along the road, he just blindly walked following the map. After five days of walking, he finally arrived.

“Father, we’re here. Mother, look how beautiful it is.”

In front of him, as far as the eye can see, it was all covered in white. Varn’s outfit was torn here and there, his feet were bleeding and full of blisters. It was thanks to his determination that he could make it this far. He was now no longer carrying Gerrard’s arm. He had already burned it down and he collected the ash in a small jar which he tied with a rope around his neck. As a memento of his mother, he found a small hair clip that he was now wearing to keep his front hair from covering his eyes.

“After some rest, I’ll build my dungeon here.”

Varn already decided to take revenge and be a master of dungeons. But could he kill another human being to gather dungeon points?

He also found out that he could gain dungeon points by killing wild animals such as rabbits and wolves but it only gave him 1 and 3 dungeon points each. For killing a normal human he will get 50, F ranked dungeon raiders,  100, and amazingly, A rank dungeon raiders gave him 1000 dungeon points.

But, could he kill a human?

To upgrade his rank to E, he needed 25000 Dp. Even if he wanted to get enough points by killing F rank dungeon raiders, he needed to kill 250 of them. Could he kill that many and keep killing more just to climb up to A rank?

Just when he was lost in his thoughts, Ferluci showed up.

“What’s the matter young boy? Haven’t you created your dungeon yet?”

“You! Old man, is there no other way to get dungeon points?”

Hearing that, Ferluci smiled.

“Of course there is another way. But it is harder than killing humans.”

Hearing that there’s another option, Varn was glad.

“Tell me! What is it?”

“Of course it’s by clearing another dungeon. If a dungeon master clears another dungeon, you will be able to absorb all of the dungeon points that have been spent for that dungeon. But to tell the truth, you wouldn’t even survive if you were to raid another dungeon. Look at how fragile you are.”

Varn thought hard about it and yes, it was impossible for him, given his current condition.

“If that’s the case, coud you tell me other creatures that could give me more dungeon points?”

“Eh? You still insist in not killing humans?”

Hearing Ferluci’s remark, Varn shook his head.

“I really couldn’t do it. If I do it, what’s the difference of me and that killer? I will kill if it’s to avenge my parents, but killing innoccent people isn’t my purpose.”

“Huk huk huk.. What an interesting child. Did you know the first condition for your fate to be chosen as a master of dungeon is to have hatred for human in your heart. The others dungeon master didn’t even hesitate knowing they have to kill others to gather points. They even happy about it. But you, on the other hand. You have hatred for your enemy but that’s it.. You’re so naive.”

Varn realized Ferluci’s words. Maybe he is naive but if he kill another human, he may be mad from the guilt.

“Just tell me, is there another creatures that could gives dungeon points?”

“Huk huk huk.. Interesting boy. Because you’re the first one that insist to find another creatures to kill, I will tell you. But first you have to create your own dungeon first.”

“Okay, I will create my dungeon first.”

“Do you know how?”

“Yes. I have tried it before but failed.”

“Oh, because I’m here you could skip the other parts and steps and just imagine your dungeon shape.”

“Eh,  I just need to imagine the shape?”

“Yeah, hurry! You better do it while I’m still in the mood.”

Varn then closes his eyes and imagine. So far, the dungeon appeared is in a shape of tall tower, deep underground cave, wide labyrinth, pyramid, maze, and all sorts of dungeon like form. But for Varn with his imagination, the shape in his mind is far from those.

In the middle of the snow mountain ridge, a building appears. It was a huge building around twenty meter wide and fifty meter in length. The wall made of glass completely, it was a greenhouse. From his dream to be a great farmer, his first dungeon entrance is hidden inside the greenhouse. Seeing the building that appears in front of him, Varn couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

“Congrtulations! You have successfully create an F rank dungeon. It is an underground type of dungeon with the entrance hidden inside the building.”

That words come floating in Varn mind. He smiled admiring his imagination.

“What? What is this shabby looking dungeon entrance?”

That disspointment comes from Ferluci.

“As a dungeon watcher I couldn’t believe a dungeon look this shabby. What’ more it was created with me present.”

Ferluci looked at Varn and said.

“Are you going to redo it or you will let me mess your dungeon entrance appearance?”

“No way! Since I couldn’t be a great farmer anymore, at least let me have a greenhouse.”

“If that’s your decision, I have no choice.”

Ferluci makes a waving motion using his arm and Varn could see his greenhouse is somehow distorted.


The glass wall is shattered and swirling in the air.


Before Varn could say anything else, the glass reconstruced themself into a grand building.

“Congratulations! Your dungeon appearances have been re-designed by Ferluci the dungeon watcher. Because of the involvements of the dungeon watcher, your dungeon appearances size isn’t limited by your dungeon ranks.”

It was a crytal ice palace. With twin towers and tall castle wall made of ice. The entrance gate to the castle itself is eight meters wide and ten meters high, as tall as the outer wall surrounding the castle. The castle itself is so majestic and grand. The design engraved even more complicated than any kingdom castle.

Varn at first wanted to complain but his mouth is just hanging. He is speechless.

“Come, let’s get inside. If we stand any longer we will be freezed to death.”

Varn realized the chilling winds that started to creept in and pierces his bone. While keep his eyes admiring the castle, he muttered.

“This is my castle, this is my dungeon. My first dungeon!”


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