08 – early days

Master of Dungeon chapter 8 – early days

Varn summoned two controlled wolves at the cost of 200 dungeon points. Now he only had 250 remaining.

He was amazed when he summoned the wolves, they formed out of thin air into a four legged shape and with a blinding light, they were summoned.

“Congratulations! You have successfully summoned two controlled wolves.”

“Okay.. I’m going to call you Alpha and Omega.”


The wolves were howling. They understood what he said and they seemed happy.

“Now, Alpha, Omega, please make baby wolves for me. Lots of them alright?”


The two wolves were tilting their heads in confusion. They didn’t understand what Varn meant.

“Ugh… Did I just spent 200 dungeon points for nothing?”

Varn was completely blank about this. He knew a lot about plants but farm animals and livestock?

There’s also the problem of food. The wolves needed food. He couldn’t feed them apples and cabbages. They needed meat.

“Ugh..” Varn could feel his head aching. This will be harder than he thought.

He sat down and thought, could he bring them outside of the dungeon? If he could, he could let them hunt for their own food.

“Alpha, Omega. Follow me!”

He got out of the dungeon with the two wolves. Varn had some trouble with the cold but his wolves didn’t have any problem.

“Now, you should hunt for your own food. There should be a lot of animals nearby. You could even go to that forest. It is still within the dungeon territory.”


The wolves nodded and howled. They understood what their master was saying.

However right now Varn was thinking again. Where would the wolves live? Need he make a barn for them? At least, a small shelter for sleeping right?

With the last 250 dungeon points, he spent 50 to create a simple shelter for them. And keep the 200 dp for emergency.

“Right now, I should train my self. Even though I couldn’t get points from breeding monster in my dungeon, I could still raid other dungeon and steal the points spend.”

At first day, he had trouble sleeping in a new place. What’s more he was sleeping in the towers of the ice palace. The emptyness in the air made him cry a few times while thinking back to his warm house with his Father and Mother.

On the second day, he trained hard to distract himself from his loneliness.

On the third day, he engrossed himself in his garden.

On the fourth day, he was exhausted and had to stay in bed.

On the fifth day, he made a plan to keep a balanced life.

Just like that, Varn goes trough his daily life.

He spent six hours training, two hours playing with his wolves, six hours sleeping and ten hours in his garden that was now turning into a big field.

Living alone in the secluded snowy area, he didn’t neglect his responsibilty. He will get stronger, so one day, he could revenge his parents.

There were no problems with his wolves either. At first he was worried thay they couldn’t find food but it turned out fine. They even give him 1 dungeon point for every rabbit they killed. He even gave them freedom. They only need to come when he called for them and spent some time each day to play with them.

On the seventh day, he realized that there’s something different about his wolves. They have grown, they were bigger than the wolves that attacked his village. They were now covered in silver and blue fur which made them gleam.

“Congratulations! Due to the environment of your dungeon, it has evolved. Your wolves have evolved into ice wolves.”

Aaah.. Varn realized, because his dungeon was located in the snowy mountain ridge, they have taken on ice properties.

He stroked their smooth fur and smiled. Because of their existence, he wasn’t so lonely.

“Maybe breeding monsters isn’t that bad.”


Name: Varn Redheart

Dungeon Rank: F

Number of Dungeons: 1

Number of Levels: 3

Number of rooms: 12

Number of traps: –

Number of artifacts: –

Number of monsters: 2 (controlled)

Dungeon points: 214


Name: Alpha

Race: wolf (rank F) >> Ice wolf (rank E)

Gender: Male

Level: 2


Name Omega

Race: wolf (rank F) >> Ice wolf (rank E)

Gender: Female

Level: 2



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