09 – MoD chapter 9

Chapter 9

Each time a dungeon appears, the guild hall will immediatelly send someone to appraise the rank of the dungeon. It will gives them a better chance to lower the risk of dungeon raiders dying.

If an E rank dungeon raider entered an A rank dungeon, he will die for sure. That’s why the guild hall only permitted dungeon raiders to enter dungeon appropriate for their rank. As for A rank dungeon raider, they couldn’t entered an E rank dungeon. If they cleared E rank dungeon and it was all cleared, E rank dungeon raider won’t have a chance to gather experience to rank up.

That’s why guild hall have an important mission in administering dungeon and dungeon raiders.

They usually discovered a new dungeon by report. If someone reported a new dungeon eas sighted, a member of guild hall will come to appraise the dungeon rank. It was all possible because guild hall appraiser member have an artifact called [Dungeon Counter]. They just have to used the magnifier look a like artifact on the dungeon entrance. It was an easy task however there are only ten [Dungeon Counter] was found so far.

[Dungeon Counter] was an artifact from A rank dungeon and it was held by a guild hall member that is capable. The ten guild hall appraiser was called the “order of ten wisdom”. They are required to remember the guild hall manual book, list of monsters, artifacts, and traps. When they finished appraising a dungeon, they will make a description about the dungeon.

For instances, West land dungeon, C rank. Characteristic, dry land/desserts, fire and earth characteristic. Possible monsters, artifacts, and traps. It was described in the report of “order of ten wisdom”. That’s why many dungeon raider waited for the appraisal process to be completed. It increased their chance of clearing the dungeon by leaps of bounds.

Today, a report come in to the guild hall. It was about a discovery of a new dungeon. At such times, the “order of ten wisdom” are gathered.
“Silver, is what you said is true? Is this report is correct?”
Inside a room, ten people were sitting around a round table. The one who speak is an old man in robe. He seemed to be the oldest and the leader of the “order of ten wisdom”.

“Yes, I have gone there with Danny. The dungeon that appears at Bruit village have a rank of SS.”
Silver is the one who asnwered. He was the person that met with Varn at the Bruit village ruin. All the member of the “order of ten wisdom” are in panic.
“SS rank dungeon? It is the first time in history. Is there no mistake in this report?”
“I have checked it seven times using [Dungeon Counter]. There is no mistake.”
“Sarmon, what should we do?”
Sarmon seemed to be the name of the old man earlier.
“Don’t worry. Let’s disclose about this information for now. No words should left this room. Is there anyone who knows about this?”
“Rick and the steelclaw group happened to know about the dungeon but they haven’t hear about the details.”
“Good. Please keep this matter confidential and handle this matter seriously. We’re not ready for this.”
The SS rank dungeon is the first one in history. Even for S rank dungeon, the guild hall only have 5 S rank dungeon raider. How could they are able to raid an SS rank dungeon?
“I think that’s all for today. Anyone have anything to add?”
In the silence, another old man with glasses raised his hand.
“Yes, Moldov, what is it?”
“I was planning to retire.”
“Don’t worry. I already have someone to take my position.”
“Who is it?”
Sarmon asked solemly.
“It’s my grand daughter. Christel.”
“Are you serious? She is only six years old.”
“I already think of that. She will be my assistant at first. Maybe in a few years she will be ready.”
“If that’s your decision then I will approve of it. Afterall Christel is a bright child.”
“Thank you Sarmon.”
“I think that’s it for today. Silver I leave Rick and the steel claw group to you. Moldov, please teach Christel so she will be a good member of the ten wisdom in the future.”
After that one by one the member of “order of ten wisdom” leave the room.
Varn is humming while tending to his plants. His plants could grow even though his dungeon is on icy region because he spent 500 dungeon points on agriculture control on one level of his dungeon. The effect of agriculture control is changing the temperature to 15-50 degree celcius of choice and increased the growth of plants by several times.
He was reading his [Dungeon Control] at the same time while tending to his plants. It also have some explanation about the plants and other information.
His eyes however fixated at a certain parts after a notification pops out.

“Congratulations! You have succesfully grown 100 different types of plants and sustained their life for one week. You are granted the option to grow magical plants from magic seed.”

“Magic Seed: 200 Dungeon points.”

Varn eyes couldn’t move from there.
“Magic seed…”
His eyes were sparkling reading the description.
“Magic seed is a seed that have been imbued with magic. The plants that will be grown is varies.”
Varn aspire to be a farmer at first before his fate lead him to a different future. A magic seed is something he couldn’t missed. Magical plants that will come out from it will bear magical fruits or vegetable. How could he resist the temptation?

“I have decided. I will be a magic farmer!”

That night Varn planted a small seed on the ground.


————— Name: Varn Redheart Dungeon Rank: F Number of Dungeons: 1 Number of Levels: 3 Number of rooms: 12 Number of traps: – Number of artifacts: – Number of monsters: 2 (controlled) Number of magical creatures: 1 Dungeon points: 16 ——————- Name: Magic seed Race: Plants (Rank F) Gender: – Level: – —————–


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  1. I wonder when they’re going to find his dungeon? Maybe ch 10? Dang it i caught up to the most recent translation.

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