10 – MoD chapter 10

Master of Dungeon
Chapter 10

Another week has passed since Varn planted the magic seed. He always looking closely at it but there’s no changes. Soon, he regretted his decision for wasting 200 dungeon points on it.
But it all thanks to Alpha and Omega. They hunted for rabbits give him another dungeon points. His total points is now 40. Alpha and Omega also growing at a decent speed.

Status window
Name: Alpha Race: Ice Wolf
Rank: E Level: 3
Gender: Male Status: Controlled


Status window
Name: Omega Race: Ice Wolf
Rank: E Level: 3
Gender: Female Status: Controlled

In this one week, Varn didn’t forget to train his body. This seven years old child is running and lifting rock. There isn’t a lot he can do in here since he lack dungeon points to create things. His body is slowly benefited from his farm works too. Tending the plants, shoveling and carrying harvest gives him a basic foundation for his body.

For him, in one week he was able to gathered around 15Dp from the wolves. To rank up to E, he needs 25000 point. At this rate, he need 1666.66 weeks or 32 years to rank up. It was too slow. Rather than killing 250 F rank dungeon raider to rank up, he find better idea. If one F rank dungeon need around 5000 Dp for creation and 2000 to 3000 for traps, if he could clear 3 or 4 F rank dungeon , he could upgrade his dungeon rank.

However to be a dungeon raider isn’t easy. He know how strong his father is and he was only a C rank dungeon raider. But his resolution was firm. He was wasting a lot of time farming not because he aspire to be a farmer. He was simply running away from his responsibility. He immersed himself in farming to forget about his pain. Every night he is crying alone thinking about his parents.
After one months inside the dungeon, Varn slowly changing his routine. He now spend less time farming and do more training.

He is now able to run for two hour before feeling tired and lift a rock as heavy as himself. But he know that it wasn’t enough. He need to learn combat skill later on. For right now, he decided to learn.

Learn? Yes.
He is reading the [Dungeon Control] book carefully. Afterall he is going to be a dungeon raider so he need to learned about others dungeon. He remembered the types of trap, artifacts, and monsters for F rank dungeon. He will be prepared once he stepped into another dungeon.
In the middle of a blizzard, two people dressed heavily is walking. It wasn’t strange for blizzard to occurs in the snow mountain ridge. Judging from their clothes, they are used to this.

“Brother, look at that! ”
” What is that? It wasn’t here before. ”
The two people is seeing something out of place. In the midst of heavy snow, a faint shadow of a big building can be seen.
” It wasn’t here before brother. ”
” Yes, I know that. Could it be, a dungeon? ”
” I don’t know. We better reported this to the guild hall. ”
However the one called brother couldn’t hold in his adventurous side.
” Mina, you wait here. I want to check it out. ”
” No brother, I want to come with you. ”
” Mina, this is dangerous. ”
” Then why you’re going inside? ”
” Erm.. If something happened to you, I don’t know what I’m going to do. ”
” That’s why it is safer if I go with you. Nobody knows what is going to happen to me out here.”
The brother look at his sister and knows nothing will change her mind.
“Alright. But you have to listen to everything I say. ”
” Yes.. ”

The big brother and little sister is taking a step closer to the building just to realized the real form of the big shadow is a twin tower ice castle.

Dungeon Control
Name: Varn Redheart
Dungeon rank: F
Dungeon Points : 40
Number of Dungeons: 1
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 12
Number of Traps:
Number of Artifacts :
Number of Monsters: 2 (controlled)
Number of Magical Creatures: 1


Status window
Name: Alpha Race: Ice Wolf
Rank: E Level: 4
Gender: Male Status: Controlled


Status window
Name: Omega Race: Ice Wolf
Rank: E Level: 4
Gender: Female Status: Controlled


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