MOD ch 11

Master of dungeon chapter 11

“Brother, what is this place? ”

” I don’t know Mina. ”

” It’s beautiful ! ”

The siblings came closer to the ice palace . They stood in front of the majestic twin tower which radiated it’s grandeur even in the middle of the storm.

” Awoooo~”

Then a deep low growl could be heard.

“Brother, what was that? a wolf? ”

” I don’t know, but its dangerous.”

The brother is trying his best to stay calm.

“Mina, let’s get inside. Hurry! ”

Then they ran inside with all their might. However they were stopped by something.

*rustle* *rustle*

Two big wolfs jumped out and stood in front of them.

” Grrrr… ”

” Brother… ”

Naturally , the brother came in front of his sister keeping her behind him.

” Don’t worry Mina. I’m here. ”

Although he is sweating bullets, it quickly disappears in the cold air.

The two wolves just stayed there , without moving, staring at the two.

” Woooo~”

The bigger wolf is howling to the sky as if calling someone. Moments later, a young boy appeared. It was Varn .

“Alpha, Omega, calm down. ”

He came up and patted the two wolves.

” Brother.. Who is he? ”

” I don’t know Mina. It seems these wolves are his pets. ”

The siblings looked at Varn. They are dazed, seeing a boy petting two wolves which are much bigger than himself without any fear.

” Excuse me, my name is Ryud and this is my sister Mina. We live near here. We were on our way back from hunting for food when we saw this mysterious building. May I know who you are? And what you are doing here? ”

However, the Varn ignores him and keep playing with his wolves.

” Hey! It is impolite to ignore someone who is talking to you. ”

” Mina.. Ssshh… ”

” But brother, he.. ”

” We shouldn’t do anything rash for now. It seems the wolves are his pets. If we offended him, the wolves could kill us with ease. ”

” Sorry brother… ”

Mina was irritated seeing Varn ignore her brother, but Ryud was clearly not happy about it himself.

Then Varn look at them.

” My name is Varn Redheart and this is my castle. Please leave or my wolves will attack you. They don’t like intruders. ”

Ryud looked at Varn , his stature is small but his words have some pressure in it. He was 17 years old and his sister is 6 years old. He can see that Varn isn’t much older than his sister, but then how can he feel this pressure.

” Did you just say ‘your castle’? ”

” Yes, it is mine. Now, leave if you have no business here . ”

Varn turned his body and was about to walk away.

” Wait. If this is your castle, could we stay for a bit? The storm is raging outside and our way back is dangerous in this storm.”

Mina seemed to be unaffected with Varn’s pressure and said it bluntly. Varn didn’t look happy and the wolves are showing their fangs while growling.

“Gr…. ”

” Alpha.. Omega…”

“Hiii.. ”

” Mina.. ”

Mina just realized that she spoke too soon and Ryud stepped in front of her.

The two wolves were about to jump on them but when Varn called their names they stopped.

” Where do you live? ”

” Its just southwest of here, in a small village called Geisar. ”

” There’s a safe route behind the castle, you can walk outside, around the wall and then use that path. ”

” Really? How come we didn’t know about it? ”

Ryud and Mina have been exploring the area for two years but the path Varn told them was one they did’t know of. Mina couldn’t hold back her disbelief.

” You can choose to believe me or die in the storm. ”

Varn said before leaving them there.

” I’ll only say it once. Don’t tell anyone about this castle and never come here again. ”


” Brother, what should we do? ”

” I guess we have no choice but to believe him. If he really wanted to kill us, he could have done it earlier. Let’s go. ”

Varn , Mina or Ryud couldn’t have known that this simple encounter would twist the future.



Today, I met two people for the first time after coming here.

I don’t know if I can trust humans anymore . Afterall, they didn’t help me or my parents .

But I couldn’t kill them either. Was it because they were not guilty?

I don’t know..

For now, I just let them leave and asked them to keep it a secret. I don’t want to meet other people again. I’m afraid that I might have to kill them one day.

Alpha and Omega , maybe they are the only ones that can understand me.

For now, I just need to get stronger. Strong enough to avenge my parents.

I won’t rest until I kill the culprit.


As you have know, all my work was done from phone and right now it have battery issue.. So I can’t release chapter as normal.. If you wanted to help out, feel free to donate.. If you’re living in Indonesia, you could send me a charger lol.. Or a spare hard disk to fix my dead laptop.. Idk what’s wrong with it but the people at repair center said the hard disk is broken… Hahaha… What a bad luck for me..

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