MOD ch 12

Master of dungeon chapter 12

It’s been another lonely week after Varn met the siblings. He hoped that they arrived at their village safe and kept his dungeon a secret from the others. Alpha and Omega has grown bigger again. They have reached level 5.

Varn’s improvement wasn’t bad. Since the time he started to train, now he could lift a 10kg rock without problems. He could run for an hour before getting tired and has been swinging his self made wooden sword for a thousand times each day. Although he couldn’t see his own status but he felt happy with his improvements.

However what made him the happiest wasn’t his growth. Today, exactly one month after his dungeon was made, he unknowingly made some unanticipated progress.


In the afternoon, usually Varn have some bonding time with Alpha and Omega. However today, Omega wasn’t there. Alpha couldn’t be seen too.

He walked towards their small cave .

“Alpha! Omega! ”

” Awoo! ”

He heard some reply so they should be inside.

” I’m coming in. ”

The cave itself was not too big. But it was tall enough for a boy like Varn to stand up without hitting his head on the ceiling. The passage is as wide as Varn’s outstretched arms .

It was pretty dark but the rocks around the snow mountain ridge is emitting a faint blue glow. It was possible to still see the path. He finally reached the deeperst part of the cave. Omega is lying down inside but he couldn’t find Alpha.

Varn saw some bones at the side and Omega belly is bulging. He panicked and asked instantly.

“Omega! Don’t tell me.. You ate Alpha? ”

Omega is looking at him confused.

” Awoo.. ”

With a low wail, she shook her head.

Varn is relieved to see her shaking her head however her movements seemed to be pretty weak.

” Then, what happened? Were you guys attacked? Where is Alpha? ”

Just when Varn was asking, he heard another howl from outside. Just then Alpha appeared.

” Alpha! ”

Alpha is carrying a rabbit in his mouth. He lowered his head at Varn as if apologizing then laid the rabbit in front of Omega. Alpha looked at Varn in the eye then move his head towards Omega bulging belly. He kept repeating the same process a few times.

“What are you trying to tell me Alpha? Is Omega hungry? ”

” Awoo! ” Alpha shook his head.

” Then, why is her stomach bulging? Has she gone insane , ate lots of food and that made her fat? ”

” Waoo! ”

Another wrong guess. Varn is confused. What is happening to Omega? He searched through his [dungeon control] but he found nothing.

He look again at Omega’s bulging belly. He remember seeing the same scene somewhere. He put his hand on his head and tried to remember.

It was a long time ago. When he was still in Bruit village.

He remember seeing the same phenomenon of belly bulging.

Was it his mother? No. It was Sandria’s mother! He remembered seeing Sandria’s mother’s bulged belly.

What was it? Stomach ache?

No. Was it a sickness?

He remembered hearing people tell her there will be morning sickness, some headache.

“Is Omega sick? ”

” Awoo! ”

another wrong guess. He remembered again.

After the sickness and headache was gone, the belly became bigger. Until one day suddenly the bulge was gone from Sandria’s mother.

That day Sandria also came and told him with a big smile that she got little sister.

“That’s it! Omega, you’re pregnant! ”

” Awoo! ”

This time Alpha send a high pitched cry and nodded his head.

” That’s great! So, where is your baby? ”

However he heard no reply from Alpha or Omega. Only a sigh from the two.

For Varn, the whole process of pregnancy is still a big mistery.


Dungeon Control
Name: Varn Redheart
Dungeon rank: F
Dungeon Points : 30
Number of Dungeons: 1
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 12
Number of Traps:
Number of Artifacts :
Number of Monsters: 2 (controlled)
Number of Magical Creatures: 1


Status window
Name: Alpha Race: Ice Wolf
Rank: E Level: 5
Gender: Male Status: Controlled


Status window
Name: Omega Race: Ice Wolf
Rank: E Level: 5
Gender: Female Status: Controlled (pregnant)


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