MOD ch 13

Master of dungeon chapter 13

(Unedited / Unproofreaded version)

“Alpha is it coming?”

Varn is asking impatiently while moving back and forth outside the cave.

“hung..” alpha on the other hand can only replied with a low wailing sound.

“is it now?”

Seems like Varn is already waiting for this for a long time.


However Alpha replied while shaking his head.

Yes, varn already looking forward to this day. This is the day his new family will have another member.

At fist, Varn is trying to stay inside the cave and look at Omega giving birth but for some reason Alpha is keep pushing him outside.


A loud howl can be heard from inside the cave.


Once again Varn tried to come in but Alpha is in the way.

“Alpha what are you doing?”


Alpha is trying to tell him to stayed calm.

After some more echoing howl from inside the cave, finally it subsides after an hour.

After a weak howl coming from inside the cave, alpha moved from the cave entrance and entered the cave followed by Varn.

Varn can only look at Omega weak side lying down inside the cave.

“Omega, are you alright?”

Seemed to notice his worries, Omega nodded.

“Where is your child?”

Then Omega lifted her body up and reveal small pup with the eyes still closed . it is drinking milk from her.

“am I seeing things? Why my vision is blurred?”

Varn rubbed his eyes because the pup seemed to be blurry. Then it becomes two. After that it becomes three , four , five and it becomes six puppies drinking milk.

“What? Did I see it wrong?”

Alpha can only look at him confused? He rubbed his eyes again and the puppies is still six.

“alpha, tell me if I’m wrong, did you have six children?”


Alpha nodded.

“Ah.. it seems it wasn’t my eye problem. You have six puppies! That is great. Alpha,Omega, you have to take care of them.”


Alpha and omega nodded at Varn remarks. After that times flew past quickly.



It has been three months since Varn completed his first dungeon. He didn’t neglect his training and his farming routine helped him to build his soft mucle. His weightlifting limit is now 20kg. he could run for two hours before being tired and his sword swing has been increased to two thousands stroke each day.

It also been more than one months after Alpha and Omega puppies is born. They have increased from 10 cm size into their adult form just like Alpha and Omega when he first summoned them. Omega belly isn’t getting small either. It seemed that she is about to give birth soon again.

Since the puppies are now an adult, they have been hunting for food with Alpha. They hunt at a faster speed and at a bigger amount since they need a lot of nutrient intake. From the weekly 15 Dp, now it produces 15 Dp every day from the rabbit hunted. In a week he managed to get 105 Dp, taking into consideration 25000 Dp needed to rank up to E, he need around 239 days to rank up. It was slow but steady. Varn is satisfied with this result. As time goes and the number of wolf increased, Varn realized that it was actually not a bad idea to raise monster after all.

However he forget about one important thing. As the number of the wolves grow, the number of rabbit hunted will increased. If the numbers of the rabbit could increase as fast as the wolves then it wasn’t a problem. However the rabbit wasn’t a dungeon monster like the wolves. Thus the problem will soon arise without Varn knowing anything. It doesn’t only affect him and the wolves it also affect the fate that he is entwined with.

Dungeon Control
Name: Varn Redheart
Dungeon rank: F
Dungeon Points : 585
Number of Dungeons: 1
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 12
Number of Traps:
Number of Artifacts :
Number of Monsters: 8 (2 controlled)
Number of Magical Creatures: 1



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