Rebirth Online 2

Twenty years after Rebirth Online, the first VRMMORPG server suddenly shutted down, the sequel of the game finally launched… Most of the people waited in anticipation because Rebirth Online server closed wihout any prior notice, and no game have surpassed it since then… But, after the annauncement of the sequel, no info about the gameplay is released… Join the story of a young boy unravel the new world because it is clearly the best VRMMORPG ever..
Warning:this story may have some spoiler for Rebirth Online…


( Originally hosted on Royal Road )

Table of content

1st login – Rebirth Online II launched
2nd login – Share what you know
3rd login – I’m a genius archer
4th login – His first battle
5th login – This game is full of trap
6th login – STR archer legends, Begin
7th login – Old face

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