00 – prologue (RO2)

Twenty years ago, Rebirth Online the first VRMMORPG game server suddenly shutted down without any prior notice..
Players furious at the condition, but FFAID corporation seemed to go bankrupt so no one can do anything..
altough with many players subscribed to the game and they all p2p(pay to play) this condition seemed to be impossible…

And today, suddenly a breaking news was made and the sequel to the game is announced…

Other than the name Rebirth Online II, no other info is found..
This kind of mystery add some charm to the new game..

No spoiler, no gameplay video, no info about the world and monster…
And yet this absurdity sold almost a million in a few days…

With the counter of the opening go down every seconds, everyplayer who have subscribed troughout the world one by one received the game console..

It is no longer using the syder which is commonly used in Rebirth Online in a shape of a helmet.. All player received a box in a size of a backpack and a pair of black visor glassess..

They also recieved a small booklet titled: Rebirth Online II, where your reality is virtual…

– ToC – Next chapter

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