14 – did i just lose my virginity?

Yuhuu…. I’m back.. Did you miss me? Hohoho.. Satisfied enough with the last chapter warning section? Hohoho… Here’s another cookie…————–

Chapter 14


“eeeeh, whaaaat? Whhyy? I read your mind before I thought you would agree.”

I took a deep breath and state my reason.

“Firstly, I didn’t owe you anything. So I might as well do nothing. I don’t even know you.”

“Whaat? I just told you my story damn it.”

(no wonder our hero is “not even a bystander”)

“Secondly, concluding what you have told me before, sooner or later I will regain my consciousness back and wake up. After that I have to clean up the mess that you created. I hate it, you know. I can even say that you’re the reason I was brought to this world.”

“Damn.. You may be right.”

“And my third reason, I gain nothing from helping you. Rosalie already told me about the possibility of regain my defense and attack. I didn’t think too much for the defense because on the basic principle I’m invisible so no one will attack me, I don’t mind being as ‘Not even a Bystander’ in your case. As for my attack I can gain it from the lich. With 1000000 attack and health I think that’s enough to rule the world.”

Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first frowned after hearing my answer.

“hukhukhuk.. You’re smarter than you look. How about this? As a reward for helping me, I’ll give you my powers. You may not be able to read minds, but my blood will grant you the ability of transforming at will and longer life span. How about it?”

It’s too tempting. Human age is obviously shorter than demons. More life span means more opportunity for me to train my powers and explore the world. One day I may be able to reach saint level power or even deity level of Ecchi Master.

And the ability to transform at will… I can turn myself into tentacles.. Or maybe create several copies of my d*ck and start an orgy.. This one I can’t definitely refuse… Oh no.. This vampire’s offer is too tempting.. What should I do?

“I know you want it boy.”
With a broad smile like toothpaste advertisement Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first repeat his question.

“So, will you help me?”

“Damn I have no other choice. That offer is killing me. Very well I’ll accept.”

“hukhukhuk… You should’ve just agreed from the very beginning. But your way of stalling the deal, I like you boy.”

“erm… I don’t swing that way you know.”

“hukhukhuk… Well said boy.. Well said.. As a bonus I’ll give you one of my eyes ability. It’s my own special power.”

When he said that he moves lightning fast in front of me. He reaches out his hand and darkness cover my left eye. I can’t even react. Slowly his fingers pierce and gouge out my eyes.


After that painful experience of having your eyeball pulled out, something is now forcing it’s way inside my eyes. It’s more painful than before.

The level of pain that I suffer makes me feel like I’m going to pass out. The view get’s darker and Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first last words echoed in my mind.

“I just give you my ability to see through…”

” Use it well.. Huk huk huk…”
(urm.. Vampire with special eyes ability.. Are you kirishi*a from mush*ku?)

The following scene is not as erotic as the one in the last chapter but it’s sufficient enough to make something leaking out down there… Read while remembering the consequences.. If you want to skip it.. Feel free…I’ll put another mark where you should be reading next…

The next following scene will include some tentacles.. If it’s against your preferences, please skip until the next mark…

My body feels heavy and I cannot move it. So I just decided to open my eyes. When I wake up I see that I was lying down in a magnificent bed. Large enough to have a threesome or even a foursome.

I look to my chest and I see Alice is sleeping on top of me… I look to left and Rosalie is sleeping beside the bed, suppressing my left hand with her body.. I guess I’ll stay like this for a few minutes more.

I can smell the sweet scent from Alice golden hair. Why does a women’s hair smell so good that it’s arousing? Because of her small stature, her thigh is located directly on top of my groin. Causing something to rise up and shine in the middle of the dark.

Urgh.. Our clothes is in the way.. I’ll just leave it like this for now..

My focus now switched to Rosalie.. Based on Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first words my left eye should be able to see through. I also can feel that my left eye is different now. It’s now coloured purple but my right eye remains black. Let see.. How to use this power?

Maybe I should concentrate my power in my left eye just like when I used my unimportant existence. Suddenly I can feel that I can see through her clothes…

No no no noooo… I accidentally put too much power and now I’m looking at Rosalie as a skeleton..

I should reduce the intensity slowly..

I see her inner organs, muscles and blood vein.. Okay, like the scene when a human was made from bones and organs slowly filling the blanks..

Sweet.. Now we’re already at the inner layer of skin..

Just reduce my power a little bit then I’ll see her nude…

*Swish* Suddenly I was seeing her normally again… What the hell?

I tried to repeat this process for several times but the results is still the same.. The part where i should’ve seen her nude or at least in her underwear is always skipped. Darn.. Does it mean my mastery of this power is not high enough?

I should train it later and try to use the second ability I got, the ‘Transformation’ ability.

I experiment with my right hand that is free. I concentrate slowly just like how i used my unimportant existence. I heard that transforming yourself need a lot of concentration. Moreover you should have a clear image on what you’re going to transform to.

With the help of my ecchi master, my imagination power maybe is on the level of sovereign…
Turn it into a tentacle.. Tentacle… Tentacle.. Of course these kinds of tentacles have been written in my mind from my light novel knowledge… It should be slimy, smooth, have a round end and because i don’t like how gross a tentacle looks like, I’ll make its colour clear like water..

After couple minutes of adjustments and revision, my right hand of tentacles is now complete. Five tentacles have been formed and it’s crystal clear just like water. I can easily disguise this when it’s raining or even at the bath.

I quickly turn my left hand which is under Rosalie’s body into another swarm of tentacles. I didn’t do this to take out my hand from Rosalie’s body. But I’ll take this time to slowly and pleasurably roam around her body.

Starting from her cheek, neck, and finally my tentacle hands get inside underneath her clothes.

I circle my tentacles around her two mounds but I didn’t squeeze it like before. I’m afraid that she will wake up.

In the same time my right hand is on a roll on Alice body. Her undeveloped body leaves me no place to enjoy her chest area. So I moved down to the lower side of her back. Resting on something that’s surprisingly plump.

Something underneath my pants clearly was about to explode. Driven by ecchi master, I continue my left tentacles on Rosalie’s body. Moving to her stomach and going lower than the abdomen. I carefully caress her inner thigh.

Damn.. Rosalie woke up. I didn’t know her inner thigh is so sensitive.

She quickly stand up and my tentacles surging out from her clothes..


Okay, the storm has passed and you may continue…

My left tentacles is now swarming and twirling in a disgusting manner. Rosalie’s eye also looked at my right tentacles that rested on Alice round bottom. Her red hair is now standing and I can see hellfire from her eyes…


*slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap*
-99hp -99hp-99hp-99hp-99hp-99hp-99hp-99hp

I didn’t know how long it continued but right now I can feel blood coming out from my nose and splattered around the white covers of the bed.

“Onee-chan.. What happened?” Alice woke up slowly because of the commotion and using one hand to rub her eyes.

When Alice eyes is now open, she is shocked and looks like seeing a nightmare..

She is stuttering…

She look at her surrounding and blood spread on the bed… She looked down realising that she’s sitting on top of me.. With something that looked like a tent in my pants residing comfortably sandwiched by her thigh… She starts to cry and scream…

“Oneeechaaan… Did i just lose my virginity?”

—————–This short chapters actually giving you some insight to the new ability that Kuro has gained… It please you guys right? Hohohoho….Anyway as usual after couple of intermezzo but interesting occurrence.. We’ll proceed with the main story…Thank you for always reading… For new guys, welcome to the ero-brothers family…..——————

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