21- S & M ???

Yuhuuu…. This chapter going to have a bit of info.. Let’s proceed. Anyway, I have submitted the side story of vahjra in the wizzard in wonderland contest.. Do you think I have a chance of winning? It would be great if the ero name gain some honour lol… Here’s some cookies..

Chapter 21

“neko-mimi? How do you know about that word?”

“hmh.. It seemed that I’m not mistaken, you must have come from the same world as the human hero am I right?”

I don’t know what he’s saying but there’s must be a connection about the neko-mimi and the hero. Let play along for now.

“probably. So, would you tell me how do you know about neko-mimi. It’s not a language of magora I believe.”

“let me tell you about my story first. My name is Simba and I came from the Tropico tribe. It’s a tribe with the same family as Tribeca but we’re slightly superior. My father Mufasa is one of the demon generals. Because of that I was involved in the battle with the human side.”
(Google out simba and mufasa lol)

“eleven years ago I faced with someone strong from the human side. At that time, the member of my tribe ambushes him and he cried out “neko-mimi”. That process trigger something in my heart. It was a special power called neko-mimi lover, and it has been awaken inside me.”

“when the battle ends I tell about this power to my father and I couldn’t help but love the Tribeca tribe. My father as the clan leader see me as a rebel who degraded our tribe status by liking Tribeca tribe which is the lowest from our race. Because of that I was no longer considered as his son.”

“so, why kidnap all of the Tribeca tribe?”

“I’m not kidnapping them, I take care of them and protected them from harm. Also by collecting them all here. One day, someone with the same power like me will surely appear before me.”

There’s something wrong with his head. Maybe his father hit his head too hard when he was still a baby.

“so that’s the reason you took all of the Tribeca race here. But let me ask you something, how can you take it this far? There’s a possibility that you will greatly injured or even died in the process.”

“of course because my power isn’t just neko-mimi lover. There’s also guardian of neko-mimi skill. Making me could even risk my life to protect the Tribeca tribe. And I’m not that weak you know.”

The more I talk with him I feel I have lost my common sense.

“anyway, you say you’re not that weak. Of course you manages to defeat three demon generals. They even said that you’re on par with the demon king.”

“hah.. What a joke. It’s all nonsense. Let me tell you about the demon king army composition. The demon king army consist of soldier level demon, commander level demon, and generals level demon. Soldier and commander level each have low, normal, and high ranks. For generals there is only one rank. However above the generals level but lower than the demon king there is a higher secret ranks called the zodiac. And I’m one of them.”

“wait, I lost myself in there. So, you’re actually the demon king secret subordinate?”

“you can say it like that. In the zodiac there are five individuals. The queen, the bishop, the knight, the rook, and the pawn. All serves under direct commands of the king.”

I couldn’t believe that this cat maniac infront of me is actually stronger than Vahjra or even the lich.

“so, what rank are you?”

“I’m just a mere pawn in the zodiac order.”

What? There are actually four more people stronger than him. If i take it into accounts, they all should be powerful, moreover the demon king above them. For the last hero to manages to cut one of demon king horns. One could only be worried about the next hero. It’s all make sense how big is the threat given by the summoned hero until he needs to summon one for his own.

“so, how can you called you-know-who even though you have a title as prince of darkness? Why even a Nymph scared when she hears your name?”

“hahaha.. You actually loves neko-mimi so much to the extent you searched about my past. Alright, I’ll tell you. Our Tropico tribe has a special eyes ability to see in the dark, and I’m the only darkness magic user in my tribe. Also because I’m the son of the clan head I was nicknamed prince of darkness. As why they changed it to you-know-who it must be because my action in saving the Tribeca tribe.”

“and, how it makes everyone scared when they hear your name?”

“it’s because my guardian of neko-mimi power. If i see a neko-mimi is being tortured in front of me or treated unjust, I’ll torture that demons to death. No matter how far he ran, I’ll chase after him. No matter who stands in my way, I’ll talk with my fist. When I collected the Tribeca tribe probably one million of demon have been killed by this hand.”

What the? This man is more like a psycho stalker than a guardian.

I guess I have talked enough with him. Let’s remember the reason why I have come here.

“so, what do you do with the tribeca tribe here? Can’t you let them go?”

“I’m sorry i can’t do that.”

“eeh why?”

“I already told you that I’m a guardian of the Tribeca tribe. There’s no reason for me to put them into danger. Why did you keep asking me to free them?”

Guess making him my enemy will brings bigger trouble than it worths. Ater his earlier explanation, his bad personality seems like someone who bear grudges towards other. Let’s just tell him the truth.

“owh, you need to help other demons to remove your curse. Too bad these Tribeca tribe didn’t need any help.”

“eeeh, what do you mean?”

“Jana. Please explain it to him.”

After that one of the naked demon cat step forward and gives a shocking explanation.

“mister, don’t worry about us nyaan~ boss take really good care of us. Out there, we need to force ourselves to work as a peddler. Moving around the demon region to make a living is really dangerous, in here master keep us safe. We really thanked you for your intention but we really didn’t need your help.”

What? So all my effort to go here is useless?
“but..but.. You’re naked. And you have chains attached. And you’re locked up in jail.”

This time Simba smiled and show me something shocking.
“about that… Let me show you…”


These following scene have some S&M play.. If it was not to your liking please skip these parts… You’re required to be at least 21 years old to read this..

Simba pulled jana on her chained collar and causing her to fall down on her kness. She’s now on all four crawling on the floor.


“boss.. I’m sorry I break a plate earlier.. Please.. Don’t punish me…”
Jana was begging while holding on Simba’s leg.

“no no no.. Bad girl need to be punished..”
Simba took out a leather whip and strike it in the air.

*ctak* (I’m not sure about this onomatopedia)
“please.. Boss.. I’ll be a good girl.”

The whip ends hit jana’s chest leaving a red bruise mark.

“boss… It hurts.. I’m sorry I won’t repeat it again..”

Some tears can be seen on her eyes.

“I have to make sure that you won’t do it again..”
*ctak* *ctak*
The whip this time hit jana’s body. It also several times hit the pearl on jana’s chest.

“uhnn… Boss…”
Strangely enough I can see a hint of pleasure on her face.

*ctak* *ctak*
It continues to leave red marks on her body.

“boosssss…. I’m sorry…”
Right now the tears is coming out from her eyes non stop..

“alright.. I believe you.. Please be a good girl from now on.”

“I’ll be a good girl boss… I’ll obey everything you ask me to.. I’ll do everything for you..”

Whit an evil smile Simba said.
“excellent.. Now, spread your legs.”

Jana’s sobbing and looked as if she was forcing herself to spread her leg open. Revealing her lower mouth that’s surprisingly wet.

“Good girl.. Here’s your reward..”
*ctak* *ctak*
Simba’s whip skillfully hit Jana’s lower mouth and graze her lower pearl a couple times without missing or hitting other area.

“Aaahnn.. Bosss….”

“is being watched turn you on? I could see your lower mouth is wetter than usual..”

“I’m sorry boss.. I try to be a good girl but turns out to be a bad girl..”

“that’s right and you need to be punished more severely.”

I can only watch the scene in front of me with mouth open wide. I’ve read n*na to k*oru but seeing it myself is even more hardcore.

Simba took out a wooden horse, but the saddle shape is a triangle. It should be painful if you sit on it.

“No.. NO.. Boss.. Please.. Don’t…”
Simba lift Jana and put her on the horse while pull her arms to the back and put some kind of cuff.

“Now, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Simba is squeezing jana’s chest with both hand from behind.
“Aahn.. Boss…”

“are you a bad girl?”

“yes boss.. Please punish me more.”

“You’re asking for it.”

One of Simba’s hand now is moving down to jana’s lower abdoments. Finding a small pearl inbetween her leg that rested on the triangle saddle. He then moves his hand roughly.

“boss… Boss… BOSS… ”

Jana’s body arched and then sends streams of water. It was gushing out so hard as if I was seeing a mini rain in front of me.

If you decide to skip, you can resume now…

“so, do you realize why they don’t need your help?”

I look at Jana and see a satisfied smile on her face. She was rested motionless on the wooden horse. I’ve heard about it before. It’s a S&M play.. It stands for Sadistic and Masochist. What I’m seeing right now is a cat fetsish sadist and a horny cat masochist. They really don’t need my help.

“tell me, why you’re trying hard to help Tribeca tribes?“

Guess I have no choice but to tell him the truth. About me being a hero and my journey to remove my curse.

“wow.. So you’re a summoned hero.. No wonder you know about neko-mimi.. As on how to remove your curse, I guess I can help you. What’s more it is more likely something that could danger your life so the effect will be greater.”


I guess coming here is not a waste afterall.

“there’s someone among the zodiac rank that always need a help. It’s the zodiac queen.”

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Anyway, can anyone guess what’s going to happen next? Hahaha.. Is anyone mental got attacked by s&m or awakened to it? Hahahaha

See you guys in the next chapter..

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  1. About the Vahjra… I hope that goes well, it has the makings of a great story, I already love the bloodmage character after reading Wizzard in Wonderland & am all for a tale depicting his journeys prior to & following the Dragon fight. What did he do, who did he fight, where did he adventure/hide out/heal up, how does he think/operate/survive & lastly… Who did he f…, what did he do to them. I mean… wind, darkness, water & then blood… oh the possibilities.

    • Thanks.. I was thinking of the possibilities..
      It once crossed my mind however my hand is now too full.. Hahaha..
      I will consider it seriously once one of the series ended..

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