30 – the xxxxxx

Yoyoyoyoyo…… Put your hands up if you’re ready for another mind breaking facts.. Now, after this chapter I’ll give you two extra chapter.. One will be seriously ecchi.. Really, it’s seriously ecchi.. Without any further delay. Here’s the chapter.

Chapter 30

With Sai the Tama Godlike speed, we quickly arrive at gandur mountain range where my rhinodillo is left. At first I thought we’re going to travel back using the rhinodillo but Sai the Tama absudly pick up the rhinodillo in one hand and runs again carrying me and rhinodillo. When the night falls, we arrive at the catacomb.

(does anyone realize it’s been 10 chapter since we last see the girls except for the Q&A.)

When we arrived I see Rosalie is running towards me.


I don’t know whats wrong but she is on her demon princess mode. Too bad my defence has grow and it only tickles. It seemed that Rosalie also realize this.

“Rosalie what did I do wrong?”

I want to know her reason for attacking me like crazy. But seeing her slap doesn’t affected me I soon see her true power.

“Hell Inferno!”

She is now hovering in the air. It’s probably because of her true form, phoenix. Her red hair flutters in the air like a phoenix tail. From her hands, a surge of red fire come forth, heading to my direction.

*crisp* *crisp*
Altough I didn’t take any real damage but it was hot, my hair is burned in afro style and my clothes turned into ash. I’m practically naked tangled in the inferno.

“Don’t think I didn’t know what you do on the bath!”

Ooh.. It’s because that.. I don’t know how she found out. I’m sure nobody notice me.
When the fire subside Rosalie is pointing towards my lower half.

“W-w-hy are you naked? Don’t tell me you want to show me that thing.”

“Well it’s your fault you know.”

“Quick, makes it dissapear.”

On that note I reflexly make it dissapear.

“What are you doing? Make your lower half dissapear too.” she said that flustered.

Uups my bad. Because it was on reflex I only make that part dissapear.


“Hmph.. Don’t think I have forgive you like this.”

With that she hurriedly enter the catacomb, me and Sai the tama who is uninterested with what just happened follows after her.

“Onii-chan you’re back!”
Alice come running and hugs me where Irene is giving me a polite bow.

“Welcome back master.”

“It seemed like you have remove your curse.”
I look at the source of the voice and it cames from a cute girl wearing a purple robe. I can still see her beauty underneath the hood and that purple hair really matches with the robe she’s wearing..

“Eeeh, who are you?”

“It’s me Valeera. Is that surprise you so much? And who’s the man behind you?”

It was the first time I see Valeera in her human form, of course I’m surprised to see that eerie looking skeleton became a fine-looking woman.

“Aaah yes, this man is Sai the Tama. Zodiac knight, one of the zodiac rank.”

“Zodiac rank?”

Alice, Irene and Valeera doesn’t seemed to know about the zodiac rank. It seems that the fact they are a super secret elite squad is true.

“You can explain it later.. I think what you needed right now is a shower and change of clothes.”

Valeera is pointing her index finger at me up and down my body.

Aah right.. I just remember I’m literary naked. After that I entered the bath and clean up myself. I wonder will Irene came trough the door and say.
“Master, let me wash your back.” Huehehehehe. But until I finish my bath, she never came.


“So, care to tell me what happened?”

This time we are all seated. Even Rosalie who still sending death’s glare at me looked eager to listen.

I told them about Simba true identity as one of the zodiac ranks. Also my journey visited Linia that I overcame with such *cough* difficulty *cough*. The story where I spar with Sai the tama. Catching an undead dragon with Cinder and finally when I succeeded in removing my curse when helping Ukog…

“Hmm.. Let me see your curse..”

As an expert in curses, I really hope that Valeera could help me.

-Heart breaker xxxxx (oh no.. It seemed like you have broken a pure heart. But you don’t know who is it. You can’t even tell if it’s a she or a he. Because of that the cupid has decided to curse you. *your attack power can’t exceed 1. No matter what weapon you use.*)

“Hoo.. So you’re quite a player huh?”
Rosalie is saying that with menacing look.

“Who is your former girlfriend onii-chan? Tell me and I’ll drink their blood.”
Alice is pouting and repeatedly moving her arms up and down..

And the usual calm but naughty Irene reaction is something even more outrageous.
“MASTER… Let me shove some vines into their a** then I’ll gag them and do ****** ***** ***** then ****** after that ******“

Whoa.. I never know Irene is so scary.. My ears even couldn’t process her words completely.

“Kuro, you know I’m jealous at you.”
This ignorant Sai the tama words isn’t helping at all.

“I could probably identified the xxxxxxx. Would you like me to?”

“NO!” “YES”
I was saying no but the girls are shouting yes altogether. Oh God.. Please don’t let it be a girl. I can’t let her suffer the wrath of these girls..

Wait… Am I hoping a guy to love me? Sh*t.. Nevermind what I said before God.. Make it a girl.. Definitely a girl..

Forced by the girls I was brought infront of Valeera. This time she do what she did to me earlier. White ring hovers above my head and like a scanner moving up and down. It continues for several minutes accompanied by various change in Valeera facial expression. She finally stopped and the ring dissapear.

“Who is it?”
The girls asking that curiously but Valeera frowned.

“I don’t know if I should tell you.”

Judging from her reaction it was not a good sign.

“Tell us quick.”

“It was his relatives. It could be his sister or his brother.”

Of course the girls are surprised but it was more shocking for me. How could my own brother or sister fallen for me. It’s a miracle if I talk to either one of them. How could this?

“So can we remove this?”
I better changes the direction of this conversation before the girls asked anything else.

“I can probably summon the soul here.”

“WHAT? Summon the soul? Does it mean whoever it is, is already dead?”

Valeera shows a bitter smile before continue.

“The chance of that happening… Is 96%..”

I fall to my knees instantly.. It was a shock to hear the xxx person could be my brother or sister. But hearing that they are already dead is even shook my mind. I never really care if it was my parents because they kicked me out.

However my brother and sister is a good kid. They never talk to me. They never disturb me in my room. They never mock me if I read light novel in front of them. Basicly they are just like air arround me.

How could this possible?

“So, do you want me to call the soul?”

I don’t know what to say anymore..

“Give me time to think about it..”


After that I walk away from that room but nobody try to stop me.


Late at night I hear a knock on my door.

“Come in..”
I don’t have any strength to open up the door or even wake up fron the bed.

“Kuro.. Are you okay?”

I see Rosalie’s coming in wearing a red silk night gown. Darn.. If I’m on my usual mood I will jump at her like a ferocious beast.

“Kuro.. I’m sorry for what happened today. I know it must be hard for you.”

Surprisingly she is here to console me.

“I haven’t forgive you for your past action… So, I’ll forgive you if you do me a favor.”

Great.. Now I’m in a bad mood after hearing my brother or sister is probably dead and you ask me for a favor.

“Would you….. Would you….”

Darn.. She’s even make it more annoying…

“Would you have a date with me tommorrow?”


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