39.1- special extra.. blossoming flower..


If you can’t handle the bulging uncomfortable feelings on your pants please don’t read this…

The following scenes is rated 21+ mature for having highly descriptive sexual interaction…

If you are under 21 years old and didn’t like ero contents, please close this tabs right now….

If you insist to read, please don’t blame me later on…..

Read each sentences carefully and slowly.. I recommended you to read 1 sentences in ten seconds…

39.1 blossoming flowers

-6969Hp -6969Hp

I was woken up by a familiar feelings. Darn I know this. Usually I open my eyes and can see Irene is already there eating it like an ice cream.

What is this? It’s all dark… I can’t see anything..

I tried to move but something is tied to my limbs. I cannot even move.

-6969Hp -6969Hp

With the pleasurable feelings continue I tried to move and break away.

“Waawer wuw wawewwy wawek?”
(master you already awake?)
It was Irene usual voice, talking while her mouth is still full.

“Irene, what is this? Quickly let me go!”

“wawem wowwy waaweww. Wai wawewn.”
(I’m sorry master. I can’t)

I continue to struggle but soon her body was on top of me. I can feel her smooth thighs sandwhiching my cheeks. But her mouth didn’t let go of it.

-6969Hp -6969Hp

“Aaaaaaahhh….. Mmmmppphhh”

I was moaning because of the constant pleasure but something soft is blocking my mouth.

I don’t know what happened but right now I can only succumbed to the pleasure.

“Mmmphh… Mmmmmhhhh…”
Suddenly Irene let out a voice while still sucking.

Now, in my lower abdomen I can feel her chest touching it.

She moves his hand to her chest and I know this feeling. This is the feelings of her leaf bra.

She slowly took out the two round mounds on her chest without tooking the leaf bra off.

I know it because right now I can feel skin contact with two flower buds on her chest.

These two flower bud is soft at first and is rubbing gently on my stomach.

Not long it soon becames hard and rubbed itself harder.

“Haaaaah… Haaaaahh.”

I can hear Irene moan is now louder than me.

“Mmmph.. Mpphhh..”

I can tell that she’s enjoying herself right now.

The heavy feelings on my body moved and now concentrated on my lower abdomen. It seemed that Irene has changed her position.”

Her mouth isn’t as deep as it was before and stay at the tip.

Right now, the two buds is touching my nether area and soon it is squeezing mine using the two mounds where the buds reside.

After that she moved her body up and down causing me to followed her movements.

I know this feelings. Linia do it to me once. Irene’s movement is sloppy but the pleasure is superior.

“wow wuw wiwe wiww waawwer?”
(Do you like it master?)

“Mmmmmmhhhhh. Yees Irene.. Aaaaaahh…”

I can feel that it is now throbbing hard.

“wiww wiww wow wee.”
(give it to me)

It shouldn’t have been asked and I’ll be gladly to give it to Irene.

“Irene… It’s here… I can’t hold it back anymore…. AAAAHHHH…”

I convulsed for several seconds and sending gush of my seed deep inside her mouth.

“mmmmpphhhh…. Mmppphhh…”
Irene is drinking it down greedily. I don’t know why but it is much more than the usual.

My body twitched and my lower half gotten limp.

“Aaah… Huff… That was amazing Irene. Huff…”

I was saying that while trying to recover my breath.

Irene mouth is pulled and the two mounds feeling is lifted. But she didn’t moves her body away.

I can feel that she rotated herself on top of me.

“This isn’t finished master.”

When she say that I realized that she take off my blindfold.


I saw her sitting on top of me, putting one hand on her chest and the other on her thigh.

“Master.. I know you feel sad knowing that your siblings may have died.. Let me console you…”

She said that gently giving me no room to refuse. Not like I’m going to refuse in the first place.

Her right hand is playing on her chest and teasing the small bud in the middle.

Her left hand….
It is slowly moving on her thighs toward a erogenous place.

“Master.. All these time you gives me your seed.. This time, let me give you my nectar.”

She is wearing a maid outfit so her lower body is covered by a skirt. She moves her hand and cast it away. Revealing a smooth skin and green colored panty.

In the middle of it I can see a small wet spot is forming.

“Mmhhh.. Master… Would you like to see my flower..?”

I nodded without able to say anything.

She slowly moves her hand to one side of the pantie and pull the fabric from the right to the left…

She is showing me her flower..

It was the first time I see one up close..

The flower trembles and with her hand Irene forces it to blossom..

In front of me I see the full blossoming flower.

“Irene.. You’re so beautifull.”

That comes out of my mouth unconciously and Irene blushes when she hear that.

“Wait until you see my nectar master.”

When she said that her hand is moving to the upper part of her flower. Revealing a small bud covered by a petal.

She circle her fingers around the bud and the hand on her chest now joined rubbing her flower…

“Mmmphhh… Masteeer… Keep looking at me..”

Her hand is moving furiously..

“Aaah… Masterr… I’m sorry that I’m such a lustful nymph… I’m sorry that I have to drink your seed… In return, please.. Aaaahh… Let me gives my gratitude… Mmmphhh… By giving you… Haaahhhh… My… Mpphhh… Nectar…”

Her breathing got rougher making it hard for her to talk.

“hmmph… MASTEEERRR…. Aaaaah.. Aaaaahhh… AAAAAHHHHHH.”

Her body arched backwards showing me the full bloom flower.

From the middle of the flower, a gush of clear water comes out.

It is heading towards my face.

My face is sprayed with the water and some got into my mouth.

It was sweet. Much sweeter than any sugar or honey.. This is.. Irene’s nectar..

I moves my mouth to catch as much as I can…

“mmhh.. Do you like it master?”

“Yes. I like it very much. Thank you Irene.”

“Hehehe.. You know master it will be hard for you to drink it like that. If you want… You can drink it directly from my flower…”

I gulped down unconciously thinking what’s going to happen next… Drinking it directly… From that sweet flower of hers…

“but sadly it seemed that I have run out for nectar right now.. Let’s do it later master…”

As she said that she immediately corrected her clothes, stand up and leave.

“Thank you master.. Lets do this another time.”

I just smiled seeing her dissapear…

Am I forgetting something?

Aaah… My limbs is still tied to the end of the bed.

“Irene… You have to take it off first!”

Today I have to make a shocking announcement.. The god’s play series which planned to be released every day must have put on hold.. Because I barely have time to write.. Work work work..

So if you can help me to write more, that would be great.. Anyway.. How’s this blossoming flower chapter? Does it serves you well? Hahaha…

Cheers ero-brother… The flower should never wilt.. Hahaha…

Thank you for reading and see you at the next chapter..

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