39 – who’s going to be the first?

Work like a horse… Sorry ero brothers it seemed like I can only write a chapter a day… Enjoy..


In the morning I was waken up by a familiar feeling.

-6969Hp -6969Hp

It was Irene. However I can feel something different from inside me. My right eye hurts so much. This never happened again since my left eye was given a see trough power by Rattaniel.

I feel a sudden urge to channel my power to my right eye and suddenly my view is chaged. Right now I can see Irene status, level, exp, hp, mana, even other things like satiety level, bladder, comfort, even lust and climax level. I can see that right now she’s utilizing a spell called “double suction”. No wonder I always feel there is another mouth inside her mouth.

Aaah.. This heavenly feeling is caused by this spell.

“woow wowing wawwer!”

“Good morning Irene. Please continue.”

Aaah.. Am I forgetting something? I’ll think about it later.

Fifteen minutes later Irene left the room satisfied. Wait… What did I forget?

Oh right.. What happened yesterday after I drink the blood? Why am I in this room?

I cleaned my self and goes out to meet K.K.

K.K. Greets me with a big smile.
“You finally awake. Just about time.”

“K.K. What happened actually?”

“Take it easy boy. First, eat some breakfast.”


Seeing I’m in no position to hold my hunger, I decide to grab some food first. The girls is already there eating their breakfast.

After we finished breakfast, Rosalie opens up the conversation.
“So, K.K is what you said is true?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s true. I already confirm it with my eyes and you can ask him for the results.”

Rosalie nodded and turn her gaze to me.
“Kuro, do you notice something strange in your eyes this morning?”

“when you put it like that, yeah. It hurts a little and when I focus on it I seemed to have another eye power.”

“See, my prediction is correct.”

K.K is saying that proudly.
“What do you mean?”
I asked K.K. Up to this point from this man I can only feel mistery coming from him.

“Let me ask you something Kuro. Can you see my age using your new eye power?”

I channeled my power to my right eye and activates the new eye power. I can see K.K level, stats, and age? Whoaa.. He’s 2200 years old.

“Judging from your expression you must have notice right. I’m 2200 years old.”

“What does it have to do with this?”

“Kmowledge my boy. Knowledge.”

Now, I feel irritated. K.K always talks in circle. Never tell the point and playing in the surface.

“You better explain yourself!”
Seeing Rosalie asked him, he now have no reason to play around.

“Alright, if my princess insist.”

Great.. You ignore my question and immediately obeys when Rosalie said that.

“Do you all know about the ancient vampire clan?”
Everybody presents nod their head.

“As their direct descendants Alice by now must have notice. There’s another power of the vampire clan than just transforming.”

Upon hearing that Alice face changed 180degree.
“Don’t tell me!”
She was shocked for a moments then smile.
“Blood drain!”

What is this blood drain? When K.K hears Alice answers he immediately spoke.

“Indeed you’re correct. Anyone here besides Alice know what is blood drain?”

Of course Irene is a secluded forest dryad that didn’t knows of some trivial matters. Hikari just like me is completely blanks about this world. Rosalie as our walking encyclopedia seemed to be the only one that knows.

“Is that the blood drain power that is written in the legend? The power which belongs to the vampire clan which makes them fearsome?”

Rosalie if you have known please don’t answer a question with a question. Darn it.

K.K nodded and finally I will knows about my current situation.
“Vampire clan is famous because of their transformation ability. However what makes them fearsome is their blood drain ability. This power enabling them to copy a power of a target by drinking their blood. Not a lot of people knows about this but I’m one of them. It seemed that the blood drain power also useable by you. Earlier I give you my blood and my “discerning eye” power seemed to appear in you.”

I quickly opened my status and see a discerning eye power has been added. Wait.. If what he said is true, I can have lots of special skill in my arsenal. This power I recieved from Rattaniel is a super cheat power.

“I know that you’re happy for that fact. But this power have a big flaws within them.”

Aaah.. Why did he have to say that. Of course if this power have no weakness there’s no way for the vampire clan to be masacred, but to ruin my happy mood just like that, I hate this K.K.

“Each time they gets an ability, to learn a new one they have to drink more blood than the last. Whatsmore, each time they use the power they got from blood drain, they cannot utilize their full power. There will be a ten percent stats penalty for one day. Imagine if you use ten different powers gained drkm blood drain, you will only have one tenth of your original stats. All of the power gained from blood drain also will be considered as active power. Even passive power for others will be active power which you will have to sacrifice your stats temporarily to use.”

What? It has that big flaw? But if I use a passive power that boost stats then the penalty can be reduced right? If it’s like -100000 stats, I just have to activate a power that gives 200000 stats to nullify the effect.

” also you can’t have a power that adds stats from others.”

Darn.. My brilliant thinking of cheating the system immediatelly denied. I hate K.K.

“So, do you all understand?”

The girls and I nodded together synchronized.

“Good. So, who’s going to be the first?”

“What first?”
I asked K.K in puzzled.

“Of course who’s going to be the first one that you’re going to suck.”

The girls face all goes tense. I can see shy, anticipation, lust, happiness and various stats from them. It appears that my discerning eye power haven’t run out of time.

“Aaah, let me tell you something first. If you want to drink a blood from opposite sex, you have to drink it near their privates part, within 5 cm radius.”

Hearing that the girls faces all turned into a blushing competition.

My opinion of K.K somehow increased hearing that.

With a wide smile turning into a perverted grin I move towards the girl while moving my hand indecently.

“So, who’s going to be the first?”
Work is killing me.. Killing me.. Killing me.. I need a break… I need to maintain my calm and usual demeanor.. Cultivate ecchi master.. Cultivate ecchi master…

Aah.. Inspiration… Thank you the God of Ero.. Next… The blossoming flower chapter.. You know what kind of flower I’m talking about right? I’m not sure I can write it today.. So please wait for it tommorrow…

Sadly the series the choice we made has to be on hold project for now. I have no freakin time to write.. Even for writing the god’s play and unimportant summoned ecchi hero I hardly find the time. If you guys want to help me, feel free to click on the link below.
Thank you ero-brothers for keep reading my works and giving me strength…

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