SH ch 59

Summoned hero 59

(I forget that I already release a sponsored chapter of summoned hero so there will be only two sponsored chapters. This one is sponsored by ironman Bradford)

“Caithlyn, who did you work for?”

“Eh? Haven’t I told you already?”

“Don’t lie to me. I know that the Dibney race doesn’t threaten you.”

“E-Eh? H-how did you know?”

“Because I know that the real bad person is the resident of this jungle. In other words, it was your friend out there.”

“p-please forgive me.”

“Then, you should explain to me aren’t you?”

“y-yes. My real identity is a spy of the demon generals, vahjra. “

“then, why are you helping them free K.K?”

“it was under the order of master Vahjra, we are trying to let K.K flee so we can also found the other traitor. As you may already aware that there are two opposition on the demon king army. Those who approve you as our hero and those who opposed the idea of us, borrowing the power of human.”

“I see. Did you able to find their location then? “

“yes. I could lead you to their hideout if you want.”

“alright. We will do that later. Firstly now we need to get you out of here. Can you tell me about Niven, Piih, Tigir, and Piglit power then?”

“Piih is able to enhance his strength if he’s eating honey. Tigir have a powerful tail swipe and Piglit is just a scaredy cat. Niven on the other hand should be dealt with immediately. He is able to control time freely using the pocketwatch as the power trigger.”

I wonder why it wasn’t that unfamiliar in my ear.

“Alright. I’ll think of the best way to deal with them.”

I wonder how should I dealt with them. Honestly since I came to this world I never killed anyone nor in a position where I should kill them. But now, should I really kill them?

“Firstly, can you do something about this first?”

What Caithlyn said this is about her current condition. She is now tied up with a rope in turtle type .

“but, shouldn’t we do ‘that’ to you?”

“erm.. are you serious?”

“of course I am just kidding.”

I was saying that while I released her from her binding. Of course in the moment I didn’t forget to touches her body here and there. As a normal man it is normal to take advantages in this kind of situation.

“thank you hero. Now, do you have a plan in defeating them?”

“I’m not sure either. I mean, is it alright for me to kill them?”

“I think that was permitted since they are in the first place was a traitor .”

“alright then, can you be the bait ?”

“what should I do then hero?”

“of course, just lie down on the floor as if I’ve done ‘that’ to you.”

“like this?”

When she said that, she lied down on the floor. Of course, her wolf fur hides her private parts but actually her fur reveal lots of her skin. Her cleavage and belly wasn’t covered. It was as if she wear bikini made of fur. Her position is now lying down on the floor with her leg spread out. Of course it was covered but my imagination took over the necessary part.

“I’m sorry Caithlyn.”

“why are you saying sorry hero?”

“I will actually do ‘that’ to you.”



The following scene isn’t for those who have a weak imagination. The following scene will have some rated scene. If you are underage then I advised you to skip this part.

“w-what do you mean hero?”

Before she could get up and said anything else, I already pressed my body on top of her.


Of course at that time, the Nymphomaniac traits already took over my body. I transformed my body into a rope. Like earlier, I wrapped my body around her and put her in a turtle style bondage.

“h-hero.. please stop this!”

“don’t say that.. I know you’re looking forward to it too.”

This turtle style bondage is designed that the more you tried to escape, the tighter it is. Of course she is squirmed her body around and I can’t help it but wrapped her tighter.

The area around her chest was protruding upwards like two mountains. She clearly have dynamite body that wasn’t far behind Irene’s.

On her nether area, I wrapped myself in a “ T “ shape. Of course the I of the T was in a sensitive area. And the more she move, the more I wrapped myself tighter.

“Guuu… Hero.. what are you doing down there?”

Of course as it was my body who is transformed into a rope, I can’t help it but to transform my mouth and lick it.

“Hyaa~.. hero.. stop..”

I never thought that she was so sensitive. She shrieked so hard until the door can’t contained the sound.

“I wonder what he is doing inside.” (piih)

“of course he is doing ‘that’.” (Tigir)

“Piih, what is ‘that’?” (piglit)

“quit talking around. We just need to wait for his ‘investigation’ to be over.” (Niven)

I couldn’t help it but to wrapped her body tighter and move my mouth wildly as her body is shaking.

“Hero… stop.. no… Nooo..NOOOO….”

I can’t believe it but she already came. That was fast. I transformed my body back to my human shape and look at her powerless body on the ground. Yes, exactly like someone who have gone trough ‘that’.

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