SH ch 60.1

Summoned hero 60.1 – interlude

(this one is from bonus chapter of 1.000.000 views)

Let’s take a few moments back before I fall down from the sky palace. It was the moment when I will enter the bath . (at the chapter 57 this scene was mentioned)

“I’m sorry but I will have to cover your eyes.”

It was Rosalie. Honestly, I was allowed to enter the bath with the girls but my eyes have to be covered in black cloth. Of course it was something useless since I have <<the all seeing eye >> ability. I can easily see trough the black cloth that is covered my eyes.

“Now, can you see this?”

Rosalie said that while raising her hand in front of me making a peace hand sign.

“I think that he can’t see anything princess. “

Caliburn said that while waving her arms infront of the blindfold too.

After that I was guided inside the bath. Of course I need some help since I can’t see anything. Alice and Hikari helped me. When we’re inside, it was the girls turn first to get undressed.

I can’t help it but licking my lips. In a few moments, these girls are going to be naked in front of me.

Rosalie as usual took of her dress quickly and revealed an inviting underwear that you can see trough.

Alice with her gothic Lolita dress wear a grater belt along with her underwear.

Irene was naked instantly after taking off her leaf underwear.

Hikari was a bit shy since she was a boy in the first place. She keep glancing at the other while hiding her body.

Caliburn took off her armor and her underwear even shining because it was made from metal.

Pink on the other hand was covered in fur and doesn’t wear anything underneath.

Not long after, the meal infront of my eyes is all stark naked.

I can’t help it but let out a perverted laugh.


Unconsciously I even opened my mouth wide and start to drool.

“Kuro, why are you smiling like that?” (Rosalie)

“Onii-chan is smiling like a pervert.” (Alice)

“Brother is smiling like the old man besides our home.” (Hikari)

“Is master actually can see trough that blindfold?” (Irene)

“W-W-what are you talking about? Of course it was because of my imagination. Thinking of all the beauty infront of me is now naked.. fufufufu..”

“but hero, why did I feel that someone is looking at my body. Not that I care about that but it feels weird.” (Caliburn)

“The night falls, it’s time for the bat. Everyone, what is that?” (pink)

Pink is asking with a rhyme and pointed out to a direction. Is that, a rat tail?

With a movement faster than the sound, Caliburn already caught it and pull it out. Actually it was Mockey.

“Oh, so this is the culprit.”


Caliburn said that calmly while the other girl was screaming and trying to hide their body.

“W-wait wait.. I didn’t do this intentionally. I just entered the wrong bath.”

I raise my thumb saying “Good job” for making such an excellent excuse.

“It was understandable if it was us who just come here. But aren’t you the master of this castle?”

Irene question bring doom and invite wrath from the girls. In a few seconds I can see that Mockey was beaten up by the girls. However is that a smile? Is he actually an M?

With 1 hp remaining he was thrown up from the room. Rosalie then walks to me her naked body was presented clearly in front of me.

“Kuro, you know what’s going to happen if you take a peek right?”

I can feel the cold air emmited from her.

“O-o-of course. I can’t see anything because of this blindfold.”


Then the girl has worked up some sweat from beating Mockey up and now decided to enter the bath.

Of course I was guided by the girls too. Alice and Hikari is the one who lead me by my hands too.


My foot was hitting something then I fall down. Of course in the process I didn’t forget to situationed myself. I landed on top Alice and Hikari soft body while my hand is rested on their chest.

*pyon* *pyon*

Yes, the texture was good. It wasn’t that big but it was firm and supple.

Alice and Hikari didn’t forget to let out a scream because of that.


“what happened?”

“I fall down.”

“You didn’t do this intentionally right?”

“o-o-of course not. I can’t see anything so it was normal for me to stumble into something.”

“is that so?”

Rosalie didn’t seemed to believe me, Caliburn seemed to be giggling did they found out that I can see trough the blindfold?

“Alright, I’ll believe you.”

After that I was taken to sit down on the stool. The girls then started to clean their body. Of course the sight of girls touching their body even if it wasn’t for self pleasure, it was still arousing.

“now, it’s your turn master.”

Irene seemed to be finished washing her body and now she is trying to wash my back. She get behind me and after some time I can feel something hitting my back.

It wasn’t the bath scrub, it was something soft and round. There were two of it and some kind of hard marble can also be felt. Wait.. is she using her breast?

“U—uhnn.. Master… how did you feel?”

I’m not sure how to replied to her.

“Let me take care of the front then.”

It was Caliburn. She arrived as soon as Irene started her service.

“O hoho.. what do we have here? Why is it standing?”

“Erm.. what are you talking about?”

“Of course, why this thing is hard already?”


This time it was me who screamed. Of course it was because Caliburn suddenly grabbed it.

“what happened?”


Caliburn and Irene replied to Rosalie question.

“Kuro, are you alright?”

“yes, more importantly Rosalie, there’s still some soap on your shoulder.”

“Oh, thank you Kuro, I missed that.”



I wonder why the girls then turned to silence while Rosalie is frozen in place while touching the soap on her shoulder.

“Kuro” “Onii-chan” “Master” “brother” “hero”

The girls only called my name ..

“Is there something wrong?”

I asked nervously.

“How did you know that there is some soap on my shoulder?”

“Of course, anyone can see that right?”

“Oh, even while you have a blind fold?”

After that, I didn’t remember anything and wake up in the morning.

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