SH ch 60

Summoned hero 60

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“Niven, Piih, Piglit, Tigir, I have finished my investigation.”

Then the forest resident come in not long after that. When they saw Caithlyn laid down on the floor powerless they are only exclaimed.

“As expected of the hero, she is now powerless just because of ‘that’.” (Tigir)

“So, what have you found out Hero?” (Niven)

“I found out that the traitor was K.K.”


They all surprised when I said his name. of course they are also are traitor and on the same side with K.K.

“That is impossible. That girl must be lying.” (Niven)

“And why is that?”

“Because K.K is our friend.” (piglit)

Piglit said that on reflex but he was being stared on by the remaining forest resident. They all know that K.K was my enemy and they wanted to deny what I’ve just said but thankfully that Piglit replied on reflex.

“Stupid Piglit, now you have blow our cover.” (Piih)

“We have no choice but to face the hero now.” (Tigir)

“Oh, so you are confident that you could defeat me?”

Even though my stats are wonderful, my attack is only 5 point. Without Caliburn on my side, my attack power is really worthless. But it doesn’t stop me from attacking.

Tigir is the first one to move. He used his tail and make a swiping movement.

I ducked easily and examined the situation. Piih is going to a corner, take out a jar and start to eat the contents. It surely must be honey. Piglit on the other side was cowering in fear. As expected of the weakest. Niven on the other hand was calmly examining the situation while taking out his pocketwatch.

Now, this is the best time to make my movement. It is also the perfect opportunity to try out my skill.


I opened my mouth and a wave of lightning comes out from it. really, I feel my tongue was numbed because of the electricity shock. However the effect was bigger than I imagined.

The lightning was condensed into a ball and it move slowly towards the enemy.

“Hahaha. Is that your best skil? It moved so slow.” (Tigir)

Actually I was kinda shocked too. It moved so slow. If I have to compare it, it was even slower than my walking speed.

“If it’s like this, I don’t even have to use my power.” (Niven)

Then the forest residents expression was lighten. It seemed they really didn’t consider me as a threat. By this time, Tigir easily dodged my thunderball. Piih already finished eating honey and some of it was drooling out of his mouth.Piglit was staring at the thunderball silently. Niven also laughed mocking me.

This is the first time I used this skill. I feel ashamed too. Is it because my mana is 0? Actually this skill was casted using my own blood as the mana supply since Rattaniel Blood runs in my body. However it was a really bad decision.

Just as I regretted my decision, the ball of thunder slowly fall down and arrived at the floor.


Betraying my lame expectation, it actually causing a really big explosion. The hall that we’re now is underground and it was shaking as if the ground on top will bury us alive. Smoke of dust filled the air since the explosion was beyond my expectation. Nobody is preparing any anticipation.

“darn it!”

I saw Piih, Piglit, Tigir and Niven passed out on the ground. I also saw Caithlyn body there, she is remained powerless after ‘that’.

“I have no choice.”

I carried Caithlyn body on my back and tried to go out of here. Of course I wasn’t some noble man that will safe the other. And mainly the reason I saved her is that I can groped her while I carried her with me.


After some time, finally Caithlyn returned to her senses.

“H-Hero, what happened? Where are we?”

“We are outside of your former base. Actually when we are inside, an earthquake occurred and causing your secret base to collapsed. I didn’t have time to save the other.”

Of course it’s not that I didn’t have the time but I don’t want to. Also because the cause of the fall is actually my fault, if I let them live, they might tell it to the others.

“then hero, what do you want to do now?”

“How about going to K.K and the other traitor place?”

“Alright, let me rest a bit first. My body still feel a little bit tired.”

After she said that, she lied down again to regain her strength. But of course it was taking longer time than expected because her position forced me to do ‘that’ again to her.

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  2. This is not the frist time the hero use this skill he used this in the dungeon if i not mistake , he complain for the paralys in this mouth in that time .

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