SH chapter 56

Summoned hero chapter 56

(TL note: it’s been a while since I write this, hopefully there is no mistake in the story flow)

“Alice, Rosalie, Hikari, are you guys alright ?”

I ran to the stage and trying to protect them behind my back.

“Kuro!” (Rosalie)

“Onii-chan!” (Alice)

“Onii-chan! ” (Hikari)

”  Don’t worry,  since I am here,  I will protect you . The Dibney race kidnapped you right? Are you guys hurt? ”

” Kuro, you are mistaken. They’re not the enemy. ” (Rosalie)

” What? ”

” Yes, Onii-chan. The owner of this castle is Mockey. He is one of the demon generals. ” (Alice)

” They treat us good Onii-chan. This is just a misunderstanding. ” (Hikari)

” Hero,  I don’t think that they are lying. ” (Caliburn)

” Master, they’re alright so let’s listen to their explanation first. ” (Irene)

Meanwhile, the giants were growling and groaning.

” Please stand aside first. We’re going to sing for them. ” (Rosalie )

After that she resumed singing with the girls. After a couple of minutes, the giants in the hall are asleep. We then moved to a smaller room and sit down.

” Can someone tell me what is happening? ”

“Let me do the talking.”

Suddenly another person is coming in. He have a big round ears and his nose is pointy. His skin is deep black but his eyes were white. He look like a famous cartoon character.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Mockey. I am one of the demon generals and the Giants were under my command. ”

” So, why did you kidnapped the girls here? ”

” I didn’t kidnapped them. I invited them here. ”

” Invited? ”

” Yes. As you can see, the giants couldn’t sleep unless a girl is singing for them. Usually the dibney race is the one who sing for them. But lately they are losing their will to sing. That’s why I asked the princess, the vampire general and the white rabbit to sing instead. ”

” But, why there is a sign of ruckus and even a help sign. ” (me)

” Wait.. It must be K.K and the traitor. ” (Rosalie)

” Yeah, speaking of that, where is he? ” (me)

” When I go to personally invites the princess, vampire general and the white rabbit, I saw him too. Unfortunately we were attacked by the jungle resident. They managed to let him free. ” (Muckey)

” Who are they? ” (me)

” It was the jungle resident, Niven, Piih, Piglit, Tigir, and Caithlyn. Fortunately we managed to kill one of them Iiyori. ” (Muckey)

” How sly of them. They told me that you’re the bad guys. ” (me)

” Of course not. Even the little red grandma was killed. ” (Muckey)

I should have know it. Never believe in wolf, especially if it was a female beauty.

” So, did you have any idea on how to deal with them? ” (me)

” Hero, I think this is the best time to show your power to them. ” (Caliburn)

” I agree. That way we could reduce the number of traitor in the future. ” (Rosalie)

” Yes Onii-chan. For that I have a great idea. ” (Alice)

After that, Alice brings up a good plan. It was about me faking that I already defeat the dibney race and show up while feigning injury. I was also introduced to the dibney race member which I already saw bare.

” So, aren’t you going to rest first? It will be suspicious if you have battle with us and returned so fast. ” (Rosalie)

” That make sense. ” (me)

” In the mean time why don’t we take a bath. ” (Caliburn)

” Yes master,  I agree. Let’s take a bath togehter. ” (Irene)

”  I want to go too.. ” (Alice)

” Onii-chan,  me too.. ” (Hikari)

” I… I don’t want to do this but I have to make sure that you did nothing perverted to them. ” (Rosalie)

” the tiger have tatoo, I want to join in too. ” (Pink)

” Ehhh? ”

Rosalie, Hikari and Alice all surprised. That’s natural since pink just keep silent from before and sitting on my shoulder in her cat form.

” K-k-kuro..  What’s with the cat? ” (Rosalie)

With a pink puff sound, Pink transformed intu her alluring human form.

” K-k-Kuro.. You bring back another girl? ” (Rosalie)

” Onii-chan, you’re beast! ” (Hikari)

Before I get to say something, Alice approaches Hikari.

” See Hikari.. I already told you that Onii-chan likes then big. ” (Alice)

Alice and Hikari was talking while whispering. I have a feeling that they’re talking about me.

” So, are we going in or not? ” (Caliburn)

” Let’s get in together. Afterall the bath is big enough. ” (Irene)

” How did you know that? ” (Rosalie)

” That’s because master was pe…. ”

I quickly closed Irene’s mouth before she is speaking some unnecessary thing.

” Kuro… Why did you stop her? ”

I can feel cold sweat running down my back because of Rosalie’s gaze.

” N-no.   That was because she was confused.. ”

” Hmm.. Is that true? ”

Oh no. If she knows the truth I think I will be tortured and my injury isn’t feigned anymore. I look at Caliburn and she understands that she need to keep quiet.

”  On your elbow, there is something. If you want to know, hero is peeking. ”

Oh no… That was Pink. I forgot to ask her to keep silent because usually she rarely speak.

” K.. Kuro… ”

Rosalie is smiling while clattering her teeth trying to surpress her anger.

It seemed that I don’t have to act and feigning injury later on.

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  2. i think have a little ploblem , in a 54 or 56 , pink talk the reason she is the last or her kind is the dibney clan and now all is in peace?

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