SH chapter 57

Summoned hero chapter 57

After some ruckus caused at the bath, I managed to come out barely alive. Really Rosalie is too exaggerating things. If not for my ability and stats, I would have died more than 100 times. Just remembering her rral nature I realized that indeed she is no mistake, the daughter of the demon lord.

“So, are you ready to do this? ” Mockey asked me with a worried gaze.

” Don’t worry. I know what I have to do. ” (me)

” Hero,  let me come with you. ” (caliburn)

” As I said, no. The plan is to tell them that you were stolen from me. How could I bring you? ” (me)

” Please be careful. This is dangerous master. ” (Irene)

” Now, do you guys really don’t believe in me? ” (me)

” No,  we aren’t worried about you to be hurt. We are worried because of something else. ” (Rosalie)

” What is it? ” (me)

” It’s the wolf girl onii-san. We’re affraid that you will be tempted by her. ” (Alice)

” Me? Of course not. ” (me)

Actually.. I’m not so sure myself. Caithlyn is kind of a cute girl. I didn’t get the chance to closely examined her but I can tell that if I have a fur fetish, I will definitely fall for her.

” Brother, why your face is smiling? ” (Hikari)

” Eh? You must’ve imagining things. ” (Me)

” we really don’t know wether we should believe you after yesterday incident. ” (Rosalie)

” Come on girls. I am a decent man alright. I don’t pick up girls all the time. ” (me)

” the sky is blue , as if we will believe you. ” (pink)

Oh no, afterall, I come back everytime bringing another girl. Irene at the forest, caliburn from the dungeon and pink from the ruin. It’s all my power fault though not me.

” Anyway, shouldn’t I go now? If it was too long they will be suspicious too. ”

” Alright, and as suggested, you shouldn’t come back trough the stalk since it wilk indicate that you are coming down not on haste. ” (Mockey)

” So,  what should I do? ”

” Of course you need to jumped down. ”

” Wait.. Jump down from here? Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier? ”

Of course, jumping from 300m from the sky isn’t something smart. Even the most brave person will use a parachute or at least a rope to hold on. For me to jump.. This is crazy.

” Well then, I’ll be waiting for you Kuro. ”

I couldn’t believe it. While I was looking down examining the distance, Rosalie pushed me down. Really if one day she managed to succeed the throne, she will be a cruel demon lord.

As I am falling, I used this opportunity to check on my status.


Name:Kuromaru Ryuuji

Age:18  Lvl: 384 Exp:75%


Mana:0/0 (5000000)

Attack:5-5  (13000000)


Special power:

-really an unimportant existence(it would be hard for normal power to notice you. Even the demon king can hardly see you *higher type of skill of hiding, even if enemy have you in their line of sight if they’re careless you cannot be seen again in a blink of an eye. Why would anyone want to see you? Only some individual may notice you*)

-worthless former child(not even your parents consider you as their son *you can’t have any mana, you don’t even need it right? Even your family don’t need you*)

-Deity level Ecchi master ( given your 15years of light novel reading specializing in ecchi categories it will be easier for you to think of perverted things in any situation. You have became an expert in knowledge and practical skill in the laws of ecchi. Your Ecchi Master mental state has reached the “Godrealm” rendering mental attack useless. *because of your action, increased chance in encountering ecchi situation [increased in chance and luck]*)

-Heart breaker brother (oh no.. It seemed like you have broken a pure heart. You know it’s the twins but you can’t even tell if it’s a she or a he. Because of that the cupid has decided to curse you. *there is a little chance for you to mend a broken heart. There is a chance that you will accepted it wether it’s a girl or a brother. Your attack power can’t exceed 5. No matter what weapon you use.*)

-Hero of the demon (gives you 1000000 points in health, mana, attack, and defence)

– Apostle of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes (as the right hand of the first vampire, you’re granted the unique ability of transforming. the blood of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes that run in your vein is thicker than his descendants and 99% similiar to the original vampire clan *the greater image you have in your mind, the greater the power{transformation ability mastered}*)

– The all-seeing eye (one of special eye power of Rattaniel Vladimirovich Teppes the first. *you can see trough solid object, have you use it to peek on someone?*)

Drink blood special acquired power: *all power acquired from drinking blood requires you to temporarily sacrifice your stats 10% for a day. Any passive skill will be considered as active skill, the effect won’t show unless you activates it.*

-Discerning eyes (the eyes that let you see about some basic information from the target. It let you see their satiety,bladder,lust, etc and gives you some knowledge of their power. *if you have master it’s basic usage, higher level skill will be unlocked*)


-Nymphomaniac (a man whose sex drive is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, coloqiually means a horny man. Not to be confused with gigolo where one’s sexual dignity is pathetically low, nymphomania is simply related to an abnormally high sex drive.*you can release your pheromones as aphrodisiac, able to do sexual intercourse for three days non stop, increased health regeneration when doing sexual contact*)


-High jump (your leg power has been enhanced. You’re able to jump as high as 100m vertically and 150m horizontally. *Some even say you’re able to jump to the moon like the moon rabbit, leg power enhanced*)<man-eating rabbit>

-Autotomy (the ability to regrow parts of the body that has been cut off. Able to regrow your limbs and other part of your body as long as your head/brain still intact with your body/heart *grow another arm or leg has never been this easy, you don’t want to left behind your arms and legs scattered tough*)<four tailed gecko>

-Hypersensitive ears(you’re able to hear without not a sungle blind spot. You can hear further than your eyes can see. *Not much know that the bear have a sensitive hearing*)<draughnaut bear>

-Hard scale (your skin can grow impenetrable scale. Able to ward off weak sharp weapon such as swords, lance, dagger, even throwing weapon. *when you activates this power somehow you turned ugly because of the scales*) <armoured rhinodillo>

-Thunderball (you’re able to release an electric ball from your mouth. This skill doesn’t require any mana to use. *altough you’re able to use it doesn’t mean you’re skilled at this. Your mouth may feel numb because of the electricity*)<thunder spitting hound>

– Divine aura (People can know how strong you are just from your aura. Normal people will fainted because of the pressure. *there’s a higher tier skill available when you have mastered the skill.*) <pink>


-not even a bystander is like you(for ignoring a child in tragedy you can’t even called a bystander, you don’t even think of doing anything but the child is saved afterall * you keep risking your life lately to help others, are you even the same person? there is a chance that you will do something if the same scene happens again. The – defence restriction has been removed*)


Judging from my health and defense, I should be able to survive this fall right?

Now the ground is getting closer.

30 meters..

20 meters..

10 meters…







I could feel the earth is shaking when I landed.

The damage isn’t as bad as I thought, I still have around 5000000 health. Now, should I go and proceed with the plan?

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  2. I think is increrible he not got no skill relative of he harem , for all monster he kill or something like killer of a demon general .

  3. so much for the enemies of the sphinx , it was completely ignored
    was there any point to give her that line only to be completely disregarded pretty much in the same chapter

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