SH chapter 58

Summoned hero chapter 58

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“Niven, Piih, Piglit, Tigir, Caithlyn! ”

Itry my best to find their base and finally I succeed. After I am inside, I shout as loud as I can. I also tried to walk while dragging one of my feet to feign my injury.

” Guys, where are you? ”

After some time I arrived at the hall which is used to gather around.

” Niven? ”

” Hero! What happened ? ”

Niven realized my condition and quickly approached me.

” Niven.. This is bad. When I get up there, they already know that I will be coming. Caliburn was taken by them. I tried my best to fight them but I can’t  hold out any longer so I jumped down. ”

” So, the earthquake earlier? ”

” Yes, that was because of me falling to the ground. ”

” For heaven’s sake! How is your condition hero? ”

” I am injured. I need some time to recover. More importantly Niven, there must be a traitor among you. If not, how could they know that I am coming?”

“Impossible! ”

” Then, can you explain how they know and prepared to fight me? ”

After I said that Niven fall into deep thoughts.. Of course this is my tactics from the beginning. I will try to make them fight between theirself.


Once more Niven shout out and not long after,  Piih, Piglit, Tigir and Caithlyn is gathered.

” What is it? ” (Piglit)

” Yeah,  what happened Niven? ” (Piih)

” Huhuhuy.. Is there something wrong? ” (Tigir)

” Is that the hero? How could he is looking bad? ” (Caithlyn)

” Listen guys, when our hero reached the sky palace, they already know about his arrival. They are prepared to fight him. After fighting for a day, our hero finally couldn’t last any longer and jumped down. The holy sword caliburn was taken by them too because of this. So, you must have know what this mean. There is a traitor among us. Who is that person? ” (Niven)

When Niven said that, I could see someone trembles. As if being caught while eating a cake in the middle od the night. Wait.. Is there really a traitor here?

” Oh,  Caithlyn? I never think that you’re the traitor. “(Niven)

“… W-w-wait..  It’s not me! I swear!” (Caithlyin)

“Then why are you trembling? ” (piglit)

” Yeah, you are also sweating bullets. You are nervous right? Why are you nervous? ” (piih)

” She must be the traitor huhuhuy.. We don’t need to wait any longer. Let’s punished her. ” (tigir)

” Wait.. Wait.. We need to know, why did she betray us? Don’t you have anything to say? ” (Niven)

” I.. I.. I was forced by the dibney. If I didn’t helped them, they will kill me. ” (Caithlyn )

No, that is definitely a lie. She must be a traitor but, which sides is she on?

” You heard her boys, let us kill this traitor! ” (Niven)

” Yaaa! ” (Piih, Piglit , Tigir)

” N-n-noo! ” (Caithlyn)

What should I do?

” Wait Niven! ” (me)

” What is it hero? We have caught the culprit and we will make sure that she paid the price. ”

” Wait, can you let me do the punishment? Afterall I still need to interrogate her. ”

” If that is what you wish then.. ”

After that Niven, Piih, Piglit, and Tigir tied her up in turtle style and bring her to me.

” What are you waiting for hero? ”

” Erm, can you guys step out from this room? I need to interrogate her personally. It will be easier to make her talk. ” I whispered that to Niven.

” Oh,  you are so smart hero. Alright boys, let’s get out of the room. ”

” Eeh,  why? We want to see what he will do to her. ” (Piih)

” Yeah, we want to see. ” (Piglit)

” Huhuhuy. How can you guys be so stupid. Of course the hero is going to do ‘that’. We need to give him privacy. ” (Tigir)

I only smiled to Tigir and he give me a wink. Without a sound his mouth is saying.” Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them, enjoy yourself. ”

After a while, they all left the room. Leaving only me and Caithlyn inside.

” Please.. Hero.. Please forgive me… Please don’t do ‘that’  to me. ”

She was pleading for forgiveness but why did I see some spark inside of her eyes.

” Are you really not going to talk? ”

” No hero.. I am not wrong.. ”

” Oh? Are you forcing me to do ‘that’?”

Once again I am sure her eyes was passionately brimming when I said that I will do’ that’ to her.

“You are leaving me with no choice. ”

Honestly if I didn’t do ‘that’  in this situation, I am not a man.

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  2. Next chapter, my ero sense is going off the wall. Something naughty this way comes. For the deviant glory that is EROOOOOO!!

  3. For a comedy, ecchi novel this novel have much power game, and lies, now i am have a question if this is all in the magic cratures side , and in the human side ? what will happen? i think will me less ecchi and ero , for humans live in cytis and you cannot do THAT in a street in the center of a town whit a girl you not know .

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