“Viper Swordsmanship Technique! <<Parry>> Ugh..”




The sword that was heading right into bisecting my entire body was suddenly diverted to the side.

Just a bit to the right of my tense, dumbfounded self. Just before the sword tip met my forehead, a loud clanging sound of metal clashing was heard. It seemed that the opening due to carelessness I showed didn’t cost me my life. It almost did, but it didn’t.

A large crater was formed right when the sword tip landed on the stone floor. I am glad that, that did not meet with my skull.

For now, it seems I’m saved. But the one who saved me was the least person I would expect.

“Get yourself together! Even though you’re a follower of that cult, and are now aiding a thief, I can’t let people die in front of me!”

It was Gerald.

Holding a long sword that had a strange shape, almost like the ‘katana’ back in Japan, he was standing in front of me.

He used that strange skill that diverted the sword’s path. But it did not seem that he was left undamaged.

His right arm couldn’t take the blow that well and it resulted in it dangling lifeless before me. Bleeding out of his mouth and his broken limb, he still put up a courageous face. How manly.

“Thanks, Gerald-san..”

“Don’t thank me you criminal, I just didn’t want to see someone else pass justice on you before I did..”

After hearing me thank him, he hurriedly turned his head around in a fluster..

Eh? Tsundere?

Nah, It’s just my imagination.

I really thought he hated my guts but it seems he’s a nice guy after all. I never really got mad at him anyway since it was all due to the ring causing a misunderstanding. Putting that aside, I’m really grateful for the help. My body would be cut into two equal pieces by now if it weren’t for his self-righteous attitude.

Oops, that was rude.

“Hou, another human could somehow divert my blow? It seems that this puny race had improved over the decades that I slept. Only a little bit compared to the past though.”

The scary dragon knight was slightly surprised once again.

But just as I started to get up, my <<Intuition>> skill ringed louder than before..

“I will admit that at least. But, a little is not enough to be proud of!”

This is bad. It seems the knight got tired of playing with us. As expected, his pride is quite high.

He pulled back the sword embedded in the ground so easily. It was as if the material was made of plastic. That’s how light it looked.

Even though that’s not the case at all.

But this wasn’t the time for this. If Gerald-san takes another blow now that the enemy’s angry, I doubt he’ll survive. I had to move.

I quickly use <<Quicken>> and <<Instantaneous Movement>> together on myself, while simultaneously targeting the dragon knight with <<Intimidation>> and push Gerald-san to the side where Elise-san was. The sword was still heading over in my direction since its momentum already started. This is my chance.

Ah, I was right. It seems that he didn’t expect me to push Gerald-san away in a speed even faster than him. Giving me an opening because of the amount of fear I was directing at him, I quickly moved into his range.

Even though I seem calm on the surface, I was still mad. How dare this guy hurt someone else right in front of me. I don’t care how scary strong you are anymore.

I will my nervousness and anxiousness deep inside the pit of my stomach. I slowly extend my right fist towards his wide open abdomen. Target acquired.

Obviously I wasn’t going to punch him. What was that going to do anyway?

“Puny human, what is this power gathering!?”

Oh, he seems to have caught on. Well, it’s too late now.

Before anyone could even react, I invoked the skill that could turn tables in an instant.

At least, I hoped it would. No, please do something. I beg of you..



‘Random’ has been invoked
Beginning to randomize skills
Current Number of Choices: 9,173,452,135 Skills
Wating for result..
‘Random’ skill has chosen!
A [Mythical Skill] was chosen from over nine billion skills!
Mythical Skill
Enables the user and anyone or anything in contact

be transferred to a certain location of choice

Activating Skill..

Oh, this might be really helpful. Now, it’s asking me to choose a place to transfer to.

Hmm, I don’t have time to think about it so, let’s just go with the grasslands.

As the dragon knight’s attack was reaching its end, he was quickly gathering power to keep me away. I immediately imagine the prairies outside the city. Just far enough to not be seen by anyone. Please activate faster!

“Get away from me you strange human!”

The dragon knight tries to shake me off with fast movements and brute strength while I hang on for what seemed like a really long time. I did my best dodging his fists.

I could faintly hear the worried voices of Dazel and Elise-san. There was also the loud yelling from Gerald-san but I was too busy to pay any mind to it.

Yep, let’s go with that excuse.

Right as I was about to get thrown off, a large amount of blue light was coming out from the ground where me and the dragon knight stood. A giant formation that looked like a magic circle was spreading before our feet.

Enclosing me and the one who I was stuck to, the glow from the lights got even stronger.

Somehow I found the time to signal to Dazel with my eyes. I meant my message to say ‘Get out of here now while you still can!’ but I don’t think he can read minds.


He can!? Well, it doesn’t matter. Me and the dragon knight were completely engulfed inside the magic circle and when the lights reached blinding levels, we disappeared from the place. I hoped for Dazel’s safety while I was shielding my eyes.

We were working together for a bit. It also seemed that there was something he needed to do with the artifact. I feel bad for the knights assigned to protect it but I really don’t know who were the guys in the right after all this fiasco.

In any case, let’s reassess the situation.

As soon as the light from the teleportation magic circle dissipated, I look around the surroundings. Yep, grass. Grass everywhere.

There were a few trees and mountains in the distant horizon. If I remember correctly, this place is a one hour walk away from the city of Edoria.

I would enjoy the view of the tall grass swaying in the night wind, illuminated by the moonlight seemingly coming from the moon in the sky that was slightly bigger than the one on Earth. Of course, that was from my perspective, I didn’t actually know how big the moon was here compared to..never mind.

Putting that relaxing wish aside, I couldn’t do it anyway. At least, not right now.

Not while a heavy killing intent was accumulating overhead. Since the dragon knight was taller than yours truly, I had to look up to see his expression. Not that I could see it clearly.

He was after all, wearing a helmet. The time of night’s dark sky was not helping in the least. Even so, I could see a faint tinge of rage from the person inside the armor.

It seemed that in addition to his pride that was as high as a mountain, his temper was high too once angered. Studying the opponent calmly like this while my <<Intuition>> skill is ringing off the charts could be said to be unprecedented.

Don’t ask me how I was doing it. I don’t know it myself, but maybe it had something to do with my resistances? I was not sure for now. In any case, I had to dodge the incoming surge of magic power. This was the first time I saw this guy using magic so this is really bad.

I activate my movement skills once again in simultaneous fashion, dodging backwards as to avoid revealing my blind spot. When I confirm that I was about two meters away from the angry knight, I strain my senses towards observing his next move.

The adrenaline was rushing to my head. I could not attack nor defend either way, but I was confident in dodging and running away from any attack that might come from the enemy with my movement skill combo. This sounds a bit depressing now that I think about it.

“<<Dragon’s Body Enhancement>>, <<Dragon Rage Armor>>, <<Dragon’s Gale Speed Advancement>>, <<Lightning Clad Flame Body>>, <<Strength Limit Break>>, <<Greater Dragon’s Regeneration>>, <<Dragon King’s Order>>, <<Dragon God Ouroborous’ Blessing>>, <<Magic Weapon Enhancement>>, <<Dragon Eyes>>”

Buffs!? Don’t mess with me!!

All those buffs sound really dangerous. I involuntarily gulped in fear. Now I see why my skill was almost going to break my inner eardrums. This guy was too abnormal.

If someone would just be intimidated when looking at him before, now, an ordinary guy would faint with foam coming out of their mouths once they took one glance at him. The change was just that big. Who knew that strength from buffs could greatly change his power levels? I can’t even estimate it now, but I’m sure its worlds higher than the Knight Order combined. A being equal to an army was standing right before me.

No, even that might be sugarcoating it.

“….You, bastard that could even use lost magic! I can’t be sure that you are even a human anymore. Answer this Zetsuen, or I shall use my entire strength to erase you if you are deemed dangerous. Who are you really?”

This guy’s name is actually Zetsuen? This world’s naming sense was really out of bounds.

Not that I can complain to anyone, since I don’t know who sent me here.

“Ah, I’m Sai…Saikyou, that’s right, Saikyou is the name. I am not dangerous. I come in peace. Please don’t erase me. I am a pacifist, so I don’t like fighting.”

That was close..

I almost gave out my real name. From experience, giving out my name to strangers always leads to troublesome things I don’t want. From now on, I should refrain from giving out my real name to suspicious people that might pose a danger to my future daily life.

As I try to express my intent of no ill will, I spew out words that were used in surrender. Even though I was mad at him earlier for hurting Gerald-san, I still wouldn’t want to fight against this monster. I had little to no battle experience after all.

Last time, I had no choice but to help out Phoenix-san instinctively because I felt I had to. Compared to now, where nobody was about to die except myself, I don’t feel the need to use my abnormal status again. If I could end this with words, that would be best.

“….You, did you just really say that?”

Eh? Why is he getting even angrier than before? No, no, I was offering a truce you know? There was no reason to get mad at me now that I didn’t have the artifact.

I remained silent because I didn’t know what else to say to Zetsuen since I didn’t even know the reason for it. I could only wait for his next words..

“Having the same name as the ‘Ancient Dragon Slayer’, are you mocking me?”

What!? Who the heck is an ‘Ancient Dragon Slayer’!? No, don’t look at me!

“No, no, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You have the wrong person!”

“Enough talk, you have angered me for the last time. A dangerous and mysterious existence such as you have to be erased now. Take this!”

Ah, he was too angry to listen to reason. To think I was getting attacked for a reason like having the same name as someone else. Wasn’t this too pitiful?

There was nothing to do about it now. Let’s prepare to dodge once more!

I invoke my movement skills almost reflexively and dodge the incoming swing that seemed five times faster than before. But just as I relaxed my guard after dodging..

“You think that’ll work again!? You’re underestimating me too much!”

In the middle of the sword’s swing right above my head, slicing a few hairs left floating, the hand that was holding the handle suddenly let go. Oh crap..




The hand suddenly balled up into a fist and it was suddenly surrounded in bright red flames, accompanied by crackling electricity. All this happened within a second, or it might have even been shorter.

I couldn’t react at all since my dodging movement was still underway. As much as I willed my body to move back, it was impossible. All I could do at that moment was stare into the bright golden eyes on the knight’s visor.

It was as if time had slowed down.

As soon as it started moving again, that fist made contact with my abdomen. Naturally, I was sent flying high into the sky. A short but fleeting moment of a slight floating sensation was felt with my entire being. Right until I crashed into the hard ground.

A large crater was created from the impact, turning the lush grass in the area around myself into crushed earth with cracks running through it.

I couldn’t even begin to describe the pain. I could not move any of my limbs no matter how much I tried. Blood was flowing from my back, head, and mouth. The cold night breeze only served to induce more pain when coming in contact with my skin.

My head was becoming blank. My body growing cold. Am I going to die here?

Was I wrong in trying to solve this in words? No, I think there was something about my words that struck a nerve with him for some reason.

So it was this easy to die in this world.

I always thought that this would have a high chance of happening soon, but to actually experience it was a different story. It hurts, it really hurts.

The peaceful Japan where I came from would never had let me die this way. I get slightly homesick when I was starting to lose consciousness. I didn’t want this to happen.

But it couldn’t be helped.

I was dragged into this world without my consent after all.

I was just a normal guy that liked to play games.

My easygoing mindset back then still wouldn’t be replaced with my cautious self even after I came into this new strange world.

Thinking that ‘everything will work itself out somehow’ somewhere in the back of my head the whole time was the truth. Even though I would have never admitted it.

What can I say?

Old habits die hard.

I begin to think of my last thoughts while drifting to blackness while enduring the slowly lessening pain all over my body until I heard those words..

“So it was just my imagination after all. He was just a weak human just like the rest of them. But still, this isn’t going to quench my rage, maybe I should go back and slaughter some humans. They can afford me that at least as compensation for making me angry, can’t they? It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not gonna listen to any weaklings.”

Eh? He’s going back? To the city?

What’s more, to kill innocent humans?

When I thought of his words just now, the faces of Dazel, Elise-san and Gerald-san popped into my head. They were still in the city.

Originally, I brought Zetsuen here so I could calmly talk about why the artifact couldn’t be used by humans. I was planning to mediate between the two parties to get the best result without bloodshed since fighting is troublesome.

But I could care less about that now.

It was one thing to bring harm to the pitiful me who just goes with the flow.

But it was another to involve people that had nothing to do with this.

If I let this guy go now, I will forever regret it. Maybe even in the afterlife.

The one thing I didn’t want the most, was to leave with regrets.

If I was going to die, I would at the very least, take him down with me!

I am not a hero.

Nor am I trying to be one.

Even if that was the case, I am not cruel enough to let people get hurt when I could’ve done something myself. What use is strength when you can’t use it for what you think is right? If I had this power, I would not hesitate to wield it for others in times of need.

Some may think I was hypocritical.

But right now, I don’t give a damn.

Again, I am not a hero.

But if someone told me to lay down and die like this, and to leave this problem to others?

I would surely say to them..


Just as I was about to head towards the human city to let off some steam, a strange feeling engulfed the entire area. What is this feeling..

When I turned around, I found the source.

The weak human who I presumed to have died already was standing, albeit slowly.


An ordinary human should have died from the punch alone. Much less the impact to the ground. Was this really a human? I could not see through him now even with my <<Dragon Eyes>> skill already scanning him.

Strange, his appearance had also changed. I could have sworn I saw his hair was a dark shade a moment ago. But now, it had changed into the gleaming silver strands, perfectly in tune with the moonlight raining down on the land.

I could not see his eyes covered by the long hair in front of his forehead but I could tell that his wounds had stopped bleeding. I was sure I sent a surge of lightning inside his body to inhibit his movements and prevent regeneration but who would’ve thought that it would not work and was easily dispelled?

A pitch black fog was covering his entire being, making my sense of danger shoot up.

But his next words made me shudder in an instant..

“…..Like….hell I…will..”

Coming from the mouth grinning with a satisfied smile, he wiped the trace of blood flowing out of his lips. I could feel that I was looking at a completely different person.

For the first time since I saw the Dragon God, I felt fear.


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