“It’s time to go shopping!”

Elle-chan had said after coming out from her room.

I don’t remember ever promising to go shopping, so those words must have been directed towards Marielle-san, who was smiling lightly at my side.

“M hmm, We do need ingredients for tonight’s dinner don’t we?”

Marielle-san said to Elle-chan while patting her head.

That looks nice, patting Elle-chan like that…

No, why am I getting jealous!? This had nothing to do with my goals, and yet I find myself wanting to spoil the cute creature in front of my eyes.

“Ah, that’s right! Kyouya-kun, would you like to go together with Elle today?”

Only Marielle-san’s words snapped me out of my delusions.

“I have no problem with it, but I don’t know my way around this village except where you told me the general store was, Marielle-san.”

I’m sorry that I am useless, I really am.

“If that’s the case, there’s no problem. Elle-chan can guide you around the village so that you can buy some clothes along with the ingredients for dinner.”

 I see, if I go along with Elle-chan, I can go buy new clothes from the general store, while also protecting Elle-chan from suspicious people! Today was a Sunday, so I can take my time preparing for the carriage that departs tomorrow.

Truly, killing two birds with one stone.

I don’t know if I have the capability of protecting someone, but I’ll do my best.

“Okay, sounds good, but will Elle-chan go together with a guy like me?”

“Ara~ are you embarrassed of Elle?”

“No, no, it’s not-“

Suddenly, I felt a tug at the hem of my shirt.

When I looked down towards the source, it was Elle-chan, that looked as if she was on the verge of crying. What, what was wrong?

“….*Sniffle*…Kyouya-nii, you won’t come with me?”

“I’LL GO! I’ll definitely go, don’t worry about it.”


“Ah, trust me.”

It seems that my ‘Trustworthy Soldier’ facade worked, but I don’t think I can take ‘that’ expression anymore. Showing tears with upturned eyes is just playing dirty.

“Then, it’s decided. Here’s the list, Elle. Don’t get lost, okay?”

“Un, I won’t.”

I have a slight feeling that Marielle-san had planned for this to happen all along, but it must be my imagination. If that were true, that would be really scary.

“You take care of Elle as well, alright Kyouya-kun?”

“Ah, you can count on me. But, Marielle-san, what would you be doing today?”

It was strange that she suddenly let her only daughter come with a person that she met for less than a day, but there must have been a reason for it.

“Hmm, apparently, the village chief is gathering us for a meeting until the late afternoon, so I can’t get out of it. I will repay you watching Elle by making a delicious dinner tonight, so don’t worry. Assuming Elle gets the right ingredients of course.”


When she said the last part, Elle-chan suddenly puffed up her cheeks in embarrassment.

How cute.

“Ah, you got it. I’ll look forward to tonight.”

“Alright, have fun you two.”

She said, as we went out the door, into the outside world.

I really liked Marielle-san’s cooking, so I didn’t refuse her offer. Although, I really didn’t know who was repaying who here, but I decided to leave it for later.

Doubting a gesture of goodwill isn’t good.

As we started walking around the village, I didn’t notice it until now, but Elle-chan had taken hold of my left hand. It felt warm, and soft, and was so fragile that if I put in a little bit of strength, it would break.

But I doubt my measly strength at daytime is enough to count as ‘little’. Heck, she might even have a higher strength status than me. Ah, that’s depressing.

Why am I always finding things that depress me. Calm down, me.

When we reached what seemed to be, a village square, voices and people yelling could be heard around us. It seems to be coming from the various stalls around the square, filled with products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and various things I couldn’t describe.

This must be where the ingredients are sold. A feeling of being in a marketplace with different voices and money is exchanged while negotiating.

Which reminds me, among the skills I can learn, there was <<Negotiation>> and <<Trading Mastery>> written. I would have liked to learn them now, but I can’t do anything about being stuck with a low status during the day.

In fact, I had looked for a skill that counteracted against the ‘Lord of the Night’ skill, but it seems that a half-assed skill would not even take 1% of my status back. Truly, an impregnable defense. As expected of a ‘Unique Class’ skill.

Maybe, just maybe, there was a skill book out there that could do it, but I don’t even know where to start finding a rare thing like a skill book, so for now, let’s add it to the pile.

By pile, I meant the ‘Do It When I Come Across It’ pile.

I’m not irresponsible, it just couldn’t be helped. Without proper information, reckless movements would bring no benefit…

Was the line that a famous detective had said….Probably.

While being led around by Elle-chan around the stalls, I got to see how the little girl haggled with grown men that were experienced in trade. Truly, a frightening talent.

When it was over, I felt like I was tired. Even though I didn’t do anything except watch Elle-chan buy the better ingredients according to the stall owners. I couldn’t tell the difference though.

Well, I didn’t use <<Dragon Eyes>> because it seemed that if I did, my insight would still lose against Elle-chan’s trained eye with much experience in this field.

Was what I felt. I’m useless aren’t I?

Finally, when it reached noon, I found the general store that Marielle-san had told me about. We entered the store while I carried the different ingredients Elle-chan had bought, kept inside a leather-skin bag.

Obviously, I can’t let a child carry such a heavy thing.

Although, Elle-chan said that she could carry it no problem, which was a little scary, I would not give in. At least this, I should do at least this.

Entering the store, which was about 2 tatamis wide, I saw the store owner arranging his products on the shelves. If I looked closer, I would see that they were arrows made out of iron, but for now, I had no need for things such as that.

This room was a bit cramped though.

It seems he noticed us, and is coming this way.

“Welcome, this is my store, and the name’s Lode. How may I help ya?”

The store owner looked like a seasoned warrior. He had a darker tan of skin, some scars here and there. His height was one head taller than me, and he had large muscles bulging out from his store uniform. It was a little intimidating.

“Ah, yes, Nice to meet you Lode-san. I’m Kyouya and this is Elle-chan, were here to buy some clothes. Is there any in stock?”

“Ah, so it’s little Elle’s acquaintance. Hmm, now that I look at it, you are wearing some strange clothes, they’re dirty too. I’ll go see what we got for you. Wait here.”

He didn’t even let me reply before going towards the room in the back.

“Elle-chan, do you guys know each other?”

“Un, Lode-ojichan is mommy’s friend. He gives mommy and me ‘Wild Boar’ meat sometimes, when the hunters bring back one from the forest!”

I see. So he’s like a friendly neighborhood uncle. Even though he looks like that, and his voice sounds like a warrior, he’s got a soft side eh.

While me and Elle-chan were talking about this and that while looking around the store, which was filled with various items used for travel, daily living, and a few weapons and armors displayed here and there, Lode-san came out from the back room.

He seemed to have been carrying a few sets of clothes.They seemed to have been made out of leather, and plant fibers. When I inspected them using <<Dragon Eyes>>, there was nothing out of the ordinary like a hidden ‘Magic Equipment’ or something like that.

It was perfectly normal. It was finally time to change out of these clothes that I had been wearing from the first time I came to this world. I got slightly excited.

“Come, and choose what you like.”

The total number of sets that he brought were 5 sets of ‘Ordinary Villager Clothing’. Or so it says on the description window of my <<Dragon Eyes>>.

Even if I didn’t use my skill, I couldn’t tell the difference between all of them, so Lode-san must have been talking about the shade and coloring of the leather instead.

“I’ll take all of them, how much will it be.”

“…..All in all, that will be 1 Silver Coin, including the leather bag to put the clothes in. If you don’t want it, I can deduct the price for you.”

He get’s surprised for a second, but immediately calculates the price and gives a service to the me who didn’t think of bringing something to carry the clothes in until now.

As expected of a store owner. He knows how to take the opportunity.

But really, wasn’t this too cheap? Those were 5 sets of clothes for 1,000 Yen you know?

It seems I’ll never understand the value of money here at this rate.

“Ah, no, I’ll buy the bag as well, thank you.”

“Alright, just wait a bit.”

He says that, but he’s already halfway done folding the clothes and putting them inside the average-sized leather bag one by one. How efficient.

As I waited for him to finish, I looked around the store once more, but my eyes landed on a certain item on sale. The next thing I knew, I was picking it up and holding it in my hands.

The dull shine of iron alloyed with steel, or maybe metal, greeted my eyes. The slightly long blade had a slight sharpness of a cutting edge, and the hilt was nothing special.

Using my skill, it clearly showed the name of the item…

‘Steel Iron Sword’ was the name of the weapon.

An item that was needed to survive in this fantasy-like world filled with dangers along the way. I had almost forgotten due to all the strange things that happened to me right after being sent here without my consent, but you really had to have a weapon.

No doubt about it. I had to arm myself with at least this to protect myself.

Fighting monsters just isn’t plausible without a weapon. Although, I somehow killed a panther with my kick, and a giant dragon with my punch, it still wouldn’t do to be negligent. Carelessness is my worst enemy.

“Hou, Kyouya-dono was it….you’re interested in buying a sword?”

It seems that I was staring at the sword with a passionate gaze far too long, that Lode-san the store owner had finished packing the clothes I bought and called out to me.

Though, why did he only call out my name when I took an interest in weapons?

That question might never be answered.

“Ah, yes, I’d like to buy it, but it might be expensive, so could you tell me how much does it cost? I have no weapons so I thought this might help in fighting monsters.”

“Fighting monsters…is that right? Well, a sword is supposed to be used for that reason, but it isn’t the only way it could be used.”


I tilted my head in response to the vague statement of Lode-san, but it seemed he found it amusing that he showed a small grin.

“Well, the time will come when you understand. For now, let’s get you that sword you wanted. Of course, swords don’t come cheap, but I’ll throw in a discount for you since you’re not a bad guy. It’ll be 6 Silver and 80 Copper Coins instead of 8 Silver Coins.

Compared to the clothes, a weapon was considerably more expensive. I had no problem when it came to having enough money, but using it is a different problem altogether.

“I see. Then, here’s the payment for the sword and clothes.”

I imagine 8 Silver Coins gathering in my palm, and direct magic power into my hand. As I snapped my fingers, a slight weight of metallic silver was felt through my skin.

When I hand them towards Lode-san, he counts it immediately. Making sure is important after all. I wait for him to finish as I looked towards Elle-chan who was looking out the window. She’s cute even now. Looking at her figure of wonder heals me somehow.

“Alright, I’ve certainly received it. Here is the leather bag filled with 5 sets of ‘Ordinary Villager Clothing’ and this is the ‘Steel Iron Sword’ kept inside a ‘Leather Sheath’.

I look inside the bag, and confirm that 5 sets of leather shirts, pants, underwear, and belts were there. Next, I received the sword inside the sheath that Lode-san included.

I didn’t even ask for a sheath, but he predicted that I would need it to carry it around.

Truly, a considerate store owner.

I use the strap attached to the ‘Leather Sheath’ and wrap it around my chest, so that the sword sheath with the sword encased inside would be equipped behind my back.

It feels nice to actually equip a sword in real life, instead of inside the game. Knowing that I can draw it in times of danger is reassuring. Although, I don’t even have the knowledge on how to use a sword except for the superficial ones I learned from the games I had played. I don’t even know how to swing it correctly.

Am I really going to be alright?

“You look fine. Good luck in your travels, Kyouya-dono. Say hello to Marielle for me little Elle, I’m expecting a delivery of meat next week, so I’ll come by when it arrives.”

“Un, I’ll tell mommy you said hi. See you later Lode-ojichan!”

Lode-san’s smile was completely different when he looked at Elle-chan, but I think that I should refrain from saying something here. I had no right after all when I do the same thing. Let’s let this slide for now.

“Thanks for everything Lode-san!”

I say following after Elle-chan that ran out of the store with light steps…

“Ah, come back again sometime, ya hear?”

“…Will do.”


“That guy….I couldn’t see through his status…”

In the store that Kyouya had left, the large man who was called Lode, muttered to himself.

The whole time they were talking, Lode kept using <<Appraisal>> again and again on the strange black-haired youth known as Kyouya, but could only see garbled letters and words.

A sense of urgency was ringing inside his head, as he was planning to take measures against an unknown enemy. The black haired youth seemed to be amiable and naive, but it was like standing in front of a monster from where he was looking.

“Could it be? Had people from the ‘Seven Major Famiglias’ find us here? In this village?”

People at that level of strength, where he, one who was part of the ‘Seventh Famiglia’ which was shrouded in mystery, couldn’t see through, could only be a high ranking official from either of the remaining families.

This was what the man, Lode the ‘Demon Slayer’ thought as he felt a slight chill.

“What the hell are you thinking, Marielle…”

As a sudden problem had come, he couldn’t afford to be negligent.

He immediately went into the back room to make various preparations.

If he really was one of ‘them’. He would not go down without a fight. He would struggle with all he had until he took his last breath. ‘They’ were just that dangerous.

“…Well, I just hope it doesn’t come to that.”

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