Somewhere in the grasslands of the Zershel Kingdom, a horde of humanoid-shaped beings with horns on their heads, wings sprouting from their backs, and long tails coming out of their rear end, were dispersing into a large formation.

Like disciplined soldiers, they marched and formed a compact. rectangular formation by lining up with one another. They were divided into troops and battalions, each suited for one purpose, while others had well-rounded duties. Calmly ordering these ‘Devil Soldiers’ around were four ‘Archdevil Generals’ appointed by their god himself.

Each of these soldiers hold immense strength, equal to ten human soldiers. While the ones who led them were even more so, only one would be needed to cull entire armies. Even so, they were told to gather up and prepare by their most revered and unmatched god, Erebus-sama.

A vengeful being that has been forsaken by the heavens. With unmatched will and wisdom, he will lead this unmatched army towards the shrines of the ‘Seven Seraphims’. Along with the forbidden summoning of a ‘Titan’, there is no possible way that they would lose. It might seem overkill, the other soldiers thought inwardly.

But it just goes to show you that even one of the ‘Seven Seraphim’ was a force to be reckoned with. Without this much preparation, we would surely get annihilated. Or so has the god of darkness has foretold.

Literally thousands of soldiers were coming out from one of the most hardest dungeons that have ever been discovered. Inside the ‘Myth Class’ dungeon, ‘Losto Vae’, which never stays in one place, was the ‘Dark God’s Temple’.

This is where the rumored fallen god has established his rule. Though only a few have knowledge of this, while the general populace might have heard only rumors, they say that the being who resides here was so frighteningly powerful, a demon king couldn’t even be his match.

With great passion and fervor, his subordinates who had great ambition in their hearts, quickly prepared for the upcoming invasion. Only thinking about how they would rule the lands, and purge the other races, thereby making their master, happy. Little did they know that their time in this world would have abruptly come to an end just a few moments later..

“Hey what’s that?”

A soldier exclaimed a question, stopping his spar with another soldier who was tilting his head in confusion. When the first soldier saw this, he pointed to the sky. As he did, the other soldier looked upwards. As did the others who saw that they stopped for some reason.

“What? Is the ‘Solar Star’ doing something?”

“Maybe its just replenishing its energy or something?”

“Idiot, that star that gives off light couldn’t possibly replenish its energy since its there everyday.”

Making a large commotion, most of the soldiers started looking up too, some were even fighting with each other..

Upon hearing the racket, one of the four ‘Archdevil Generals’, Lezer, paused his work, and started to move towards the gathered group of wide-eyed soldiers. As he did this, he was suddenly attacked by a sense of dread.

It hit him out of nowhere, his danger sensors were through the roof. It was the first time in his life he experienced the threat of death. The only possible explanation would be that their most respected leader would dare purge them, as he could anytime he wanted. But there was no plausible explanation on why he would be angry, much less at them.

His legs were getting weaker, and sweat was flowing like a river. He hurriedly gathered all information in his head and it all led to one simple conclusion. They were being attacked.

But this was no ordinary attack, since he could not, by damn, sense any traces of mana being used even from the farthest reaches of his perception. Which could only mean that someone on par with their master, or even surpass his strength was the present enemy. If so, there was no time to lose.

No matter how scared he was, this wasn’t the time to idle around. So he went towards the meeting place, and ordered his subordinates to inform the other generals and to call Erebus-sama. There was no other option left, but to defend. There was no time, and we could not detect any hostile presence around the area.

This was the most troublesome opponent yet. When the meeting began, without their master who was busy preparing for the summoning ritual, the other generals also shared their thoughts that were one. In fact, all of them had the same sense of dread. Still, it didn’t help if they hadn’t found the intruder either.

One of his subordinates had reported that an intruder was caught inside the temple, and was then sealed in a magic-sealing cage two days prior, but he payed it no mind. Since it was only a human, who was powerless now without magic, it was of no importance to the current situation.

For some reason, their master didn’t feel the dread nor the urgency of the situation, leading them to believe that this level of attack wouldn’t faze him. Making them slightly relieved, letting their guard down. Even still, they had to deploy the defense barriers. They could tell that it was only a matter of time till the attack came, based on their experience on the countless battlefields they had faced together.

So that they did, ordering all their subordinates and soldiers to get ready for the incoming attack, figuring out ways to minimize the casualties. But even as countless ‘Demonic Barrier Fields’ were surrounding the army camp, they couldn’t rest easy. The creeping voice of death was still resounding strong in their ears. No, it was still getting stronger..

They took all necessary precautions, making a surrounding formation, using ancient protection artifacts, even applying body enhancement magic for defense purposes. All except disturbing their master’s work. They had full confidence that they could somehow repel, or even survive the mysterious assailant.

As they waited with bated breaths, one of the generals finally noticed when he looked up at the sky. He could only regret. What they thought to be a mysterious spell of an ancient being, vigilantly watching for any suspicious movements around them, was actually in fact, a natural disaster. They could only blame themselves for limiting their narrow thoughts.

Never in their wildest dreams would they think someone could command such power. This wasn’t at the level of one of the races, nor was it even a power their master could wield. It was what could be thought of as an unstoppable force. All preparations were meaningless in front of the will of the strong.

These were the profound thoughts of Lezer, a being who thought of himself as strong, only to find himself as helpless as an ant. In front of overwhelming adversity, we are but dust waiting to be returned to the earth itself.

As if taking this as a signal of surrender or acceptance, it came..

A bright glint in the sky was seen by countless people around the world, before a ray of various colors and flames was shot out from up above. There was no escape, no time to run, nor did they have the means to teleport. They were sitting ducks. As the laser from the heavens kissed the earth, a moment of silence reverberated.

In the next, a giant cloud of fire, explosions, dust, and smoke, rose up to the sky, covering a part of the once green grass. A loud, booming sound that could have broken the eardrums of any person within its range came just after the impact, like a magnifying glass in line with the rays of the sun, all things in its lens disappeared without a trace.

The last thoughts of one who was at the very center of this disaster, was a wish that their only master would be safe.

“Hmm? What’s this?”

It was the middle of the afternoon when I posed that question towards a strange object in my hand.

The small, glittering object caught my attention when I woke up earlier. It looked like a small, dark ring, with golden symbols adorned on it. It had a dark purple glow on the gem embedded in the middle.

Right after I woke up, I checked the surroundings for any danger and was relieved to find that there were no enemies in sight. Though at the place where the self-proclaimed god of darkness died, a cool ring was found under some black soil. Since I thought that it was like a rare drop from a boss, I had no reason not to take it. Also, it looked really cool.

I might have based my judgement entirely on the latter though. But it’s fine, there was no one here except me anyway.

When I put it on, I could feel that I was connected to it somehow. Suddenly I felt my head hurting. But that only lasted for a few seconds before I felt a relaxing sensation. I was really surprised at how a ray of light suddenly pierced through the roof, melting my cage in an instant. But for some reason, the light avoided me, and only me.

It seemed as if I used my entire life’s luck on that skill. Who knew I would destroy everything around me without warning? Though it wasn’t me that did it, the skill did. So I must not get conceited. In the first place, I was only aiming for a skill that could get me out of that predicament though.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I still had the paper with me. I kept it inside my shirt to avoid getting it burned during the attack. It was the only piece of information I had with me right now, so it couldn’t be helped.

Now that I think about it, I was still in my sleepwear. No, I don’t wear pajamas, but I was currently wearing a lame shirt that had the Kanji of ‘The Strongest’ printed at its back. Meaning it was to be read, ‘Saikyou’. I bought it since it matched well with my real name, and I use that username every time I play games online.

Could this shirt be the reason I had that title? Nah, I think it’s just a coincidence. Though the shirt was fine and all, I was still wearing boxer shorts. I know no one could see me but it was still embarrassing.

I had to find new clothes soon, or else I’d be deemed a pervert and shipped off to an unknown land. I had a certain gist of it, but it seems that this world really wasn’t Earth. The letter in my hands only proved it even more, saying stuff about dungeons and various races. According to this, the world is named ‘Aragnor’, just like the world of the game that I just bought. But there wasn’t any information about being stuck in a cage inside a labyrinth so I deemed it as a coincidence once more.

I was surprisingly taking this problem of mine, being sent to another world without warning, really well. Might be because I was a fantasy game addict. Or maybe there was some other reason I still didn’t know about.

In any case, it wouldn’t do to stand around here, so let’s find a way out, and look for a town or something.

I decided to head north, as most people who are lost do in movies. When I got the idea of looking at those windows that appeared before I was rendered unconscious.

I recite ‘Show Status’ once more inside my thoughts..

Name: Sairenji Kyouya Race: Human Level: 271
Equipped Title: The Strongest Class: Ruler Job: None
Health: 50/50 Mana: 10/10 Currency: 7523G 87S 12C
Strength: 10 Agility: 10 Intellect: 10
Endurance: 5 Experience Needed: … / … Luck: 13
Active Skills Unique Skills Passive Skills
Appraisal Random Automatic Language Translation
Water Magic Lord of the Night Automatic Map View
 – Contract  –
Wow, I rose up to a high level very quickly. I don’t know if the number is strong or weak compared to the residents of this world, so I can’t be relieved just because it looks high for now. Even so…
Why the heck are my status points still low!? Is this bullying? I demand to know the reason, even if I don’t know how strong the people here are, I’m pretty dang sure that this wasn’t normal. Nope, not at all..
I checked through the skills while walking through the warm earth, only to find myself at a loss.
Lord of the Night
Unique Skill
Level 5 (Max)
– Inactive –
Takes 99% of the user’s status points
Mana Cost: 0
Cannot be used during the day
Don’t mess with me!!!
How is this a justified skill? Why did I even get this useless thing!?
Okay, first let’s calm down. There is nothing I can do about it now. So, let’s look at the other new skills I gained..
Active Skill
Level 5 (Max)
Level 1: Enables the user to see the name of a sentient being or object
Level 2: The rarity and description of an object is seen
Level 3: The status of a sentient being is shown
Level 4: Can be activated inwardly
Level 5: Sees through deceit
Mana Cost: 100
Water Magic
Active Skill
Level 1
Level 1: Enables the user to create a small amount of water and control it
Current size: 10ml
Mana Cost: 10
Automatic Map View
Passive Skill
Enables the user to see a complete map of the surrounding area
Sentient beings are shown on the map, but are shown as colored dots
Red = Hostile
Green = Neutral
Blue = Allied
Searching for a specific person, place, or object is possible
The user can only perceive those whose levels are lower than thyself
Unique Skill
Level 5 (Max)
Level 1: Enables the user to contract beasts
Level 2: Now possible to contract with user’s own race
Level 3: All races can now be contracted
Level 4: Contracts are unbreakable until nulled by the user
Level 5: It is now possible to forcibly contract beings of lower level
Mana Cost: 1000
The only skills that sounded helpful was the map, appraisal and water magic skill. The other one was downright scary. I could not understand it that well but it seemed as if I used it, I would become an evil magistrate or something.

Still, it wasn’t like I could use it right now. Since my stats were forcibly lowered, I only had enough mana to cast water magic once. I could look at where I am without using mana though. But I couldn’t tell what would happen if I depleted all my mana so, let’s endure the urge to drink water and ignore it for as long as I can.

When I had come to terms with my predicament and various skills, I reached the edge of the scorched land.

“He wasn’t kidding. This was in fact, an underground dungeon..”

What I was looking at right at this moment was a wall. A very tall wall that you couldn’t even see the top of. I was half-hoping that he was bluffing about the whole underground thing but alas I could only laugh in despair..

How can I ever hope to scale this wall? It had a clean cut because of the sun’s rays so I could not get a foothold to climb up. Yep, this was hopeless..

I’m never getting out of this place.

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  1. “When I got the idea of looking at those windows that appeared before I was rendered unconscious.” This sentence is missing a clause. Is it supposed to be part of the sentence before it?

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