Scorched earth..

Before I realized it, everything around me was turned into ash. I could see the ominous color of black mixed with the bright blue embers that were fading into the atmosphere.

What was once a large area of green full of demon-like beings, was now as barren and as silent as a graveyard. The sounds of blades sharpening, and the clanging of weapons when struck upon one another was all but empty voices carried off by the wind.

If you looked at this disaster objectively, it could be concluded that even though the cause was unknown, it was logical to think that no being could have survived it.

Though, there were always exceptions..



“To think….a mere human brat could wield the wrath of the heavens so simply…*Cough*”

The one who said this was the large being clad in shadows in front of me. Although he was bleeding in many areas, and looked so different from the haughty, overbearing presence he exuded before, his blood lust still made me shiver in fear.

Different from his earlier form, which could make you say that defeating him would be impossible when you laid eyes on him, heck, even the idea of fighting such a monster could normally make you faint. Now, he was quite the opposite.

In contrast with his confident words from before, he was now lamenting and regretting the fact that he should have killed me earlier. But now, he was coughing up large amounts of blood, and had one knee on the ground. How he wished he could turn back time, when he could have easily snapped his finger and turned me into dust.

But he can’t. Even if he was a god, that wasn’t his domain. This just goes to show you, that letting your guard down can be fatal, even if the other party looked weaker than you.

Though, I’m not one to boast, since I just got lucky. In fact, I am very weak. But maybe that was a good thing? I was glad that my gamble paid off.

But to be honest, I really want to run as far away as I can right now. I do, I really do. Except for the fact that my legs were stuck in place, with me quaking in fear when looking at the entity before me that could kill me in a heartbeat.

So I took the next best thing. Instead of running away, knowing that if he recovered, he could strike my defenseless back, I used my only trait that I had perfected back on Earth.


That’s right, putting on a facade, faking a smile, keeping that poker face on, even in the face of impeding danger. A good bluff could save you from a lot of trouble.

And so, I was currently staring down the god at death’s door with a confident and accomplished look that said ‘Everything has gone according to plan’. Though I was mostly sure that this would fail, and I would die soon after getting caught up inside this world.

Scary thoughts were swirling in my head as I looked down on the dying entity.

His ashen face dyed with rage and pain stared into my eyes and quickly turned into a look of surrender and acceptance. Like he was acknowledging a defeat.

“Ha…I guess I underestimated my opponent this time…so humans could be this strong now..”

It worked!

Ah, I couldn’t let my happiness show on my face. I almost blew my cover there.

I quickly hold down the urge to smile widely and continued to show an overbearing stature.

“I-is th- *cough* Is that so? You still want to continue?”

I almost messed up there, but I think I successfully spoke like those evil bosses in games I used to play. I wanted to seem like a powerful being that could eat gods like him for breakfast. I just hope it came across properly.

After I said that, the dark god, Erebus, the embodiment of darkness itself, threw his hands in surrender and said..

“Ah, I would love to….but it seems my time is up….I’m glad I met a human like you before I left this world….farewell….”

With those parting words, the being that made me fear for my life vanished into thin air. Soon after I confirmed that the tense feeling was gone, I dropped lifelessly to the ground..

You have gained 433,333,333,300 Experience Points
You have leveled up!
Current Level: 1 >>> 271

A window screen appeared before my eyes, followed my many more after I laid my tired body on the scorched ground, but I didn’t have time to look at them one by one since my eyelids unconsciously shut and I drifted off to sleep..

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